Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 8

Its morning.
Sana and Sruthi woke up and after daliy routine, Sruthi went ahead for shopping and she also had an appointment in beauty parlor for spa. Sana went with her mother to the grocery shop and then after coming back, she closed the door and played music and started dancing. She loved to dance, but was reluctant to dance in front of anyone as she felt she was not a good dancer. She was doing hiphop! She had learnt it online during her off days when Sruhti also was not around. She loved to dance. She had learned Tango and ballet too. WHile learning Tango, She had though, what’s the use of learning this. I wont be able to pair up and dance with anyone. But she liked the style. So she just practiced on her own.
After practicing so much, she was drenched in sweat and stopped dancing and turned in the fan and took rest for sometime breathing heavily. Dancing just gave her so much relief from all stress. After that, she took shower and joined her mother afterwards. Soon Sruthi was back with literally her both hands covered with so many bags.Obviously, she did too much shopping.
They opened the bags one ny one and checked out the clothes. Sruthi had even bought a pair for Sana. She had bought a Blue kaftan with white inclined stripes and a white legging with that. Also a dark green net anarkali with silver embroidary. Sruthi took out the kaftan and told Sana”today u r wearing this.”
Sana:”Sruthi…No need for all this. I will waer my usual”
Sruthi:” I don’t want to hear any excuse. Just do it or I will make u wera it myslef”
Sana:”U r too bossy a sis. I hate u”
Sruthi:” I hate u too my sweetheart. mwuah.. 😛 ”
Sana:” Mummaaa. See this na”
Sruthi:” Mom. She should be like humans once in a while na. I want my sis to look beautiful for atleast one day. Am I that bad to not get fulfilled this small wish too?”
Mom:” Wear it na. She will be happy. U always dress as u line na. Just one day”
Sana:” Mumma, U also changed party. Ok. Only today. Ok”
Sruthi gave a tight hug to her. “Lovvve u my sweetoo….”

credit to -Anaya

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  1. I think parth wil get shock na looking sana like that…

  2. Its so smal updt dr. . . Bt i luvd it. 🙂

  3. Fantastic, Fabolous and Flabbergasting story

  4. Loving it sooo much. Please make long updates. ..love you loads

  5. Sruthi is planning to make parth faint. I think by all her plans on sana. Luvd it. Waiting…….

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