Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 10

Part 10

Hai guys. I am back again after nearly 5 months break. Please forgive me for that. I am sooooooo sorry for that. You all know why i didn’t update my story so forgive me. And hope you all keep supporting me. So here we go.

Scene 1: At college

Class session started. Swara planned to separate virman for sometime so dragged virat with her and sat in front bench. Maanvi and laksh was shocked by that act. Laksh signaled what was that but she told him to go and sit with maanvi. Laksh obeyed her and went to back bench along with maanvi. Sir started the class. swara took her i pod and plugged in her head phone and started playing virat’s favorite movie my. bean. Virat noticed that and asked swara can he also join her. Swara agreed. they both kept books on their bench to hide they are seeing movie and started watching it without sir’s notice. They both enjoyed the movie and had fun watching it.They laughed more and tried hard to suppress it so that sir didn’t notice them. In back bench, maanvi was burning in jealous. But some one else is also so jealous. its laksh of course. they both couldn’t control themselves.

The best part of the movie came where swara couldn’t control her laughter more and burst out laughing. Entire class turned towards virat and swara. Sir came to them and saw them watching movies in class hour. He told them to get out the class. Swara showed a puppy face but it didn’t work on sir. They both went out happily taking their bags. Here maanvi and laksh are feeling sad and at the same time angry on them for leaving them alone there. Outside swara and virat continued their movie. At that time swara cam eup with the plan to go out and watch film in theater now.

Virat agreed. Swara messaged maanvi that they are going to movie and see you soon and left. Maanvi heard a buzz in her and lifted it. She saw swara’s message and showed it to laksh. Both face fell. They were so sad at the same time angry too. So they both planned something to make swara and virat jealous. At theater swara and virat are enjoying their movie. After the film ends they returned back to college.

They entered into class room when swara’s phone beeped. Its a video message from maanvi. Its a video in which laksh and maanvi are riding in the roller coaster in the fair. She showed that to virat. He was so jealous. Before they could react she received another message. Its a video in which they are having ice cream by sharing it. This irked virat more. Swara was so jealous. She noticed maanvi’s profile picture in which its written ” What a lucky day today with my lucky beside me written in her status along with a picture of both holding a big teddy. Its her profile picture. That word my lucky irked her more. Then they saw laksh and maanvi laughing and entering into the college with teddy bear and lollipops in their hand.

Now its virat and swara’s turn to get jealous na. Maanvi and laksh behaved liked they didn’t notice virat and swara and keep on talking how they enjoyed their ride and won they prize in a game. Swara couldn’t take any more and went near laksh and kept her hand in his shoulder. He turned around and said ” Hai ms. grim. Good to see you. Want a lollipop ” and handed a lollipop. swara gave an angry stare to him and glared at maanvi who was giggling seeing her then she turned anger seeing virat there. Swara holds maanvi’s ears asking why they left them and had all fun hiding her jealousy.

‘haha nice acting’said maanvi telling you were the one who left us and went to movie.

Swara bitten her tongue and said sorry but she turned towards laksh and said” I know that you are innocent in this because this laksh only would have forced you to come along with him to make me jealous”.

Laksh replied” oh ho ms. grim me and jealous my foot. I just planned to have fun that y I took her to the fair you got that”.

Virat stood their seeing maanvi because he really missed her the whole day. Maanvi was seeing swalak arguing and noticing virat eyeing her. She too turned her gaze towards virat. They had an eye lock. It showed how they missed each other whole day.

Swalak continued arguing and finally swara told” you won’t admit it na lets see tomorrow in the party lets see who gets jealous seeing whom and tomorrow i will be gong with virat not you right virat”.

Laksh said ” fine then i will go with maanvi. Are you okay with it maanvi” and both turned towards virman who are lost in eachother.

They both smirked and snapped virman out of their dream world. She told virat that they are going to party as a couple tomorrow and laksh is taking maanvi with him. Virman felt sad hearing it before they could protest swara dragged virat saying “i will drop you home today before that lets go to shopping and select the best outfits for us. We both should be perfect tomorrow unlike some one here”.

Laksh replied” Lets see that. Come maanvi lets also show who we are tomorrow” and dragged her. Later after college gets over lakman and swavir left to different malls and bought outfits for the party. Swalak selected many dresses and matched with virman’s dress in different places. But virman are not interested in that and seems lost. They are missing each other. Seeing them swalak smiled and hided it.

Their pov” guys tomorrow will be the best day of your life.”

Precap : Party fun. More jealousy between virman and of course swalak too. Virman love confession and may be swalak’s too. who knows.

Its been days since my last update so there any be some mistakes. please don’t mind that guys. and enjoy it.

Guys am starting a new fan fiction. i hope you all like that too and keep supporting me. Its ” Swaragini – a glimpse of our destined love and life”. I am starting it today. I hope you all like that too.

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