Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 4

One of my readers has a doubt in how the accident happened so I tried to brief that. I hope it is clear.

(The college is near a busy main road and there will be rushing always. In the left side of college gate there was a bench situated near the bus stop for student convenience. In that bench an old couple was sitting. When the girl was turning left in the road to enter the college a truck which moved past her car so fast startled her causing her to either hit the old people or the car coming in opposite direction. In order to prevent from hitting old people she hit the car coming from right)

Scene 1- At college

I have planned to add new characters’ as swara and laksh friends. For today I have planned to add a new pair of telly to be friends of swalak. I chose virman aka virat and maanvi from EHMMBH. Let’s start with both swara and laksh going in opposite direction.

They parked their cars in parking and glared at each other with attitude. Then one girl approached swara waving her. Swara moved with her giving laksh a final glare and left from there. Laksh stood there amazed at what all happened within an hour and wondered what will happen next. This was all observed by one boy who came near laksh and started singing phele pyaar phele nashan song.

Laksh with anger: Virat stop it. What rubbish are you singing? Her and love no ways. That grimmy gadodia and this lucky maheswari no ways virat. Now stop irritating me.

Virat: Laksh you know what perfect love story starts with differences I mean fights then only bonding grows. I also want to have that but see you got that first. I am saying for sure it will happen.

Laksh: So you are not irritating but saying your disappointment of not being able to get a chance like this haan.

Virat: Laksh I couldn’t understand one thing how cute and beautiful girl she is how do you have heart to fight with her. This made laksh heart race. He felt bad but he neglected that.

Laksh: Virat do you have any problem in your eyes first check your eyes and say her and beauty. I am not going to waste my time speaking about miss grim. Let’s go to our class come.

Virat: Haan laksh let’s go.

With that they went to class. Meanwhile on the otherside swara was walking with a girl who noticed her anger face and started asking.

Maanvi: Swara I know it is not easy to remove your eyes from such a handsome hunk but control.

Swara with irritation: Maanvi what are you saying? I am not staring at him I am glaring at him. And he is not handsome he is a menace, sadu and hadi.

Maanvi: Why am I not feeling the hatred in your words instead I am feeling you are loving him in your heart.

Swara: Maanvi, Loving him that too like two hearts as one is like never in a million years. Infact seeing him increases the hatred in me more.

Maanvi: Swara for the first time in these twenty years I am seeing you fighting with a guy. You are normally cool and loving. Seeing hatred in such a loving girl for a guy means there is gonna be something great which is going to change all.

Swara: That’s it. Now let’s go to our class. Already he made my mood bad in morning itself now you don’t make it worse by talking more about him. Come.

The college bell rings.

Maanvi: Haan let’s go. It’s already late and bell ranged let’s rush.

With that swara and maanvi moved towards their class.

Scene 2 – At classroom

The teacher already started the class when swara and maanvi walked towards the class entrance. So swara and maanvi requested permission to sir to enter the class. The teacher permitted them and then they entered. Then they scanned the class to get any seats to sit. Maanvi found a place for them to sit which was before two boys. She draged swara towards the place. When they reached there Swara was shocked to see the person sitting behind. It is our laksh with virat next to him. Swara quitly sat in the bench irritated seeing laksh in her. Maanvi started saying what a coincidence I think what I said before is going to become true.

Swara: Maanvi stop it. Nothing is going to happen. Now stop irritating.

Maanvi: I can see you are not irritated but instead happy to sit before him and be in his class. She started giggling.

Swara: Maanvi stop giggling. I want to listen the class.

Meanwhile virat is pulling laksh’s legs singing phela pyaar song. Laksh gets irritated and said stop it. Don’t sing that song again and again and irritate me. But virat continued singing that song which increased laksh’s irritation and anger. He tried to make him stop singing.

The teacher noticed them and shouted them to stop. Our swaman and virlak stop and stood as obedient kids. He then changed their placed like swalak in front and virman in back and started his class. Swalak tried to protest but couldn’t because they don’t want to start a fight yet again. Virman in back started giggling seeing them. Virman became friends and Virat started singing phela pyaar now along with maanvi. Swalak gets more irritated and they started glaring them side by side glaring each other.

The episode ends with glaring face of swalak like a angry eyelock and smiling face of virman seeing those angry love birds.

Precap: Swalak eyelock. Family moments and some ragsan scenes.

I hope you all love that. Do you want me to add more friends to swalak if so suggest someone plzz. As usual plz don’t mind my mistakes as I am tamilian I am not that good in hindi. Swalak and Virman are doing MBA.

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