Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 7

Sruthi and sana in their bedroom. Sruthi leaning on a pills with her back on the bed and texting while sana lying over the bed with her belly and writing her diary and biting the pen while thinking in between and jolting down more into the diary. Just then
Sruthi:”hey..listen. See, its Parth texting me”
Sana:”so fast. He already got ur number.. Seems so desperate to chat with u”
Sruthi:”uuuu…seems someone is jealous”
Sana:” no. Why should I be jealous?”
Sruthi:” why?what’s the problwm in being jealous?he is hot, good looking”
Sana:”looks alone are not enough . a person has to be good at heart too”
Sruthi:” he is good character-wise too”
Sana:”came to know him so well in just one day or should i say just hours?”
Sruthi:”I wanted to share something. But now I think its better if I don’t.”
Sana:”y?what’s it?”
Sana:”tell me Sruthi. Zada footage mat khao. Bata do”
Sruthi:”nothing yaar. Okay.see he is asking if we have any plans for tomorrow evening.do we have any plans?”
Sana;” y is he asking our plans?”
Sruthi:”now don’t be a kiddo. Tellme na.u got any plans tomorrow?”
Sana:” yes. I am going somewhere”
Sruthi suspiciously:”where?”
Sana:” uh… Just one place”
Sruthi:” ok I got it. Don’t cook up a plan”
And texted saying it out loud”we r free.y”
Then reply came:” then let’s go out. Am new in this place na. Just want to see the best places”
Sruthi informed this to Sana and then without showing to Sana typed:”u should have asked her out alone. U r an idiot”
Parth:” I have not even talked to her properly. It would look odd and she would think am a moron. Also she might deny to come”
Sruthi:”so that’s the reason. Its not that u want to go out with ur friend. Its just that I am supposed to tag along as ur Gf won’t come otherwise”
Parth:”hey it’s not just that. I want my friend to come too. I have someone special for tomorrow’s meeting coming with me. My mentor and friend. He wants to meet the prank master and my new buddy”
Sruthi:”okay. I am not buying it. Anyway its for my friend and my sister. So am ready for the sacrifice 😉 :-p ”
Parth:” okay then. Will inform the details tomorrow. When r u gonna sleep?”
Sruthi:” sure. We are going to sleep soon”
Parth:”okay. Goodnight and swtdrms”
Sruthi:”Gn. Tc”
And then to Sana:”we are going out tomorrow with Partha and some mentor uncle of him. Be ready”
Sana:”I hate u Sruthi. Y u r taking me along? Should have told him na that I am not free and u two can go out”
Sruthi:”shut up. U t coming with us. That’s it.. and turn off the light when u r done. Gn”
And Sruthi kept the phone aside and sighed thinking :” oh God.. What all torture I have to bear. Tomorrow am going to be bleeding my ears with the uncle mentor of Parth while they are enjoying. Give me the strength to afford the torture 🙁 ”
Soon Sana also closed the diary and turned off the light and slept.
Credit to -anaya

I know am making small updates. But its just that I don’t get full stretch to write a long update at once. Sorry guys.

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Oh god parth was so nice i think mis understanding between sana and parth

  2. U can give two updates a day. It is so good. And we get only small chaps. Plz consider it. Parth toh shuru hogaya. Going out and all.

  3. hiii anaya!!! how r u dear? ?? missed you soooo much!!
    loved today’s epi…. eagerly waiting for epi 8

  4. Awesome epi, liked sisters convo and sana’s jealousy…parth seems good guy and really liking our cutie pie sana. I bet the mentor+friend is not any uncle but a handsome guy for shruti. Hope for good. ..love you loads and keep it up buddyyy. …

    1. U understood the part. Am bad when it comes to creating surprises.:-D

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