Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 19

Hai friends I am back with my next episode. So let’s start.

Welcome friends. Let’s enjoy swalak’s haldi ceremony.

Scene 1:At maheswari mansion

Dp and ap are busy in preparations. Ragini is handling the kids while sanskar is with laksh. When everything is done dp told ragini to call laksh. Ragini went upstairs and told sanlak to come down. They came down. The vadhera’s also reached there. Soon the rituals started.

Laksh was made to sit and ap took the haldi first and applied him. Then dp came an dapplied haldi. Laksh smiled seeing it. Kids recorded the ceremony to sent it to swara. Then one by one everyone applied haldi to him. After everyone finished boys took the whole bowl and emptied it on laksh. They did holi with it to laksh. Laksh tried to apply it on sanky but didn’t do that seeing dp glaring at him. But instead dp applied haldi on sanky’s cheeks. He smiled and everyone enjoyed it. Ap told girl’s to give laksh’s haldi to swara. Boys told they will also come. Ap agreed. Then girls and kids left in one car. Sanskar, viren and virat left in another car accompanied by someone. Ofcourse it’s laksh.

They reached gadodia mansion. Girls reached first and handed the haldi to janki. Boys came after them and helped laksh to reach swara’s room telling they will sent her after some time there and went down. Janki applied haldi to swara. She had tears in her eyes. Swara told not to cry and shekhar wiped her tears. Then shekhar applied haldi. One by one everyone applied haldi to her. Girls applied haldi but it was like holi for swara. She applied more haldi on swayam and teased him. Janki told swara to freshen up.

Girls took her to her room. Boys thought now laksh will be trouble and went after them. Swara was in front with ragini and jeevika and maanvi are after them. When they reached upstairs they noticed jeevika and maanvi are missing. (viren dragged jeevika to the kitchen while virat dragged maanvi under the stairs without anyone’s notice). Swara went towards her noticed. She noticed ragini is also missing(sanky pulled ragini to the nearby room upstairs na). She stood in her room’s entrance thinking where did everyone went. She was also pulled by some one. She was shocked and tried to shout but her mouth was covered. She turned and saw laksh.

She hugged him saying laksh. I missed you so much. Laksh said me too love and both kissed. Laksh applied some haldi on swara and swara to did the same. They both wished saying happy haldi and smiled. Swara went to freshen up and came out. Then she helped laksh to remove the haldi she applied. They romanced for sometime. Laksh gave her a promise saying he will keep her happy. Swara was so touched and kissed him. Laksh also reciprocated.

Their kiss was disturbed by a call. It was sanskar who is calling. He told laksh to come. Girls already left and we have to go now so come soon. Laksh kissed swara once again and waved bye to her. Swara helped him to sneak out of her house. He sat on the car and went with boys. Swayam noticed it and teased swara. Boys also teased laksh. At night both slept dreaming about their happy future which will be starting from tomorrow.

Recap: Swalak’s wedding and more fun.

I hope you all like it and I would to invite you all to their wedding. Swalak came and laksh told hai friends we are here to invite you all to my wedding with swara. So miss it. Swara told You all are the one who made us so will be waiting for your love and blessings so don’t forget to come tomorrow. Sharp at 6 pm at gadodia mansion.

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