Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 10


Its been 1 month..
Sruthi and Aaditya had become a couple and were going great together. They used to talk for hours over phone and she used to call him babboo over the phone. And Sana was too much hurt to ask anything about the relationship. She still thought it was Parth & Sruthi who formed a pair.
Parth talked to Sana during college hours frequently. He was not sure if she would be okay to talk outside yet. He had her number and used to text him often. Sana was liking him more and more as days went by, but she just kept distance with him, as she thought all these are just the tricks to have her support his relation with Sruthi.
One day both Sruthi & Parth decided to reveal their love for Aaditya & Sana officialy. Sruthi called Aaditya and Parth called Sana to the Nehru park.
Parth went to buy flowers for Sana. Sruthi was waiting Aaditya. She was calling Aaditya to know where he reached. Parth and Sana are approaching the park from either side . Suddenly, a jeep filled with drunk people came and hit Sruthi… Sana & Parth “Sruthi……..”. The bouquet fell from Parth’s hand as he ran towards Sruthi.
Sruthi is lying on the road in a bloodpool. Scene shows City hospital. Sruthi is being taken inside operation theator.
Sana is tensed and crying and pacing back and forth in front of OT. Parth is also tensed. He suddenly remembered something and went to make a call.
He is calling Aaditya and informed him to reach city hospital soon.Parth called and informed Sruthi’s parents too to come over as Sana was not at all in a condition to inform anyone. She was just crying and pacing.
Suddenly, doctor came out and said” Her condition is critical. She has lost so much blood. We have operated her. But her Cerebrum is fully damaged. There is no hope. Please inform everyone and u can meet her too”
Sana started crying hysterically. She charged inside OT and Parth followed. Sruthi was being supplied oxygen artificially. She was awake. She saw Sana emotionally torn apart. Sruthi gestured her to come near her.Sana went ahead and sat beside Sruthi. Sruthi removed her oxygen mask and told” y r u crying? U r the bold iron lady and its a shame to watch u cry”. Sana gave a hurtful smile. Sruthi also has tears rolling down her cheek now.
Sruthi:” Sana.. I am always with u. Don’t worry. U r my sister. We r best buddies. How can I leave u? Don’t cry. Be strong. And tell mama and papa that I love them so much. I want to tell u something. Life is too short. Chase ur love. And I wish that u & Parth stay happily married together forever(Just then papa and mama came.)
Sruthi: “Love u mama,papa. I thought I wont see u. And I wanted to tell u that I loved someone and wanted to marry him too.But maybe we r not meant to be together this time. But I want u to accept Parth & Sana marriage…”
Sruthi started to breathe heavily… “It..s my…… last wish” and the ECG had a deadline.
That time, they lost a loving daughter, a soulmate sister, a best friend and someones love who didn’t even had the chance to see her before she left.
Evening Aaditya also reached and he just stood like a statue watching her lifeless body. Aaditya had went to give her a surprise and bring his parents to meet her. He was late as he had gone hometown to bring them. Before he could reach home, he heard that she met with an accident and came back rushing.”Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi….Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi….Toh khuda se maang lun…..Mohalat main ik nayi…..Rehna hai bas yahaan….Ab door tujhse jaana nahi…Jo tu mera humdard hai….Jo tu mera humdard hai…..Suhaana har dard hai….Jo tu mera humdard hai”
He wept near her body. Parth and all were also there. All with a big scar in their heart. Sruthi was cremated all the rituals were completed…
Its been 2 years now after Sruthi left them.
Aaditya had to go back as he had his works left in his hometown.
Parth completed his studies.
Sana had stopped going to college after Sruthi’s death as the lonely walk to college haunted her so much. She was used to having Sruthi with her. She stiil felt Sruthi was there with her in their room.
After Parth completed his course and got a job, he came with his family to Sana’s house, with marriage proposal.
Her parents agreed for the marriage as he had good character and nice family background and also as Sruthi wanted this.
Sana too agreed as it was Sruthi’s last wish, but she was angry with Parth for forgetting her sister so easily and for trying to marry her now.
After 6 months they are married and today is the day they are begining their new life.

Credit to-Anaya

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  1. Oh shruthi……it is very paonfull update dr

  2. Sad and painful yaar. Hope Sana understands Parth’s love for her.

  3. I know yaar..
    But it had to be.. The story line was meant this way only. Sruthi entertained us all and left us.


    With these links, u can get access to my both stories…
    Hton pe dabi dil ki batein and dil he ke maanta nahi..

    Today I have posted 2 hpddkb episodes(9 and 10) and 1 dhkmn episode(10).
    Hope u all like it

  4. I usd to mis ur stories so badly, . . Happy to c u bak.
    It was a shok dat sruti died suddnly. Hop her wish of seeing sana n parth happy 2gthr gt fulfild soon 🙂

    1. Sure Riya. But may be will take sometime

  5. O Anaya, life is too short, I miss shruti soo much, she was very good sister, friend and daughter,….it was really sad loosing her like that in an instant,…it hope sana get her misunderstandings resolve and accept parth love. …soooon…love you loads and very tight hug

  6. I’m sad rat Sruthi left……….poor Sana hw cn she tolerate this???????and plzzzz mke Sana realize tat party loves hr………1 doubt:wat did Sana do after Sruthi went away??????????I mean dd she study anything???????

  7. hiiii anaya! wasts up dear…??
    episode was awesome. poor sana… how would she bear it …. her beloved sis left her alone in this world… but I really feels happy to see such a strong bonding btw these sisters. I just hope sana realized her love for parth in future! !!!
    thnx for this …. 🙂 love you-tc

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