Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 4


Episode 4:
The frame shows sociology class room. Some are flying paper planes in the class and some are throwing paper balls at each other. Just then Sruthi enter with her gang and says.
Sruthi:hey all…. Heard the news right? Two new victims are arriving today as Anank n Akshat went away. Dont you feel we have to give them a grant welcome?
Sana just looks at them with a look of plea as if saying” y yaar? What’s the need?”
Sruthi just winked with a wicked smile. The class groups up in a circle with exception of just some like Sana and keep discussing.
Soon all disperse.
Frame shows a guy’s hand with fingers moving through the hair. Then his boots are focused. Gradually, the screen shows the physique of the guy from toe till neck with him wearing a dark blue full sleeve shirt and white pant. Then a handsome face is shown. The look is just breath-taking. He is entering the campus. People are staring and discussing.
A girl approaches him and says: excuse me.. Are you new to this college?
The guy: Yes.
Girl: thought so. Actually here no one is supposed to wear white pants.
Guy: and why is that?
Girl:its no use. You wore it. Now you will face the consequence.
She left.
Guy is bit confused.
Anyway he walks. Soon another guy crosses and says: u should be very bold to challenge Anamika. Great.
He left.
Our guy:????!!! What’s all this and who is this Anamika.
Just then Sruthi reaches there as if hearing all this accidently n asks: don’t you who is anamika?!.
Guy: no. Who is she?
Sruthi: she was a student of this college 10 years back. She was a studious person. She always wore white dresses. She was suffocated to death in the library room by accident. But after death she feel that no one will remember her. From then she kills people who wear white. She want all to remember only her when white dress is mentioned. We all pray for her and remember her daily.
Guy was listening to all this but was doubtful too.
Guy: u r kidding. Right? Ghost? What rubbish.
Sruthi: I just answered your question. That’s all. Believe it or not. Its up to you. Just be careful if you see a white dressed lady in library sitting at corner bench all alone. It could be her.ok. bye. All the best.
Sruthi left smiling sheepishly.
Guy thinks for a while and then moves on.
To be continued….
Precap: The guy is locked up in library with Sana.

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Anaya dear plzzzz update next part plzzzzz.

  2. Hey anaya..nice dr….. i like the name parth

  3. Hilarious, very cute, hahahaaa. Please update the next episode quickly, can’t wait now…

  4. Thnx anaya 4 updating after so many days. Where were u? I was missing ur story sooooooooooooooooooooo much. Plz cn u update daily just 4 few days. Bt i m not forcing u. If u r not well or ur exams r going on then its ok.

    1. What is the name of our hero yaar

  5. Hi aparna… our hero nsme parth i think so

    1. R u sure. Frm where u got 2 know? Btw i like the name parth.

  6. hiii anaya,
    awesome episode dear. plzz next episode post soon. eagerly waiting for first meeting of our hero and heroin.
    love you and take care.♡♥

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