Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 7

In this epi i have planned to show the family convo about swara’s punishment and start of punishment.

Scene 1 – At gadodia mansion

Swaman left from college and reached home. When they walked inside their home swara is shocked to see her entire family waiting for her in the living room. She signaled maanvi what was that? But maanvi instead joined them and stared at swara. Swara couldn’t understand for what reason all are like that. She asked swayam who directed her to shekhar. Swara couldn’t handle suspense more and started asking the reason.

Swara: maa, papa, swayam and maanvi why are you all staring at me and not speaking to me.

They all remind quiet and gave her a paper in which was written they all are angry on her for punishing laksh to be her slave for a week. Swara got irritated.

swara asked: why you all are supporting him? He has done wrong and he is getting punished for that. What is wrong in this.

Janki handed her a chit in which it was written people with big hearts always forgives every mistakes and not punish them like what she did.

Swara: Okay I agree but what does he mean to all so that you all are supporting him. Infact I amthe daughter of this house but everyone here is supporting him.

Maanvi extended a chit in which it was written how we can not support him. Then swayam extended another chit in which it was written because if we didn’t support him then my jiju can’t handle you single handedly.

After reading that swara started chasing maanvi and swayam who hid behind shekhar and janki.

Swara: Okay so you all are supporting him. Let’s see whether he does his work properly for a week. If so then I will free him from that and accept his apology if not then.

Shekhar cutted her: It won’t happen because we know our son in law.

Janki: And nothing is impossible to him.

Swara: you all are impossible.

Saying so swara left to her room and rest giggled. Then maanvi shared this to virat. Swara thought this laksh even impressed my family but wait and watch mr sadu maheswari swara is hard nut to crack for you.

Scene 2 – At maheswari mansion

virLak entered maheswari mansion. To see all member’s including dp laughing and seems happy talking about something. For the first time he heard dp taking his name and saying praising words. He felt happy and entered living room. Suddenly everyone went serious dp cam etowards laksh saying.

Dp: Anna poorna do you know one thing once there was a guy who doesn’t do anything and is good for nothing but now he is going to change completely.

Ap: Haan ji this is her tricks only that is changing my son.

Sanskar: papa finally someone came who can change laksh’s life and everything better.

Ragini : haan it is her magic only which is making the impossible possible.

Virat: meri choti bhabhi toh kamala hai na.

Laksh was confused about what they are speaking and asked.

Laksh: I am not getting what are you all speaking and about whom?

Everyone together said: Arey we are telling about the thing which happened in evening and about our future bahu swara. Finally you are going to do work na.

Laksh: bahu and her no ways. I am doing that only for papa’s deal other than that nothing.

Ap: Is it or something else that you are hiding from us beta.

Laksh: maa there is nothing like that.

Saying so he left to his room thinking you all are right she is changing me but let me see what she is going to do tomorrow. After laksh’s departure virat shared how swara decided to forgive him if he act as per her wish for a day. Ap and ragini smiled. Sanskar and Dp felt bad but later smiled realizing this is just the start of change in laksh.

Scene 3 – College

Swalak reached college and met each other before their class along with virman.

Swara: so mr sadu maheswari are you ready to be my slave for a month?

Laksh: yes miss grimmy gadodia. Always ready.

Swara: okay so you are my slave now so from today onwards you will do all my work work related to college and rest I will tell later. Saying so swara went inside class followed by maanvi.

Laksh stood there shocked realizing what she said and how he is going to do that. virat eyed him helplessly and walked inside the class. Laksh also came behind him and sat in his place next to swara. She gave a smile to which he didn’t react. Swara glared at him told him to greet his master.
Laksh does so. The episode ends with Virman enjoying this scene from sitting back whereas swara was smiling seeing laksh’s confused face as to what is happening here

Precap: Laksh dancing to swara’s tunes. Virman love start and cupids for swalak.

I hope you all liked that.

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