Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 5

As said in previous episode I am going to add some ragsan scenes as per the request of sindhura. But swalak fans don’t worry today I have planned to give you all a swalak treat, their first eyelock. So here we go.

Scene 1 – At college

The class gets over and swalak and virman move in different ways. It’s time for lunch break so swaman went to canteen. They ordered sandwich and juice and sat at a bench nearby. They are having some chit chat of course maanvi teasing swara by laksh name. Swara started getting irritated and got up from her place. Accidentally the juice in swara’s hand spilled down causing her slip but before she could touch the floor a strong arm caught her saving her from falling. Swara shut her eyes so tight for a minute she couldn’t understand why she didn’t reach the floor. Slowly she opened her eyes to see a mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes staring at her. Swara didn’t resist instead she started losing herself in that eyes. She felt her heart beat fast and again the moment was like two hearts that beats as one. He too held her tight and starred showing his atmost love. In this both forgot their surrounding only to be brought back to reality by clicking sounds of camera. She turned to see the whole college staring at them then fell on the floor with a thud. Then she turned to the person who dropped her as is shocked to laksh there. She then glared at virman who are clicking their pics in their phones. Swara got irritated and shouted.

Swara: You sadu maheswari why did you drop me on flour? Then why did you saved me from falling?

Laksh: Oh ho miss grimy gadodia plz stop. If I have known first itself that I have saved you na then I would have not done that for sure. Waise I was right you really don’t have eyes because you are always hitting or falling, please check your eyes.

Swara: How rude? Where you go there a menace happens same also happened here. By the way thanks for savng me first and then I am not going to leave you for dropping me.

Laksh: Sure miss grim. Let’s see what you are going to do. I am waiting now move already I wasted my time from morning because of you now I am not going to do same.

With that laksh left from there. Virman smiled seeing their friends then swara also left dragging maanvi with her. Rest of the day gone smooth as
swalak avoided each other. Finally the college is over and swaman and virlak left in their car.

Scene 2 – At gadodia mansion

Swara and maanvi entered gadodia mansion. Swayam and shekhar are sitting in the sofa chatting about todays happenings and janki is serving snacks to them. Swara came fast with irritated look in her face and throwed her bag in the sofa and sat in the sofa. Maanvi greet shekhar and janki and sat next to swara. Shekhar and janki couldn’t understand what happened while swayam gave a questioning look to maanvi. Maanvi showed them a photo in which swalak is holding each other (remember their eyelock in canteen). They all felt happy and started congratulating swara for finding the perfect match for her. Maanvi and swayam started singing phela pyaar song. Swara couldn’t withstand anymore and busted out.

Swara shouted: Stop. I am not in love and he is nto my type. He is a sadu, menace and hadi. How can you all think like that? He is attitude ka dhukaan. Never think of him with me, never. With that she went to her room.

After her departure everyone gave a questioning look to maanvi who narrated the whole scene about how their car crashed, how they fought and how they had an eye lock. Listening to that shekhar and janki started smiling. Swayam couldn’t understand anything that why are say happy for such a bad thing. That’s when they explained him.

Shekhar: Beta pyaar is not easy to find and get. Also it will not lovingly always. Sometimes some love stories of forever happiness starts with fights. It doesn’t mean hate; it means understanding and accepting our loved ones as how they are.

Janki: Swara is always calm, caring and loving. We all have never seen her like this much hating one person and shouting loud different from her nature. So it clearly means he came to make my daughter’s life colourful.

Swayam: So finally Soon I am going to be free from her. Waise Maanvi di who is going to be my jiju anyways.

Maanvi: Swayam his name is laksh maheswari. He also belongs to a rich family.

Shekhar and janki felt more happy. Shekhar always wanted her daughter to go to a good family with traditional values. Hearing maheswari parivaar name he got excited.

Shekhar: Accha. It’s a good news. Now we don’t want to worry janki our daughter is going to safe hands.

Janki: Haan ji. Everything is going to be perfect and happy for my swara. Maanvi beta have this sweet you have told us such a good news.

