Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 6

They ( Sruthi and Parth)entered the class together.
Sana thought(he is bowled too by her beauty and they r looking good together though I wish I could be there instead)
Parth went ahead and sat beside Sruthi.
Parth:” so who all r there in ur family?”
Sruthi:” me and sana and our parents.that’s it”
Parth:” who is closest to u?”
Sruthi looks on with a surprised look and says” my mom”
Parth:” and ur sister? U r not close? Usually sisters r closer?”
Sruthi gave a knowing nod as if she understood where this was going.” Yes.we r close. But our mom is our strongest bond. She perfectly understands both of us”
Parth:”okay. So u r both closest to ur mom. Right?”
Sruthi:”yes. And I think u want to be the closest one for sana now”
Parth thinks and” no. I just feel like I am connected to her somehow. I just feel an urge to know more about her. But I am not sure why. Let’s keep this a secret between us. I just have a feel that we(parth and sruthi) can be best buddies.”
Sruthi:”bribing me already. Huh?”
Parth just winks and then”no. Seriously”
They hug and Sana is watching all thus from far end.
Sana:” I wish I had someone”(I should have born beautiful for that 🙁 )
Sana then glances down and starts writing notes.
Class ends and they r ready to leave.
Parth also joins them saying”Sruthi, am also coming. I hope its fine. This is my friend Gaurav. We are from same place.He came this afternoon only. And was lucky enough to escape your pranks as I warned him” he smiles.
Sruthi and her friends “haaai Gaurav.its okay. U r not going anywhere na. We will compensate for ur welcome prank.”
Everyone laughs.
Sana is in mute mode. Parth looks on and on.Her dreamy eyes, the luscious lips,the milky skin, the small black mole on her neck which were so inviting. Just then he collided with a guy pulling him out of the dreamy thoughts.
Guy:”its okay. Watch ur steps dude”
He went away and Parth just beat his palm on his head and smiled.
Soon they all disperse and Sana & sruthi reach home too. After the daily routine, Sruthi is texting her friends while sana is busy writing her diary.
That’s all for today. Thank u for the support. I will try to update regularly.

Credit to: Anaya

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  3. Both r in same boat. But sana is silent n parth he is trying to know abt sana cmpltly in one day. Sruthi seems too intelligent she caught him in just sum ques. U r very gud. Waiting

  4. Cute episode, keep it up buddyyy. Loving this story. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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