Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 15

Hai everyone. So let’s start

Scene 1: At party venue

Swara’s outfit

Laksh’s outfit

Dp gathered everyone and and welcomed everyone.

Dp: Attention my friends. I am so thankful to you all for gracing this occasion and sharing our happiness. Till I have got many position. I reached many heights. In all my steps my family was there for me. I am so thankful to them. The happiest moment for every men their time they spent with their family. My best moments is my time when I played with my sons when they were young. Now they have grown up. But here after I can again live those happy moments with my grand children. So to my family and everyone.I am grateful to everyone. Keep smiling and also make others smile.

I am happy that I am going to become a grand father. And also I have another news for everyone. On this occasion I would like tell a happy news. I and my friend Mr shekhar gadodia have planned to bring our relation to next level. We have decided to marry my son laksh shekhar maheswari and his daughter swara shekhar gadodia. Laksh was so shocked to hear that. Swara was smiling seeing him. Ragini came near him and pinched him. Dp called laksh. He came to stage. Shekhar called swara. They made swalak stand together.

Swara smiled seeing laksh. Laksh couldn’t control his excitement and hugged dp. He thanked him for doing this. Shekhar too hugged swara. Then swalak stood near each other and holds each others hand. Laksh got mike from dp and told I am happy with this news. Its really the best surprise ever. Till now I didn’t officially propose her for marriage so every one now I want to do that. But before that I want to do something. He went near gadodia family and bent on his knees.

He said” From her birth till now you all have taken good care of her. I don’t know whether I can take care of her like you all did but I will care and love her as much as I can do. I will never let her cry and will always keep her happy. It’s a promise. So will you all agree to let me marry her”. Swayam and sumi nodded and turned towards shekhar. He started crying. Laksh hugged him. Shekhar said”we are so blessed to have her and now I fell we are more blessed you in her life. No one can take good care of her then you. She will be so happy in your family. I am okay with that. Swalak hugged gadodia’s. Then they broke the hug.

Laksh went to swara and took her to center. He told “So miss grimy gadodia urf swra gadodia. I will always keep you happy and will take good care of you. I cannot give you the moon and sun but I can surely give you which makes you happy. So will accept me, your mr sadu maheswari urf laksh maheswari in your life and marry me. Will you be swara laksh maheswari and be with me forever. Swara was in tears. She nodded and laksh made her ear the ring. She hugged him. Gadodia’s and maheswari’s congratulated each other. Swalak came to their family and took their blessing.

Shekhar and dp decided to get them marry after they complete their studies. Then music plays and everyone moves to the dance floor. Swara and laksh went to the dance floor. They danced happily. They noticed their family dancing happily around them and eyed each other. They smiled and continued dancing. They dance so passionately and was lost in each other. They can hear each others heart beat and started dancing to it. Soon the music stopped and every ones claps broke their eye lock. They went to their respective family and hugged them eyeing each other.

The screen ends on happy faces of gadodia’s and maheswari’s.

Recap: A leap of two years. Preparations for swalak’s marriage. Swalak’s engagement.

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  1. Asra

    awesome dear..loved it alot…2 years leap…waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear.

    1. Inu

      thank u so much for your continuous support asra.

  2. Soumya85

    Amazing episope…loved the part where laksh take permission from gadodias…waiting for next egarly

    1. Inu

      thank u so much. Every girl wants a guy like that who cares for her and her family na. Thats y that scene. I am glad you liked it.

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