Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 12


Hai everyone.. How are you all doing?I hope you all are having many plans for week end and wanna do what you want. Enjoy your life every moment and live it to the fullest. I want to thank you all for your continuous support. So let’s start.

Scene 1: At park

Swara neared laksh and pulled his cheeks saying i just sooooo love your pu**y pu**y cheeks. They are so cute. Laksh was so shocked to hear that she loves his cheeks and also irritated with that. Swara continued teasing him pulling his nose saying he is so cute and beautiful when he gets angry. She continued praising him which irked laksh more. He couldn’t believe that she is liking his everything but what he want to hear is does she love him. He taught to play along. He neared her and caressed her cheeks saying you also have a bubbly bubbly cheeks, a cutie nose and what not. He then touched her lips saying and how can i forget to tell how juicy lips you have .I just feel like tasting this juicy fruit but kaaash its not happen na.

Swara who was lost now my laksh words was shocked hearing saying like that. she asked why laksh why it won’t happen. He smiled at her telling why should it happen swara. Wait do you want that. Swara bitten her tongue and hided her face. Laksh lifted her chin and asked her what am I to you swara?Tell me this swara. Swara told ” you wanna know what you are to me na. I will tell you”. She took his hand and kept near her heart. Laksh felt her heart beat. She told” Laksh do you hear something. you are my heart, my life laksh and my love laksh. My everything.”. Saying so she hugged him. Laksh is still surprised hearing that but he too reciprocated later.

He then lifted her head and linked their hands. He kissed her forehead saying i love you too swara. More than everything in the world swara. Swara replied” I love you laksh”. They both again hugged. they could hear each others heart beat and were lost in the moment. They neared each other and was so close to each other. Their lips was an inch apart. Laksh thought that she is drunk so she is just joking with him and tried to move back but swara reduced their distance and kissed him. Laksh didn’t reciprocated but later he lost himself and reciprocated. It lasted for a minute. Their kiss was broken by laksh who was alerted due to a vehicle horn passing by. He then turned towards swara noticing that she is getting to sleep. He started the car and raced towards her home.

Scene 2: At swara’s home

He parked her car and lifted swara. He then left towards the door and clicked the calling bell. Shekhar and janki opened the door and was surprised seeing swalak. They were happy too. Laksh greeted him and asked him to come in. Swayam was sitting in sofa who stood up seeing laksh. Laksh asked whether he could place her in her bed. Shekhar agreed and swayam helped laksh to carry swara. Laksh placed swara in the bed and moved away but he noticed swara was holding his shirt so tight. he tried to take her hand but she increased her grip saying no laksh don’t leave me. He kissed her fore head and took her hand from his shirt. He noticed swar smiling in her sleep and stood near her bed admiring. Swayam : hmmmm hmmmm

Laksh noticed swayam and was embarrassed. He greeted him and then left down stairs. He told shekhar and janki that she is drank and tired and told them to give lemon water as soon as she woke tomorrow. He then asked their permission to take swara’s car as his catr is with virat and he has to reach his home now. They agreed. Before going he told that he will pick her up to college tomorrow and greeted them and left from there.

Scene 3: Laksh’s home

Laksh entered his home smiling remembering his moments with swara. He noticed everyone sitting in the hall. As soon he entered everyone came towards him and started pulling his legs taking swara’s name. Laksh was embarrassed and blushed. Seeing this ragsan teased him more. Ragini pulled his cheeks saying “you are soo cut devar ji with this red cheeks” Laksh remembered swara saying him cute and blushed. Sanskar pulled his cheeks saying so sweet. Ragini pulled sanskar’s cheeks saying leave my devar alone or else i will keep pulling your. Sanskar left laksh’s cheeks and left. Ap and ragini told laksh to take rest and left to their room.

Laksh went to his room and changed into night dress. He fell on bed and turned around remember?does she remember what happened today or its just a joke for her and immersed in his thoughts. His heart always told that swara can’t lie. She spoken her heart out but still his mind is not accepting. Thinking so he started sleeping. The screen ends in sleeping but smiling faces of swalak.

Recap: Swara to think yesterday as dream. Laksh in annoyed with that. And many more.

That’s it for this part. I am planning to end this story soon may be 4 to 5 episodes. I am not getting nice response so decided to end this. Thank you for everyone who are supporting me till now. thank u so much guys.

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