Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 3

It’s a small update and most waited one too. As I am in my study holidays now i will be updating continuously but during exam times I won’t be able to update so plz understand and wait for my next update. I hope i have fulfilled all your expectations and here we go to the most expected scene of my ff. I hope i have done that well.

Scene 1 – At College
Agz college is very famous there and mostly rich peoples children’s and scholarship students studies there. Students started coming to college and the road near college was very rush. We can see a black hybrid sedan coming towards the college. Just when it is about to enter into the college it accidently crashed with another white benz Mercedes car. A boy of 23 came out of the black saudan car and checked his car for any damage. Luckily our lucky who owns the saudan car felt happy seeing minimum damage but he is not in mood to leave the person who crashed with his car. Laksh moved towards the Mercedes car when he saw someone stepping out of it. He felt some connection with that person like his heart knows them and it started beating musically. He saw a beautiful girl step out of that car. Though he is mesmerized seeing her his situation made him to shout on her for crashing and damaging his car.

Laksh: What the hell? Don’t you have eyes? Hello madam, see what you have done to my car. My head light is broken and see a scratch happened near it. Now what will I do? What will I say to my father? Who will pay for this your father ah. Tell I think you don’t have ears too that’s why u didn’t hear my horn sound and now my talks too.

That girl couldn’t take more. She started getting frustrated because he didn’t give any chance to her to explain and started shouting. The girl shouted on the top of her voice.

Girl: Stop mister. Enough I heard more. Now stop and listen. I can see that it is my mistake and I apologize for that but seeing your act I felt like not to apologize anymore instead teach you some sense. You are telling about money na money doesn’t matter to me people are the things which matters to me. You know what if I have not crashed your car na I would have hited an old couple sitting in that bench. Before doing anything please learn to analyze what led to that and then speak or shout or fight or do whatever you want. Here, take this money to repair your car now let me go. Now move.

Laksh: impressive. No one ever behaved with me like this. I am Laksh maheswari. Naam to sunahi honga. So friends?

Girl: I am swara, swara gadodia. And friendship with you never.

Yes guys the girl is our swara. Saying so swara went inside the college in her car now feeling some incompleteness in her heart. Laksh stood there shocked still speechless and felt angry that how can see reject my friendship. Then he also went inside in his car feeling incomplete in heart.

The students who have witnessed this scene felt that there will be major clash between them swalak but little did they know that they are two hearts that beats as one.

Recap: Tashan or Ishq? Let’s see in next episode.

Thank you all me readers for commenting your reviews and supporting me. Plz don’t mind the mistakes and I hope you all like this update though you may not be wanting swalak to fight I planned to give hate love kinda story which will be liked by all I hope. Already i have given three updates today hope you all enjoyed that.

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  3. How could she hit an old couple if she did not crash his car. That is unreally.

  4. but she had not hit them only because she had crashed his car. Was the bench situated next to his car? If so how could she hit them? And have you ever seen Ricos y famosos ( Argentina series) the first episode? I advise you to watch that first episode. In that series Diego crashes Valeria` car. But the car, damaged by him, was her brother`s car. She also studies at college. She shouts at him and tells him to learn to drive.

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