Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 5


The guy walks on the corridor. Just as he was crossing the library, he heard someone moaning and weeping slowly from within the library. He looked inside the room from threshold. Just then someone forcefully pushed him inside and locked the room from outside. The guy rushed to the door and banged on it to open it up. But in vein. No one came over. Just then he saw a girl with glasses on and completely dressed in a white top and skirt sitting at the far end of the room reading a book. He was mesmerised watching slow breeze caressing her wavy black hair and the way she kept trying to keep the side bangs behind her ears.
BG ” Noor tu meri ankho ka…nas nas me chadhta nasha sa….paakh si nazre he Teri…dil me u hi utar jata..e khuda…..”
Just then the girl(its our Sana) starts crying and he remembers the stories narrated. He is looking And analysing if she is a ghost. He gets more closer. And the lights go off all of a sudden. Sana gets up as the light went off. Just then she trips on the carpet and collides with the guy. Sana yells fearing and the guy covers her mouth with his right palm while left hand encircles her by waist. They keep staring at each other. Sana is dumbstruck by his hot handsome face and his embrace. They stand like that for few minutes. The lights turn on just then and all are gathered around laughing out loud. They leave each other.
Sruthi:” what yaar? We were trying to give him a warm welcome and u messed it up. U were terrified rather than him”
Sana:” sorry. I didn’t knew it”
Sruthi turns towards the guy:” hi, am sruthi. Welcome to our college”
Guy:” hi. Nice to meet u sruthi. I am parth malhotra”
Sruthi:”hi parth. Must tell u. U r very courageous. After all these pranks, u still didn’t get frightened. I am impressed”
Parth:” ur ghost was not that scary(he thinks in mind that she was indeed so cute that..)”
All laugh at that. Sana meekly smiled.
They all introduce themselves and leave library then.
Parth:”by the way… what’s the ghosts name?”
Sruthi:”seems u r interested..”
Parth:” No. Its just that she didn’t introduce herself while others did.nothing else”
Sruthi looks suspiciously and then:” anyways she is Sana and she is my sister”
Parth:” nothing. Let’s go to our class”
Sruthi:” sure. Its free hour now.yaey”
They enter classroom. Pause.

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Ha ha ha super ayyo parth… hi anaya how r u…. nice start and try to update daily dr

  2. Anaya wow after long time. Lagta hain parth ko ghost pasand aa gaye. Waiting for next dear. Update daily.

  3. Its been a lng tym. . . Sinc u hav updtd, pls pst regularly. .. Am so hapy to c u bak with the stry. 🙂

  4. lvd te entry of parth……….try 2 update in mmz pge dr………………misssssssssssd u a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  5. I was waiting for this update from long time. Thx anaya for updating, please update it regularly. ..loving this story. ..keep it up and eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. Thank you hayathi, manha, liya, aastha, Roma for the support and love. I will try to update the episodes regularly

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