Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 11

Hai everyone. So as i told today’s party will be full of jealousy playing all around swalak and virman. I am not so good in selecting outfits so plzz don’t mind that.

Scene 1: At party

The party is taking place in funplaza club(imaginary one). The students coming one by one as couples. Just then a black saudan car entered the venue. The door opened and a handsome and dashing guy in black outfit gets out. All the girls were staring at him. he came to the other side and opened the next door and gave hands to a girl in pink traditional modern outfits to come out. Its lakman. Though they wore different colors they complimented each other well in contrast. Everyone are watching them but they are searching for someone. Obviously its our swavir.

At that time a blue mercedes car came and the door open on both sides. Swavir entered with bang in the venue. Swara in black gown along with virat in red party suit. They entered with attitude and everyone was eyeing them. They didn’t pay heed to all and walked. Lakman are just watching them open mouth and both are burning in jealousy seeing swavir holding hands and walking and to add more fire everyone present there are all eyeing them. Swavir stood before lakman and looked with attitude. Virat is staring maanvi but swara is distracting him by dragging him into the venue. Virat turned back and gazed maanvi who by now is also eyeing him. Seeing swara’s act laksh also dragged maanvi into the venue. Virman gave a helpless and sad look to each other.

As soon as everyone entered party started. Everyone are asked to stand as couple in a circle. Swavir and lakman stood opposite to one another hand in hand. Both couple are burning more and also not letting each other also. Sir welcomed everyone and told that many songs will be played continuously. After the end of each song everyone should change their partners. So are you guys ready. Everyone hooted and the music started. Firstly sun saathiya song from abcd film was played. swavir started dancing. Virat is gazing maanvi too. Lakman stood there still seeing swavir dance they were shocked by seeing them dancing so close. Laksh asked maanvi for dance to which she agreed seeing swavir. Both couples danced even close to make other jealous.

Soon the song changed now swara and maanvi are dancing with some other random guys and laksh and virat are dancing with some other girls. They are now even more jealous seeing their love dancing with some other random persons. Four next five songs they danced with some other guy. Their jealous increased more in this duration finally next song is changed. Now the pairs are swalak and virman. Tum hi ho played in the back ground. Virman danced so closed and lost each other in their eyes. Virat dragged maanvi close and did some lifts. They danced without breaking their eye lock. Swara danced slowly but laksh showed his jealousy by dragging and dancing swara. He poured his anger in the dance swara tried protesting but she gave herself when laksh eyed her. Their heart beat increased. The moment freezes for them. They are soooo lost in each other. It seemed like they are living every words sang in the song. The song changed. Now its time to again change partner but laksh dragged swara from there before anyone could ask her to dance with them. Same happened with virman.

Virman’s scene

Virat lifted maanvi and played marjavaan song in his phone. They danced close. Virat neared maanvi and told in her ears that” No one has the right to dance with. No one even laksh. Only I have right to dance with you”. Maanvi moved forward saying” Why virat?why does it matter to you?What am i for u? We are just friends na”. Maanvi’s words pained virat and he dragged her towards him and told” It matter to me more because i love you damn it”. Maanvi was shocked as well as happy hearing it.She hugged virat instantly telling” Me too virat. I too love you. even it pained seeing you dancing with someone”. Virat kissed her forehead and hugged her showing how much she missed her. He then lifted her and danced. Their moment was disturbed by a call. Virat lifted his phone and answered the call. Its laksh who told him to take his car and drop maanvi home as he is taking swara home in his car. Virat agreed and told maanvi what laksh told. They smiled seeing each other thinking swalak is gonna spend some time alone and left. Is it really what happened. Lets see.

Swalak’s scene

laksh dragged her towards the bar area. Swara protested and released herself from his grip. She shouted at laksh for dragging her like that. She breathed hard and relaxed herself. She drank the glass near her thinking it to be juice. She didn’t notice that but laksh noticed that. Before he could tell her she finished her drink in one go. She started behaving weird. She started moving towards the dance floor but laksh dragged her back and took her out. She opened her car and made swara sit in it and sat in the driver seat and started the car. He weared seat belt to swara she protested but laksh holds her and she was lost in him as he neared her to put seat belt. He called virat and told that he is taking swara with him and started the car. He stopped the car in a lonely park and turned towards swara who was gazing him smilingly. He asked what grimy. She told”laksh you are soooooo cute. I just sooooo loveeeeeeeeeeeeee…….

Well let’s see in next epi. I hope you all liked this. See you all soon in my next update guys

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