Shekhar: Haan beta. Have more and keep informing more details beta. And also send that pic to me so that I can frame it as a memory,

Maanvi: sure papa. I am leaving now bye all. Take care.

With that maanvi went and all members of gadodia family started enjoying but swara is not happy with this.
Now let’s go to Maheswari mansion.

Scene 3 – Maheswari mansion

Everything was quiet and no one is in living room. Ap is in her room and ragini is in kitchen preparing snacks for tea. Just when she is about to turn around, a soft hand caught her by waist and back hugged her. Ragini felt shocked first but then understood it was her sanskar. She felt shivers as sanskar started tightening his grip on her waist. Slowly ragini asked.

Ragini: Sanskar leave me. Papa would have come along with you from office. I have serve him tea. What if any one comes and see us like this.

Sanskar: Ragini no one is here. And also I came alone papa is still in office. I don’t permission to romance with my wife from any one. Now stop your talks let me do my work.

With that he came close to her and started kissing her neck. Ragini got shivers and closed her eyes. He turned her around and kissed her forehead. Ragini felt that and smiled. Sanskar oserved her smile and kissed her cheek when he was about to kiss her lip a loud shout interrupted their moment.

Sanskar saw laksh and virat coming inside house. Laksh sat on the sofa frustrated and virat started shouting.

virat shouted: maa! Bhabhi! Come here fast. I have a Breaking news for you all.

Ragini gave a helpless look to sanskar and left from there. Ap came downstarirs hearing virat’s voice.

Virat said: You all must have heard about love at first sight or love at first flight. But now what I am going to tell you all is about love at first fight.

Sanskar couldn’t understand and asked: Love at first fight. How is that possible what rubbish are you saying virat.

Seeing sankar there laksh and virat got shocked and checked the whole whether Dp is also there.

Sanskar: Papa is in office. Now tell me what is the thing otherwise I will call pap and inform him.

Ragini: Sanskar stop scaring them otherwise I will tell papa why you came here.

With that sanskar became quiet and sat like obedient kid in sofa. Ragini asked virat to continue.

Virat: So are you all eager to know who messed with our laksh and who made him spellbound.

No one showed any reaction but the next thing which he said made everyone excited and happy.

Virat : So are you all eager to see your future family member, our lucky’s love. See this is the proof.

Virat started showing the pic of swalak eye lock to all. Everyone was shocked as well s happy. Laksh didn’t expect virat will say so but what shocked more is a voice from entrance.

Voice: Show me also. I also want to see my future daughter in law.

Everyone turned to the door and was shocked to see Dp. He came near virat and asked for his phone. Virat gave his phone and Dp saw the pic of swalak eye lock.

Dp: laksh can you tell what does this mean. Whatever virat is saying is true or not.

Laksh started stammering and told: papa It’s nothing like that. Actually what happened is.. With that laksh narrated the entire happenings. Dp got angry and shouted on laksh for damaging the car but Ap cooled him.

Dp asked: What is her name?

Laksh again stammered and told: miss grimmy gadodia

Dp: what grimmy??

Laksh : nahi papa swara gadodia

Dp: gadodia. Laksh what have you done? We are doing our next deal with them and you fought with their daughter for a small damage in your car.

Remember one thing laksh the damages can be repaired but words once said can never be forgiven or forgotten. Tomorrow first thing you are going to do is to say sorry to her. Got it.

Laksh: ji papa

With that Dp went to his room. Ap and ragini came near laksh and started pulling his leg taking swara’s name. virat started singing phela pyaar song along with ragini and Ap. Laksh started getting irritated and left to his room. Rest started smiling and sanskar adored his ragini’s smile and left from there. virat showed swalak pic and sent that to ragini. After sometime he went from there waving bye to all. Ap and ragini felt happy that finally his lucky got someone who can control and care him more. Why not because they understood figts always strengthens love.

Recap: SWALAK pov. Next day in college, Lucky to ask sorry to swara.

I hope you all liked that. And also I want your suggestions whether to add more friends to swalak if so suggest some plz. And their eyelock was somewhat like that in episode pic. Thank you all for your support.

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