Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 14


Sana was at her home and Parth came back from office. He came inside the room and saw that Sana was not yet back. He asked Ramu if she came back. And then he made a call to Sana’s mom.
They were just talking and lost track of time.when the phone rang ,mom went to pick it and when she saw his name and noticed the time, then only she noticed the time.
Mom:” oh my god”

She picked the call and before he could speka anything:” so sorry beta. We completely lost track of time. Really sorry. My mistake. We will sent her right away. So sorry”
Parth:” mummy ji….mummy ji..wait. Mom. I just called to confirm she is still there . I just thought that I should confirm she us safe. That’s all. Its her house. And its her family. Its difficult to adapt in a new house. I can understand her plight very well. It’s ok”
Sana was looking at her mom and was now annoyed but she didn’t say anything.

Mom:” thank u beta. She was just about to leave. ”
Parth:” its fine mom. If she wants to be thee today,its ok.let her”
Mom:” no no. She is coming..and also its not nice to stay overnight here when she just came there yesterday ”
Parth:” that’s not a problem. I will take care of that”
Mom:” no.she already is standing at the door step. And Parth, u r the best man any woman can have.so my daughter is so lucky”
Parth:” it’s ur big heart mom. Anyway, if she is coming over, then I was anyhow going to visit a friend of mine there. Tell her to wait. I will come by and pick her once am done. And papa won’t have to be troubled.”

Mom:” sure beta. We will be waiting”
As soon as she disconnected the call, sana started asking y she was telling that she was about to leave and also there is no need to worry much as she has told aunty that she was coming over.
Mom:” u r now the prestige of 2 families. U need to consider their opinion too while taking a decision. And he told me that u could stay here. But we should also not forget our duties. U can always come here na. He is such a good guy. He won’t stop u. Buy u should also respect him.ok”
Sana was angry that he stopped her from enjoying full with her family. But she didn’t want to hurt her mom too. so she just agreed.
Soon paryh arrived and was treated well at Sana’s home.
Parth:” mom,papa. I think now we should leave. It’s too late and u also would be sleepy now”
Mom and papa:” ok beta. Take care both of u”

Parth and Sana got inside the car and drove off. In the way, sana just kept looking outside to the darkness and parth felt that she was angry but didnt knew why. Anyhow he knew that she was in a foul mood and it would irritate her more if he spoke to her. So he just kept quiet and drove.once the car entered the gate and came to a halt, sana left from the car suddenly and went inside without waiting for him. But he was not angry. He also soon reached his room and saw that sana already changed and was on the couch. He called mom and informed that they reached home safely and said good night. After that he freshened up and changed and then the lights turned off and he too slept.

Credit to-anaya

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  1. Sana pagal hein kya kuch bhi karna aur bolne se pehele we have to know what others want to say

  2. hii anaya! how r u ???
    hmm loved today’s episode. .. sana did totally ignored parth just because of one small misunderstanding….. but I hope soon she will realize her love…
    parth also took a challenge from himself to sana fall in love with him. .. gr8 I will eagerly waiting for next episode dear…. till then waiting waiting waiting. ..
    love you anu… I loved your fanfiction story.
    take care 🙂

  3. Hey anaya really liked today’s part. Pls be a little regular. Its a kind request. Pls

  4. Nice episode, when sana will realize parth’s love for her, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. Wen LL sana realize Parth’s lve??????

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