Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 2

In this episode I have planned to show the bonding of swara and laksh with their family and start of their distant bonding through heart. So here we go.

Scene 1- In Gadodia mansion
In pooja room everyone was present and waiting for swara. Just when they are about to start, they hear a melodic voice reaching near them in a simple but pretty attire. It’s none other than our swara who starts singing a bhajan and does the pooja. She then does aarthi and gives prasad to all family members. She gets blessings from her parents and wishes morning. When she was about to turn swayam scared her and swara started chasing him. Finally she caught him and gave his a soft but sweet slap and hugged him teling morning wishes. Shekhar enjoyed his kids bonding and adoured them while janki had tears in her eyes seeing swara’s love towards swayam though he is her step brother. She then went to make breakfast. Shekhar was reading newspaper and swara and swayam were chitchatting about their school and college. Later, swara went to help her mom set the dining table for breakfast.
Shekhar: swara putar how is your college going? Have they started classes for master degree?

Swara: Its good papa. I really love it. Though yesterday was my first day there i loved the atmosphere.

Shekhar: Waah. First day itself you loved it does it mean you met your soul mate there.

Swayam: maa see didi has found someone who can be her soul in her college.

Janki(with excitement):swara is it true. That’s why you were smiling dreaming about that guy while I enter into your room to wake you up.

Swara: mom it’s not like that. I just felt the cool and fresh breeze and smiled cherishing it. My heart also felt complete by feeling that and I felt the music of my heart beat soothing myself completely.

Shekhar: That’s what people do when they feel love. A pure love of two hearts which is made for each other. I think soon you are going to meet him.

Swara: papa .It’s not going to happen if so then I will tell you okay.

Swayam: okay. I am also eager to see the one who is going to bear u for his whole life di.

Swara: swayam you are gone today and swara started chasing him.

Shekhar and janki smiled and prayed to god to give their kids all happiness. Then they all sat together enjoyed having food. Janki fed swara and swayam with her hands. After that swara left to her college.
Scene 2 : In Maheswari mansion
Laksh finished his bath and after getting ready slowly he went down stairs. He saw the living room empty and felt happy that his father is not in home. Just when he was about to step in last step he heard Dp calling him from his room.

Dp: Laksh where have you gone, come to my room now.

(Laksh pov: laksh beta tut oh aj gaya. Ye sadu maheswari aj tumhari akri din ka thayari karengi)

Laksh: ji papa.I am coming.

Laksh entered Dp’s room and saw Dp and sanskar sitting in the table and discussing office works. He slowly moved in stood before them.

Dp: Laksh why are you not in pooja and why have you woke up late? See your brother how responsible he is. When he was doing college he helped started me in office works. You also have grown and completed your bachelor degree.When are u planning to join our company?

Laksh: papa I am not interested in that now. I wanted to do my masters, I also applied for masters degree in asz college and got selected to do my degree there.

Dp with anger: Laksh you haven’t told anyone about this and you yourself started taking decisions about your future nowadays. I am not going to permit you to go to college.

Sanskar: papa let him study. So that he can learn more about business.

Dp: Sanskar I know what is best for you two so don’t interfere in this.

Saying that Dp went down then sanskar gave a helpless look to laksh and followed Dp. Laksh felt sad and went to his room. This whole convo was heard by Ap and ragini who followed laksh to his room to console him.
Scene 3 – In laksh room
Laksh was both sad and angry on dp for not permitting him to go to college. He started breaking things. Then ap and ragini came and stopped him. They consoled him and distracted his mind by saying they are angry on him. Laksh felt they are also like dp and started feeling bad but was tickled by ragini and ap. He then started laughing.

Ap: laksh beta we are angry on you because you haven’t informed to us and went out in morning.

Ragini: haan maa. That to through balcony he escaped and got injured too.

Laksh held his ears and started doing sit-ups saying sorry to them.

Ragini: Vaise devar ji where have you gone early in the morning? Is there anything you are hiding from us like pyaar vyaar haan.

Ap: Laksh beta you haven’t shared with me that you finally found a girl. Go I am not gonna talk to you and also not gonna ask Dp ji to permit you too go to college.

Laksh felt happy: Maa nothing like that happened. I just went to somewhere out of here to enjoy and feel fresh to find peace to my mind and heart.

Ragini: Have you found your peace devar ji or someone there?

Laksh: Bhabhii.. haan I felt happy and complete. I even felt my heart feel complete and enjoyed my hearts beat.

Ragini: Devar ji I feel that you are gonna meet your girl soon. So all the best.

Ap: Haan beta. I also feel the same. Don’t forget to tell us if you have found anyone like that.

Laksh: Till now nothing is there but if it happens I will tell you both. It’s a promise.

Ap: Haan beta. Now we have to make Dp to allow you to go to college. Should we do that? (Ap told seeing ragini who gave a nod)

Laksh with happiness exclaimed: Haan maa. Plz tell papa to send me to college.

Ap: Done beta. Your happiness matters to me. Then they had a group hug

Somehow Ap and ragini got permission to allow laksh to do master degree. After having breakfast laksh waved bye to ap and ragini and went to his college.

Recap: first day of college. Swalak meet.

I have forget to mention the age of characters:

Swara- 22
Laksh- 23
Shekhar – 60
Janki – 55
Swayam – 17
Dp- 63
Ap- 58
Sanskar- 26
Ragini- 24
I hope you all like it and don’t mind my mistakes plzz.

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