Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 11

The wedding day
Functions are over.
Parth took vow to love sana,be with her during the good and bad, share his soul with her, consider her family as his own and be loyal to her.
On the other hand, sana took vow to marry him just for the sake of completing her sister’s wish, not ever to love him as he cheated her sister,live life still like a single person, not to care for him or be caught in his trap. She promised to hate him forever for betraying her sister.
They are leaving for their home.
They reached the big banglow. He had his uncle and aunty and his cousin Ankit urf anky. His parents died when he was 10. And his best buddy and mentor was aaditya, who was currently abroad.
Sana entered the house and had the rituals completed. She was about to proceed to the room when his aunty and neighbours stopped her for the ring finding ceremony! She just didn’t want all that. But was helpless. Parth noticed that she was upset but he thought it was due to the atmosphere change and as she was tired plus the loss she had.
He gave her a supporting smile. They sat down to find the ring. Both r searching. Parth got it and he didn’t bring it out. He just gave it to sana and Sana just took it out robotically. She didn’t want to develop the soft feelings for him again. Everyone clapped and said :” so parth..beware. Now sana has the upper hand in ur married life. He just smiles at that looking at sana(anything for u)
Sana gave a fake smile to all. Soon all guest left and sana was guided to Parth’s room. She sat on the bed with petals all over it and candles lit everywhere. She was angry to see all this. But maintained silence. After sometime, parth came in. He locked the room and sat beside Sana.
Parth:” I know u r feeling awkward. I wanted to tell u that”
Sana interrupted:” parth,this is just a marriage for name’s sake. I hope u understand that. I married u just because Sruthi and my parents wanted this marriage to happen. But I want this clarified right now. I don’t intend to love u ever in my life. U were and always will be my sister’s love for me. I don’t want to snatch her love. ”
parth is just shocked to hear all this.
Sana:” now if u will excuse me. I want to change this heavy dress and am tired. I want to sleep. U can sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the couch.
And Sana left and took a night dress from her suitcase and went to change. Parth was just bewildered to hear all this. The words of Sana about their marriage being just a marriage in paper and him being lover of Sruthi kept echoing in his ears. He felt like pulling her out and pouring some sense into Sana’s head. He suddenly opened the door and left from there.
Sana came out after changing into night dress. She noticed that he went out. She just went over, and settled on the couch. She called her mom and told that she is happy and is about to sleep now after all the rush. Mom and dad spoke to her over loudspeaker and then inquired about Parth. Sana said that he just went to say goodnight to his friends downstairs and will be back soon. They disconnected the call and Sana slept.
After half an hour ,parth came inside and saw Sana sleeping on the couch. He was too emotional. He locked the room, took a sheet from cupboard and covered her as it would be getting more colder as hours pass by. He caressed her cheeks and thought:” I have always loved just u Sana. I wanted to tell u this. But now I think if u were not able to understand my love,then u should know from my deeds and not from my words. And I am sure I will make u fall in love with me for sure one day. I am ready yo wait for u till then. I love u”he bend and planted a kiss on her forehead. Sana is too tired and sound asleep.BG “Mere hmsfr…kr le yakin…Hume pyaar he…bs tumse hi…na jante ho.. hmse zada na chah payega koi….”
Parth went to sleep on the bed and looking on Sana’s sleeping form,he turned off the lights.

Credit to-Anaya

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  1. Sana itna missunderstand kaise kar sakthe yaar…. she need to listen him na

    1. I know. But this time. She won’t listen. She is not in a mood to listen. She is just hurt losing sruthi.

  2. Going good…..please update HPDDKB also……

    1. Will post it soon strawberry

  3. Its a gud decisn to make her feel abt his luv, bt he could hav told the truth atleast. . .

    1. She has so much hatred in heart that now he feels just telling her about his feelings won’t change anything. She will think he is lying. So he decided to make her feel it herself

  4. Which film song played in last

    1. Sorry… Those r my lines. I just wrote those to fit the situation. 🙂

  5. O Anaya, it was so emotional epi, misunderstandings in sana’s mind, plz don’t do this to parth…he is so nice and loving truly…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Life creates misunderstandings at times. We need to talk to clarify them. But at times ,people r not ready to listen

  6. It was too emotional..i wish sana would soon realize parth’s luv…

    1. Let’s see when and how

  7. i feel sooooooooo sad 4 parth.he lovd sana from te bottm f hs heart and tisste reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hpeshe’ll realize tissoooooooooooooon.

    anaya wat abt my request,cud u include te link f ur story as a comment in mmz fan fic pge??????????????plzzzzzzzzzzz??????????????????

    1. Aashtha. I just gave the link for my both stories am writing
      U can get the latest episode from this.
      U can save the link as bookmark if its hard checking every now and then.

      I hope this works

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