Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 3


Episode 3:
The time went by and soon its evening. The last bell rung and all are leaving. Sana and Sruthi with Akshita and the 7 friends of Sruthi leave the gate. Sana and Akshita are just listening to the gangs comments and chit-chats. Akshita was allowed to be in this gang while leaving just because she was Sruthi’s sisiter’s friend. She knew it herself. She was used to it. So no worries. Soon one by one, all leave the group to their respective home and finally Sruthi and Sana enter their home sweet home.
Sana is very active when she is home. She went straight away to kitchen and started to tell the happenings of the day to her mom. Though most of the things were just the same, as any mom would do, her mom always was all ears to her. Sana felt so much confident around her. Sruthi went straight away to their bed and with a thud, fell onto the bed. It was her habit to go for a small nap right after reaching home from college.
Sana told her mom how she was applauded for answering in the class by her professor, how she was able to solve the problem her classmate brought to her in the library and she didn’t forget to mention with a sad smile that, that classmate didn’t acknowledge her when she met her outside the very same day. Ma:” Shonaa… Leave it na babbo.. Some people feel shy to talk to studious and smart people thinking they are not upto your level. Its okay. By the way, tell me how is the rabri I made today?”
Sana tasted the dish and said:” Mouthwatering .. as always…. My supermom.” She gives a tight hug to Meera and rushes to her room. She soon gets out of bathroom after freshening up and soon sits down and finishes her works . Soon, Sruthi gets up and Sana & Sruthi discuss the happenings of the day. Sruthi tells her what all happened in the canteen and class when she was not there. Sana gives her the home work and tells her what could be asked in class tomorrow. Sana:” I had taught you the answer for the question sir ji asked today. Then y did u not answer?”
Sruthi:” u know it na Sana.. I just wanted to be away from that boring class. If he would leave me to go out for answering, I would have happily answered.”
Sana:” u r too much. What is there outside the class?”
Sruthi:” There are no boring lectures and lot of fun. U would know only if u have time outside the book. Y u won’t join us?”
Sana:” We enjoy here na. And 1 of us need to be in class to catch up. Right?”
They hug each other. They soon finish all work and have dinner with mom.
After dinner, Sana and Sruthi head for their room. Sruthi starts to chat with her friends over hike and Sana reads them for a while. Then she procceds to write her diary. Sruthi tries to read it. Sana:” I have told u. Don’t dare.”
Sruthi just makes face and then both laugh. Sana never shows her diary to anyone. She just thinks the things she can’t do or dream in her real life is there in the diary and people would think its too silly and would laugh at her. She doesn’t have the courage so share it with her sister or mom too. That diary is the only secret she has from her mom and sis. They also don’t force. She is writing the diary. She is smiling while writing.

Precap: Sruthi: “Two new boys are coming to join today as Akshat and Anank left college. They are coming to fill those vacancy. Let’s give them a grant welcome”. She has a wicked smile on her face.

Hey all…. Hope all are fine…..
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Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Anaya this story is mind blowing. Hope u don’t stop ur writing. Btw what r the names of our heroes? Reveal them soon. Waiting 4 their entry.

  2. Lovely episode anaya, thx for precap of upcoming two guys, our heroes…Keep it up and continue writing…Eagerly waiting for the next episode….Love you

  3. Luv this….awesome…..superbb

  4. Hi anaya…. nice but where is our hero plz update daily

  5. hiiii anaya. thank god. I get your story finally. …
    fabulous story. feels good to see strong bond between two sis.
    eagerly waiting for the entry of charming heros.
    plzzz continue it. really I like this story very much .
    live you load

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