Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 16

Hai everyone. How are all?. Ia m glad that many likes my story. Thank u for your support guys. So let’s start.

A leap of two years

In this two years, swalak and virman completed their studies. Virman are married and living happily. Virlak owns a company. Ragsan has twins of one and half years old named ansh and sara. Swayam is doing his college. Dp retired from his business giving all authorities to sanskhar and laksh. And last but not the least swalak’s marriage is fixed five days from now. So let’s start with swalak’s engagement.

Scene 1:At engagement venue

We can see two elderly couples standing in the entrance and welcoming the guest. Its dp and ap and shekhar and janki.

Dp and Ap’s outfits

Shekhar and janki’s outfits

They welcomed everyone and let them inside. We can see a couple standing near the stage seeing whether everything is perfect or not. It’s ragsan

Ragsan’s outfits

At that they saw another couple and sankhar went and pulled his ear. He said ahh bhai. Leave me. sanskar said” virat is it the time to come here. You have come an hour earlier but you are late”. Ragini smiled seeing them. Maanvi said”jeeju pull him hard. He only came late from office. Virat said sorry and sanskar left his ear.

Virman’s outfits

They asked about rest. They told they are getting ready. Let’s go to laksh’s room.

We can see a boy running here and there outside dressing. He shouted”jeeju still how many more minutes you will take. Even the wedding will be over but you won’t get ready.”. It’s swayam.

swayam’s outfits

At that the door opened an da handsome guy entered in gold colored sherwani. He looked dashing. It’s our laksh. He came out and swayam signaled looking good. Laksh smiled an dboth came downstairs along with swayam.

laksh’s outfit

Ragini put her kajal behind his neck. At that time everyone came in. Dp asked ragini to bring swara down. Before ragini could go we can see to little kids coming accompanied by a beautiful angel. Every one was so mesmerized to see them. It’s so adorable to see the sight before them. The kids are taking little steps and coming down along with that girl. It’s swara accompanied by ansh and sara. laksh was starring at her making her blush more.

swara’s outfit same hair style and jewels too

sara and ansh’s outfits

Swara went near janki who did a kaala teeka do her. The kids ran to ragsan who lifted them. Then the ceremony started that. At that time we can see another couple coming through the entrance along with a baby of 10 months. . It’s virika.

virika’s outfits

Maansi’s outfit

Viren said “engagement and without us it’s not possible. Virat said ” bhai” and hugged him. Then sankar and ragini hugged virika respectively. They took blessings of elder’s. Maanvi lifts maansi and make her play her sara and ansh. Then everyone went to stage.

Engagement started. Swalak are made to stand before each other. Ragini gave ring to laksh. He made swara wear it. Janki gave ring to swara who made laksh wear it.

Gadodia’s and maheswari’s hugged each other. Swalak smiled seeing them. Laksh kissed swara’s hand with out anyone’s notice. Swara blushed hard due to it. Virman pulled swalak’s leg while ragin and jeevika defended them. Sanskar and viren smiled seeing their wives. Then music played and ragsan asked swalak to go to the dance floor first. Swalak started dancing. Later everyone joined them.

Laksh pulled swara to the garden and asked for a kiss. Swara didn’t agree but seeing laksh’s pouting face she kissed him. They both kissed passionately. Their kiss was broken by virat’s call who told them to come back as gadodia’s are leaving. Swalak came back. and gadodia’s left. Swara gave flying kiss to ansh and sara. Laksh again pouted seeing it she gave him one too. He smiled and waved bye to her. Then maheswari’s also left from there

Recap: next ritual.

Can any one tell me about the post wedding ritual cuz I have no clue what are all the rituals and their order. I hope you all liked it.
I am unable to add oufit’s images here so to know their outfits plzz check in watt pad.

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