Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 6

Hai everyone I am back with next episode. Today I am also so excited to write and post this. So here we go.

Scene 1 – at gadodia mansion night

Swara pov

Today is the worst day of my life. I was never like this much angry and irritated for anything but that sadu he made all that possible. In this one day, I lost my cool and everyone are telling I am different today. Also that maanvi started saying I started loving him and my family also supports her. Does it really happened, Am I really started loving him. I couldn’t forget that chocolate brown eyes which showed nothing but pure love. But he is not like that in his behavior. If he was really like what I saw in his eyes, if he really makes my heart happy and be one then I think I may love him. Swara you have gone mad, you also started thinking like others, control and concentrate on studies. Don’t mind that lucky. With that she went to have dinner and returned to her room to sleep.

Scene 2 – At maheswari mansion

Laksh pov

Ahhh. Maa and bhabhi have joined virat and started teasing me. Also papa told me to say sorry to that miss grimy. Now what will you do lucky. All are telling I am falling for her. Even I also thought the same when I saw her slipping and caught her in the fear that she may hurt. Her black eyes showed her innocence, love and care. My heartfelt complete when I held her in my hand. I felt like our two hearts become one and started beating rhyming. But I can’t neglect what I saw. How rude she was? But fault was also in my side so I should ask sorry to her. Papa told correctly I should apologies to her. But I will not lose so soon. His thoughts were disturbed by Ap who came to call laksh for dinner. During dinner, Dp reminded laksh to apologize to swara to which laksh agreed. Then he went to his room and slept.

Scene 3 – At college

Both swara and laksh entered at same time but swara let laksh go first. In class swalak was sitting beside eachother. Behind them virman are chit chatting and enjoying making fun of swalak. Swara neglected that and listened to class. Laksh tried to speak to her but she didn’t pay attention to him. During lunch they four sat on same lunch as virman insisted. Laksh again tried to apologize but swara avoided him. Virman enjoyed this. Soon the the college is over. Swaman left the classes. Laksh dragged virat with him and started following swara. He went on calling swara but didn’t mind that and moved faster. Laksh couldn’t take more so he marched fast and dragged her along with him towards an empty class leaving virman surprised.

Swalak convo

Laksh: Swara I am trying to talk to you but you are avoiding what is your problem? Listen I am sorry for yesterday. I really mean to be rude but in anger I lost control and behaved rudely with you. Now please forgive me and accept my apology.

Swara: Listen mr.maheswari , It is easy to let words in anger but those harsh words can never be forgiven or forgotten. Regarding your apology I can accept it but I am having one condition. And you should follow that if i am satisfied then you are forgiven if not .

Laksh cutted her: it won’t happen. So what is your condition?

Swara tells laksh to be his slave for a month. To which he agrees. This was heard by virman who shared this news to swalak’s family. They all are shocked by this news. So what will happen next, let’s wait and watch.

Precap : laksh becomes swara’s slave.

I hope you all enjoyed that and don’t worry this will start their love story only. Thank you guys for your support.

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