Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 14

hai everyone. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At laksh’s home

Laksh went to his home and saw no one is there. He asked kaka where is everyone. Kaka told they all went to some party. Then laksh went to his room and throws his phone on his bed went to freshen up. He was so sad and upset that swara thought yesterday as dream and also she is so happy that its a dream. He opened shower and had bath letting his tears flowing with the water. He came out in towel and opened his cupboard. He noticed its empty. He moved from there towards his bed. He took his phone and saw a message from swara. he was angry and opened it.

The message was “Laksh where do you went after college. I searched for you but you are where not in college. Any way I enjoyed a ,lot with virman. We went to fair too and guess what I met someone special today. He may be my future partner. We are going on a date today to our favorite spot. See you soon got to go. Laksh was so angry reading it. He felt so jealous thinking swara with some one. Then noticed a dress on the other side of his bed. He took that and wore that. He rushed towards his car and raced towards his favorite spot.

He rushed towards his car and raced towards his favorite spot

Scene 2: At park

Laksh came to the park and entered inside. He rushed in and found the place decorated with lights. He loved the decorations and admired it. He imagined himself and swara dancing there and lost in his dream land. He snapped out of it due to sound of music. Then he realized for what he came and went towards the place from where music is coming. He saw swara there in a beautiful dress twirling. He was so lost seeing her then he realized and came towards swara.

He holds swara and turned her towards him

He holds swara and turned her towards him. He asked where is that guy. She didn’t reply and kept quite. Laksh shouted where is he. Swara smiled and told he is here only. Laksh looked around and noticed no one. Swara told he is here standing in front of me. Laksh was confused and asked there is no one before you except me that’s when he realized she was telling about him. A smile appeared on his face but soon it changed. He said swara stop joking and be serious. Swara told no laksh I am right this time. He is in front of me. My everything, my love, my laksh.

Laksh was surprised and stood still. Swara neared him and hugged him. She told you still think I am joking. Laksh didn’t react. she shakes him and he said swara you remember everything??. Swara said yes my love I remember everything. Laksh told but in college you told its a bad dream and everything. Swara holds her ears and said I am sorry I taught to play with you but I think it become a bad play. Tears are flowing from laksh eyes. Swara wiped and said no more tears my love and wiped his tears. He holds her and told swara I feel it’s a dream, a lovely dream which I never want to end.

Swara was moved by his words and hugged him. Laksh to hugged her. Both felt complete. Then broke their hugged and saw each other. Then a song started playing. It’s teri meri from bodyguard. Laksh asked Swara’s hand for dance. she agreed. Both had an eye lock and danced without breaking it. They was so impressed in each other. soon the song ended and they both hugged each other. They felt each others heart beat. The moment was like their heart was connected and they completed each other. They neared each other and kissed passionately. After sometime, they broke their kiss and swara gave him a gift. He was so happy to see it. It’s a pokemon trainer set. He is a poke fan.

Laksh hugged her for giving his favorite gift

Laksh hugged her for giving his favorite gift. They then left from there to have dinner. Swara told she is having a big surprise for her tomorrow so be ready. Laksh was so happy and kissed her. Then they departed to their home in their respective cars.

Scene 3: Laksh’s home

Laksh woke up next morning and was happy that swara is giving a surprise to him. He was so excited and freshen up. he came down and saw everyone sitting in hall and chatting happily. He went to them and asked what is happening why everyone are so happy. Ap fed his sweet and said you are going to become chachu. Ragini is pregnant. Laksh asked is it true. Everyone nodded. Laksh came towards ragini and said I am so happy bhabhi and lifted her.

Before he could twirl her dp stopped him and said to stop this for 10 months. Laksh dropped her and went towards sanskar. He hugged him and congratulated him. Laksh told waise Now someone will accept he is old. Dp glared him while everyone smiled. Laksh told he is going out but ap stopped him teling they are giving a party so he is going no where. Laksh left to his room and got ready. then everyone left to the party venue.

They reached before everyone as they have organised the party and welcomed everyone. Laksh stood with dp and sanskar and welcomed everyone. Lakhs was so sad. At that time he felt something and turned towards the entrance and was shocked to see gadodia’s there. He sa swara who was looking so cute and kept staring at her. Swara too smiled seeing him. Dp welcomed thema nd took them inside. He introduced gadodia’s to everyone.

Laksh tried hard to speak to her but she was keeping herself to busty to tease laksh. She smiled seeing laksh state. Laksh understood she is teasing him and taught wait and watch my doll. See how I get you and smiled. The screen ends in smiling faces of swalak seeing each other standing far from each other.

Recap: Swalak moments. Swara’s surprise in party.

That’s it for today. I hope you all like it.

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