Dil hai ki manta nahi (episode 1)


Hello guys , I’m riya I Will introduce all of u a new story ” dil hai ki manta nahi ”
Character introduction –
Neha – female lead actress.
Rahul- male lead actor .
It’s a lovely morning , Neha’s mom sound came ” wake up neha ,wake up wake up …..
Suddenly the power system went !!!
Neha- ufff mom and this power system like
twins sis, now what will happen plz god send this message before shutdown the pc.
Mom – ( knocked the door ) neha neha open the door beta .
Neha shutdown the pc and act like just now she wake-up in a deep sleep , she opened the door and say what happen mom why you shout loudly .
Mom- it’s 6.30 Am & u have any idea about today ?
Neha- Today ummm today is Sunday and it’s a holiday .
Mom- ohh god how could you forgot today is your b’day. ( power came ) go and take a shower first.
Neha – ok mom .

Location – Rahul house
Rahul- shit yaar plz reply first……..
(Mobile ringing) rahul pick up the phone and say I knew u didn’t love me.
Neha- plz try to understand here power system problem so the message didn’t sent.
Rahul- ohh hello listen I’m not a mad & it’s my final decision ok bye .
Neha- Rahul rahul rahul plz..( call disconnected)
she start crying and say u didn’t hurt me u hurt my mom.
Next ep tomorrow.

Ok bye guys c u soon ….

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  1. Guys it’s my first story , please forgive me if I wrote anything wrong .

  2. Its nice dear ….

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