Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 13

Hai everyone. I am back. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At swara’s home

Swara woke up holding her head. She felt her world is rotating and told everything is round and round today. She heard some giggling sound and turned towards the door. She saw her family laughing at her. She asked what. They told nothing and sumi gave her lemon water. Swara asked why lemon water. Sumi told she was drunk yesterday so only lemon water to cool your head ache. She drank that and went to freshen up.

Then she remembered their moments yesterday and smiled happily. After getting ready she came down and had lunch. Then bid bye to everyone and went out. She noticed her car is not there and asked shekhar. He told laksh only dropped her took her car to go to his home in night. She cursed him for taking his car and started walking in the road.

Scene 2:At road

Swara was walking for past 20 minutes still no sign of any autos. She reached nearby bus stand and waited for the bus. at that time lucky came there. He parked the car nearby and came towards her. He holds swara and asked her to come and sit in car. First swara was happy to see him. She taught to hug him but she controlled herself and acted as if she was angry on him. He continued asking but she paid no heed to him. Finally the bus came and swara went towards the bus. Laksh noticed she is going towards bus.

Before she could enter the bus, Laksh lifted her and carried her to the car. He placed her in passenger seat and closed to door. He came to his seat and drove the car towards their college. Swara was angry on him for carrying her like that. Laksh noticed her angry face and handed her a bouquet. She smiled seeing beautiful tulips in but then faked her anger and gave it back to him. He then gave her a big chocolate bar. Swara was so happy to see a chocolate but on the other side she is angry on him na so didn’t take it.

Laksh took it back and halted the car. He went out and stood before it. Swara was surprised an dshe too came out. She noticed laksh is unwrapping the chocolate and going to eat it. Before he could eat it, she grabbed it from him and started eating it. Laksh gave a pout expression. Seeing that swara smiled and shared her chocolate with him. Then laksh asked soory for being late and explained how he got late for buying this chocolate and bouquet. Swara told it’s okay I forgive you and thank you for dropping me safe in my home my bestie.

Laksh was surprised to hear bestie. Swara turned to get inside the car. Laksh called swara and asked her is it only bestie or you are forgetting some thing else. She told that’s it laksh nothing more and sat in the car. Laksh was so sad and sat in the driver seat. They ride towards their college.

Scene 3:At college

They entered into their college and parked the car. They saw laksh’s car already there. They saw viman standing near their class smiling seeing each other and blushing. Swara pulled their legs and the entered their class. Swara sat with maanvi in front bench because she wanted to know virman’s proposal. Laksh sat with virat in back seat. Laksh was so sad. Virat smiled seeing him. Laksh asked what why are smiling seeing me like that. Virat said you are trying hard but I know you very well. Did something special happened yesterday.

Laksh was shocked that how virat know that and he shared how swalak proposed and also swara didn’t remember anything now. Then he turned and saw sir has came and class started. All the time he kept starring at swara who was busy in teasing maanvi. Virat smiled seeing him and he gave a faint smile. Class ended and swara told him about virman’s story. Laksh smiled seeing her but soon his face expression changed while she asked laksh what happened after when I was drunk. He was shocked to hear that. He wanted to tell how they confessed their love but he said nothing. I just helped you and dropped you at home.

Swara told thank god. I had a dream that we are proposing each other and all stuffs. I was so scared but no not. Its a bad dream. Laksh told yes swara it’s really a bad dream and left from there crying. Swara didn’t notice as she was turned in other side virman noticed his tears and turned towards swara and saw her smiling. They asked why is she smiling. she told she is playing with laksh. And she turned to say that to him but she noticed he is gone. she noticed virman standing there with angry faces and asked what.

They came near glaring and told laksh left a minute back in tears. She was so sad to know that and went in search of him. She went to parking area to check whether his car is there or not. She noticed his car is not there and become sad. She felt a hand on her shoulders and turned smilingly hoping its laksh but it was maanvi. Swara started crying and maanvi consoled her. Swara taught to apologize and propose him in her own way.

Recap: Swara’s surprise for laksh. Some swalak moments and many more.

So that’s it guys. I hope you all like that. I am planning to write seven more episodes and end it. I hope you all understand but don’t worry we can stay connected through my new ff”Swaragini- A glimpse of our love and life”.

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