Dil hai tumhara… episode 1

Hey guyx sunaina here thanku all for liking my work
Without wasting time I will start start 1st episode
Agarwal mansion:
A lady goes to one room and waking up their kids
Lady: bachon utho jaldi
(Kids wake up fast)
Then she goes to other room and give tea to one man
Lady(to men): le lijiye surya (take it)
So that was surya
Surya: thank u amrita
So that lady was amrita.
Surya: is kids wake up?
Arpita:No they are still sleeping..
Surya: So what r u doing here go and wake up them..
Arpita: yes
Then she goes to her kids
Arpita: kittu,anny raj please wake up
Raj: Mom please let me sleep
Kittu: yeah mom please
Arpita: arey today Is both of your first day at college so wake up
Kittu and raj wake up by jerk
Raj: oh shit I forget
Then they go to bathroom

Arpita: anny wake up otherwise your ur papa will scold u
Anny wake up with sad face
Arpita: don’t worry everything will became fine
Anita: but when (she cries)
Amrita also cries
Anita: ok mom I am fine u go
Amrita: ok
She goes…
Oberoi mansion
A boy is shouting on his servants
Sham bring my breakfast I have to go
Then a girl comes and says calm down b bhaiya
Boy : avni u
So girl was avni

Boy: why u wake up early Is everything ok?
Avni: yes bhaiya today is my first day at college
Then pinky comes and says
Shivaay let avni go she is getting late
(Boy was shivaay)
Avni: no chotti mom I am not getting late there is time
Pinky: oh sorry I thought u are
Avni: its ok chotti
Then dadi comes and says: what my grandchildren are doing?
Shivni: we are doing chit chatting
Dadi: do it later first eat breakfast
Shivni: ok
Dadi: where are others?
Pinky: don’t know
Avni: I will call them
She shouts: mom dad chotte papa come and have breakfast
They come
They greet each other good morning..
And eat breakfast..
Singhania mansion
A girl is sleeping while her mom is waking her naira beta utho
(So they are naira and akshara )
Ak: beta utho
Naira: let me sleep maa..
U know na how much I love my sleep
Ak:naira today is ur first day at college
Naira: let it be
Then a boy comes with bucket of water throw water on naira
Naira shouts: bhai what is wrong with u
Naksh: nothing kumbkaran actually u were sleeping like kumbkaran so I wake up u
Naira: urgh wait I call papa
She shouts:papaaaaa
Then naitik comes and says: what happened naira
Naira: papa see na bhai throw water on me
Naitik: why naksh
Naksh:papa today is her first day At college and she was sleeping so did it
Naira: papa (in irritating voice)
Naitik: whats wrong with u why u throw only one bucket of water on princess
Naksh akshara laugh
Naira: papa u too
Naitik: yes u r getting late go take bath
She goes..
Agarwal mansion
Kartik and raj come
Ratik: mom we are going bye
Bye di
Amrika(amrita+anika): bye
Ratik: bye papa
Surya: bye
Oberoi man
Avni says: bye everybody I am going
Everybody: ok bye tc
Shivaay: if anybody talks with u rudely then tell me I will kill her
Avni: yeah bhaiya by the way no one have dare to talk rudely with shivaay singh oberoi’s sister…(she laugh)
Shivaay smiles
Avni goes
Singhania man
Naira comes ad says: bhe everyone I am going
Ak: bye beta tc
Naitik :bye princess
Naksh: bye kumbkaran
Naira makes faces then she goes

Precap: college mAsti kaira and avraj first meeting

I am done with my update
Tell me hows it
Ignore grammatically mistakes
Guys I need help how I make shivika meeting with each other?
hope u like it

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