Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 17

Hai everyone. I am back with my next update. So let’s start.

Scene 1:At gadodia mansion

Welcome to swalak’s mehendi my friends. Let’s see what’s happening there.

We can see gadodia mansion beautiful decorated. We can see a couple instructing everyone and checking everything is ready or not. It’s shekhar and janki.

Shekhar once checked everything. Ne called swayam to check whether swara is ready or not. Swayam went to swara’s room. Meanwhile maheswari’s entered along with vadhera’s. Dp and shekhar hugged each other and ap and janki hugged each other. ragsan, virika and virman took shekhar and janki’s blessings. Sara and ansh ran to shekhar and janki calling nanu nani. Shekhar lifted both of them Seeing that maansi started crying. So janki lifted her and she stopped crying.

Shekhar asked where is laksh. Dp said he is coming. There is he and pointed towards the entrance. There was a handsome and dashing guy. It’s our laksh. Laksh came inside and took shekhar and janki’s blessing. They told everyone to sit. dp asked about swara seeing laksh’s impatience. shekhar told swayam went to get her. After sometime swayam came accompanied by a beautiful girl. It’s our swara. Laksh was mesmarised by seeing her. His mouth fung open. Virat noticed it and closed his mouth before any one could see. He went near laksh and said control my friend in four day’s she will be all yours. Laksh smiled. swara came down and took dp and ap’s blessing’s. Ansh and sara went to her. Sara said chachi your are looking so preety. Swara bent down and and lifted her. Sara kissed her cheeks and swara to kissed sara’s cheeks.

Ansh pouted seeing them. Swara smiled and laksh lifted him. He went near swara and made him kiss her. Swara also kissed him. Laksh also showed his cheeks and asked for a kiss. Swara blessed. Before she could kiss him sara kissed him saying chachu you are also preety like ansh. Lakansh pouted saying boys are not preety they are handsome and showed fake anger. Swasara smiled and kissed their cheeks. Swara kissed laksh’s cheeks while sara kissed her brother ansh’s cheeks. Laksh blushed while others teased swalak. Then ap and janki made swara sit and asked the mehendi designer to put the best design in her hand.

Meanwhile girls started dancing. Mehendi lagake rakuna song played. After swara finished keeping mehendi ap asked ragini, jeevika and maanvi to keep mehendi. Swara was sitting near them and chatting with everyone. The the designer applied mehendi to ap and janki. Even sara and maansi was applied mehendi. Once everyone finished keeping mehendi. Boys came dancing on london thumakda. Girls also joined too. soon everyone started dancing.

As girls have kept mehendi boys feed them food. Dp fed ap who is blushing due to that. Shekhar fed janki who was also blushing. Sanskar and ansh fed to both ragini and sara. They had a great family time doing so. Viren to jeevika and also to maansi. He also played with her to make her eat. On the other side maanvi is not eating. She was angry on virat for coming late from work. Some how virat consoled her and made her to eat food. Swayam and laksh fed swara who was smiling seeing their care.

She also saw everyone and felt blessed to have them. After some time swayam left from there giving swalak some privacy. Laksh asked swara how much she loves him. Swara said more. Laksh smiled how much more. Swara said that you can’t calculate. Laksh said let’s see it from my mehendi design’s color and showed a simple design of mehendi he had in his hand. Swara said toh let’s see how my mehendi’s color will be tomorrow. Swara kissed him and laksh too kissed her. After finishing dinner.

Everyone asked laksh to find his name in swara’s hand. Laksh searched hard and after 3 minutes he found that. Ragini and jeevika congratulated him and said he is great. Laksh asked bhabhi I know that bhai searched his name in your name for 10 minutes but what about you jeevika bhabhi. Jeevika said actually I Iost my patience during this. He searched his name for 12 minutes and finally I showed his name to him. Everyone laughed and viren pouted. Maanvi said then jeeju you are far better than virat. He fighted with the mehendi artist saying she didn’t wrote his name in her hand. everyone laughed more. Now virat pouted.

After sometime everyone went to their home. At night swara removed her mehendi and found it so dark she video called laksh and showed her hand. Laksh too showed his hand which is also bright. They both smiled. They talked for time and then drifted to sleep.

Recap:Next day. SWALAK’S sangeet and more fun.

I hope you all like this epi. To view everyone’s outfit plzz refer the below link.

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    Mindblowing, their clothing is awesome and the Mehendi is amazing. Stay blessed, take care and love you

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      thank u so much for ur love and support. I am not so good in selecting dress but I am glad that you liked it

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