Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 18

Hai everyone. I am back. So today is swalak’s sangeet and it’s a themed one. So the color is magenta. Lets start.

Welcome everyone to swalak’s sangeet. Get ready to dance along with everyone.

Scene 1- At Sangeet venue

So host today is myself, your dear friend and writer [email protected] inu.

Welcome my friends. I am glad to meet everyone in this occasion so without wasting let’s start. First lets welcome the vadhera’s. Here they are. Virman and virika entered along with maansi. They danced liked they did in star parivaar 2012 show. Welcome vadhera’s. Have you seat. The vadhera’s settled in their seat. Now friends let’s call the dulha’s parivaar. So here they come the maheswari’s. Dp and sanky came first then they gave hands. Ap and ragini holded their hand and both twirled them. Then ansh and sara came behind them. Ansh tried twirling sara but he couldn’t. It was an aww moment. I kissed their cheeks and they did the same to me. Then maheswari’s settled in their place.

Now let’s welcome kudi’s parivaar. So everyone here comes the gadodia’s. Janki entered with shekhar and swayam on either side. Shekar asked for janki hand and danced with her while swayam asked for a dance to me and we both danced along with them. Then they went to their place. Everyone greeted each other and youngster’s took elder’s blessings.

Then everyone got seated. So everyone why don’t we start the sangeet. Everyone gave an questioned look to me. I told oh I forget it. Last but not the least let me welcome myself. Now also everyone shooted daggers on me. I told okay okay enough of fun. So friends let’s welcome the dulha and dulhan of tonight our sweet heart swara and laksh aka swalak. SwaLak entered and rose petals fall on them. Laksh was holding swara hand and twirled her. The moment was magical and everyone cheered for them.

I handed the mike to swalak. They thanked every one for gracing this occasion and welcomed everyone. Then they sat on their place along with ansh and sara on their either side and maansi in between them. So without wasting a moment let’s start this function. So first performance will be of course my performance. So see you soon because I gonna get ready and enjoy it.

The lights went of and radha song from soty played. I danced on the song along with swayam, virat, viren and sanskar. The girls are shooting angry glares at their husband’s soon the song changed to radha sang from lagan I danced with swayam. Everyone enjoyed it. The performance ended and everyone clapped. I said thank u all. This is performance is dedicated to everyone and let’s move further.

Now I am going to call two experienced couples. They showed their love to everyone and earned everyone respect. So let’s welcome dp pa and ap ma along with shekhar uncle and janki aunty. First badan pe sitara from price movie played. Everyone felt it’s old song but soon it changed. First tere dhyan kidar hai played. The couples danced. Everyone shocked and danced in their places. Then maa ka ladla played. They danced around swalak pulling laksh’s cheeks and also pulled swara’s cheeks when sasural ghenda phool played. Then papa toh band bajaye played and finally bachena eh haseeno played.

Everyone enjoyed their performance. I told what a performance. really no one would have expected this. Amazing one.Everyone hooted. Now let’s welcome our sweetie cutie little champ’s ansh and sara. Kala chasma played and ansh and sara weared black glasses and danced so cool. Then they dance don iski uski also. Everyone loved their performance and gave a standing ovation to them. The kids smiled and gave flying kiss everyone. All said awwa nd then they ran to ragsan who lifted and kissed their cheeks.

Now i am gonna call the best jodi’s and now parents of our little hearts to so everyone let’s welcome ragsan and virika on stage. Ragini and jaavika entered and danced on dola rey. they gave a fantastic performance. Then sanskar and viren danced on tune maari entry and malhari. Then both couple danced on shaava shaava. Their performance ended and everyone clapped for them. I told amazing guys. We all loved it.

Now let’s call the solo guy here to perform now. So let’s welcome swayam gadodia. Swayam danced on dabang song, soon song changed and singham song played. He gave mass performance. Then vele played to which he did some amazing moves. Finally uffo played and he pulled me to the dance floor. We both gave a comic performance to that song and everyone laughed hard seeing it. I said so everyone do you liked that. Everyone told yes. thank u all.

Now let’s move to next performance. We are gonna welcome two dramabaaz couples. Yeah guys you judged right. Let’s welcome our love birds virman and swalak. First swara and maanvi danced on barso re then on prem ratan dan payo. Then virat and laksh danced on desi boyz and dhoom machale. Then both couples danced on rock and role soniye and ainvaye ainvaye songs. Everyone hooted for them.

So guys with out waiting let’s welcome our sweet heart’s swalak for their special performance. First they danced on cutie pie and then on drama queen. Finally teri meri and tum hi ho played. They had an eye lock and danced without breaking it. Everyone felt mesmerizing seeing it. That moment was so magical. Everyone clapped which broke their eye lock. They blessed and came to their seats.

So everyone that’s the end but before going let’s have let’s dance guys. Gallan goodiyan and abhi toh party shuru hoi hai played. Everyone danced on it. Swalak danced holding each others hand and smiled seeing everyone. Laksh kissed her hand gently and swara blushed. Everyone noticed it and teased them. After dinner everyone went to their respective home to make every preparations for next ritual.

Recap: Swalak’s haldi and more fun.

i hope you all liked it. See you all soon. To know about their outfit’s visit this page.

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