Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 12


Its morning.
Sana wakes up from her sleep and gets up stretching her arms. She opens her eyes and when looks around,she remembers all that happened yesterday. Her marriage, the vows, their talk and she suddenly looks over and sees Parth is still sleeping. She keeps looking at his disheveled hair and his sleepy form. She suddenly looks away and got off the sofa. She went to take bath and before he woke up, she tiptoed out of the room and went to kitchen. She was going to make tea. When Parth’s aunt came and said that she need to Cook something sweet first and that too after 9.15am. And then only she can start using the kitchen.
Great! Now what to do till that time?. Oh hod! Y always this happens with me?
She kept thinking and then aunty brought her out of her thoughts. Aunty:” I will tell ramu to make tea for u if u want”
Sana:” its ok”
She went to the hall. It was a big one with an ancestral touch to the work on its top arch. There were paintings on the top as if in a palace. It looked so beautiful. She stood praising its beauty when she heard some ones footstep. She suddenly started to clean the nearby pot with hands. She was just not in the mood to talk with him and wanted to be away as much as possible. She noticed from the corner of her eye that he too ignored her as if she didn’t exist there. He just sat beside his uncle and started to read the newspaper and to discuss the current affairs. It was too boring a conversation that she felt relieved that she chose to stay away. She would have died of suffocation if she had to listen to these type of conversations. She was and always will be too bad in general knowledge.
The time went by with her checking out the garden and the rabbits that they had there. Soon she was called to make something and she made kheer.
Everyone ate breakfast and kheer and except for Parth, all others praised her. Uncle gave her a Rs.500 note and he was suddenly kicked by aunt from under the table. Sana noticed it. She just pretended to not notice this. Parth soon got up and went off.
Sana was happy that he will be out till evening and she can do whatever she wants till then without feeling awkward.
Parth knew that if he gave her attention now, she will be more irritated and angry. He wanted her to adjust in the new environment then become friends with her gradually and maybe become her soulmate one day.
Credit to-anaya

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  1. short update….but a good one…keep going like this only….

  2. Why sana behaves like stupid……. she is thinking so wrong towards parth

  3. Awesome episode, parth is so nice. ..I hope he will make sana understand his love for her only. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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