Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 1


Dil Hai Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) (meaning the heart doesn’t listen)

I am updating a new story of a girl named Sana, who is a shy girl. The story begins with Sana’s life in her family. She has a sister named Sruthi. Sruthi is a young beautiful girl. Sana was dark and short compared to her sister. She, thus, had very low confidence growing up, when it came to looks. She was fully into studies and had a small diary containing her lil dreams that she kept to herself. Later on, Parth, a handsome guy enters her life. She keeps him far away from her life as he is too good for her.Then something happens that she had to include him in her life, but she has her heart shut down to keep him as far as possible. Will she succeed in her decision or is she destined for something else?????

Episode 1(October 18-2015)

The screen displays sun indicating its early morning and the scene is shifted to a bedroom with a round bed with a blanket covered displaying 2 legs. A lady(Meera Wohra) around 50 years enters the room. Meera ji: “Sana…Sruthi….Get up. Its 7:30 already. You will be late for your college….”. Meera ji places 2 glasses of milk on the table and rushes to remove the curtains. Sunrays seep into the room. Sana and Sruthi try to dig more deeper into the blanket. Meera ji removes the blanket. 1 girl gets up saying:”Maa….” and she sits sleepy head. Then Meeraji:” Go and freshen up Sruthii..” Sruthi gets up from the bed and enters bathroom. The other girl(obviously Sana) is now lying on the bed with her front towards the bed and is sleeping. Meeraji” Offooo…. Get up Sanaaaa. Its 8 am…” Sana jumps up from bed and says”WHAT?!!” She looks into the clock and says: ” oh its just 7:40″. Meeraji: “it will be 8 soon. Sruthi went to freshen up. You select your dress and things by then. Go…..” Sana makes a sober face and gets up. She goes to her mom and tightly hugs saying” Goodmorning..love you….” Maa:”Love you too… Now go”
Meera ji leaves room. Time passes by and its 8.45. They are leaving for college. Sruthi is wearing a green and black shirt with a black 3-4th. Sana is wearing a salwar suit. They reach college gate by 9.15. They are entering the gate. It displays an arch “Vinobha Chaturvedi College, W. Bengal”.
The show pauses………
Precap: Sana is reading book in library and Sruthi is with her friends in canteen having a laughter.

Hope the start is good. Awaiting your opinions and feed backs.
Good night all

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Interesting

  2. Hi ananya, nice story dear. Intro is interesting. Keep it up and continue…waiting for the next episode…

  3. Well hello Anaya dear ur story seems interesting is this ur imaginary story or is this some serial story

  4. First of all jus love name Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi n d imagination is truly cools !! ??

    Hey Anaya r u d same person of TU of my favourite serial manmarziyan??

    Pls do answer dear !!!☺️☺️

  5. As usual….it all started really beautifully….then it’ll get spoiled. Just like KKB.

  6. Thank you Roma, Ruth.
    This is just my imagination Lotus…
    Thank you Mandy….. I am happy that you loved the name. And yes… I am the same person from MMZ.. I lost track of the previous story by the time I found out the way to post. Sorry…. SO I started a new story.. Hope u like it.. Tuti.. I will try to maintain the level. Please do provide your frequent feed backs so that if the level degrades, I get to correct it soon….

  7. Nyc dea……i lyk ua imaginatiom its superb…..nd plz update next part…..i am waiting eagerly..

  8. hey anaya whats up dear….. happy to see you after long time.!!!
    Hmm it is seems interesting “dil hai k manta nahi ”
    well done we are waiting for further more twist n turns.
    but I missed your earlier story HPDDAB.
    I really love that college love story. ..
    missing badly 3sp and 3ma (specially parth sana-my favo..) why did you stop writing this awesome story??
    I’m big fan of you story. Hatsss of your great imagination skill! !!!

    anyways dear don’t mine and sorry if I hurt you.
    DHKMN is also fabulous. plzzz continue
    we are eagerly waiting for hero’s entry. . πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  9. Nice concept…
    Eager to read further…
    Dear…can u plz suggest d actors’ name fr d characters as it will help us to visualize n unddrstand d story better… Just a suggestion…
    Already attracted by d name “PARTH”

  10. I know Zara..HPDDKB.. I am sorry. I just lost track of it. You know it right? The stories are all my imaginations. So it just went off when I stopped writing for so long… I missed all your comments. I will try to relate this story with the moments as far as possible.
    Thank you for liking the story.
    And Plumpyyyy..I am a hard core fan of manmarziyan. So its basically Radhika n Arjun in the story. But just didn’t pick the same name as it is already there is so many fanfics that when I read stories, I myself go back and forth to catch up and not mix up the stories wrote. So…….

    Thank you Karishma and dia for the support…

    1. Hi Anaya !! Thx walas ane kelie !!

      Hey Anaya I prefer dat story of HPDDKAB yaar bcoz it was much interesting pls yaar can start dat story again bcoz I m sure ppl will lyk dat one dat dis dhkmn !!!!

      So plssssssszssssssssss !!!!????

    2. Hi its sad tat u lost track f te prev stry.i simply loved it.cud u plz try reading those prev epi n yarn ur imagination once again??????plz???????plz????I lvd te sana-pardh pair.tey were do lovly.esp Sana.i lvd hr mre since she ws an orphan.n ur lst epi it ws sana’s conf f wat hpd n hr lif wich made hr hate hrslf.i ws tery eyed readng tat epi.
      Anyway ur nw story s also gud.lvd te intro. eagerly waiting for pardh’s entry.

  11. hey,anaya.r u from w.Bengal???

  12. no ireena…..i just chose it as plot for the story..:)
    Aastha.. I have tried after all your support for my previous story. Hope it would be upto your expecttions. Fingers crossed.

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