Do dil hai ki ek ke roop mein haraaya – Episode 1

Part – 1

Before starting I want to thank silent_writer, khusubu, kittu, crazygirls.p, raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan, tani and varshini for their support and comment in my previous update . And also I thank the silent readers for reading my first ff and those who are gonna read my ff later..

It’s early morning now. The sound of birds chirping and air makes our morning fresh. It’s not only our feeling but also our sweet swara’s feeling. Let us see how morning in Gadodia mansion was

Scene 1-In Gadodia mansion at 6 am

It’s a big mansion surrounded by many trees and gardens too. In the garden we can see many birds whistling song outside. When we move inside the Gadodia mansion we will feel completed and spell bound hearing a motherly voice singing a song thanking lord for this happy family. It’s none other than janki Gadodia. After finishing her pooja she goes to wake up her family. First shekhar who like a loving husband wakes up immediately. Next is swayam. It’s not so easy to wake up a naughty boy so after few minutes of continues pleads to wake up janki finally woke him up. Finally, it’s time to wake up our sweet swara. Before janki let’s go and see how our swara’s room and morning will be.

Scene 2 – In swara’s room

Swara’s room is big with pink and blue coloured walls. It has an attached balcony from where we can all the gardens around the mansion. Her room has a pink big comfortable bed with heart shaped pillows.

Somewhat like the bed in above link.

But our sweet swara is not in her bed but having her beauty sleep in her sofa bed in her balcony enjoying the fresh air. We can see a smile on her face which clearly shows her heart is so happy enjoying the environment. But it didn’t last long; just then janki came and woke up swara as its time to get up. Our swara as a good girl woke up quickly stretching her hands and rubbing her eyes wishing good morning to the world. Then janki told her to get ready for pooja so she went to take bath.

Now that our princess sweet swara has woken up, its timw to wake up our prince laksh na. But not so early so lets wait for a hour or two. Before that let us go to Maheswari mansion and have a look at that.

Scene 2 – Maheswari mansion at 7 am

It’s also a big mansion with gardens, a pond and a swimming pool. We can hear a angelic voice from the garden. Inside the mansion, we can see a girl of 25 singing bhajan accompanied by a woman of 55 doing aarthi who are none other than ragini and annapoorna. Hearing this angelic voice everyone’s heart will melt. Thats what happened with Durga Prasad maheswari and sanskar. They are mesmerized by their wives voice and attire and forgot their sleep in that. Everyone are present their xcept our prince laksh.7 am is early so lets wait and wake him up. The pooja is over and ragini bring aarthi plate to all and gets blessing from Dp. Sanskar drags ragini aside complimenting her beauty and rewarding her a morning kiss to which ragini blushed and complied.

Dp: Anna poorna its already 7.30 am now still your naalaik son haven’t woken.

Ap: ji he is kid na let him sleep some time more. Also he came late in night.

Dp: He has nothing to do then why is he coming late. Tell him to meet me. Sanskar come to my room we have to talk about some office work.

This sudden loud voice broke our ragsan’s romance and sankar as a good son followed Dp to his room. Then ragini and Ap went to laksh room to wake him up.

Laksh’s room

It is a big room with black and white featured walls and red and blue bed. It also has a attached balcony but the view of the garden is not as same of swara’s. It will be like a hidden part of house which is helpful for laksh to climb and go out from his room without being noticed.

When ragini and Ap entered laksh’s room there was no one in the bed. Then they checked in balcony to find no one. Just when they were about to go out of the room, they heared foot steps from outside. When they leaned from balcony they found our prince laksh trying to climb to his room via pipe connected to balcony but couldn’t due to his injury. When he leaned up and lifted his head he is shocked to see Ap and ragini there. Before he could say any excuses they gave him hand and dragged him up. They told him to take bath after nursing his injury and went out without uttering a word. Laksh felt sad because they didn’t speak anything to him. Then he went to take bath.

That’s it for now. Soon I will give my next update.

Recap: some family conversation and moments and a start of swalak.

I hope you all like it because I tired to give something new. I hope you all liked it and plz don’t mind the mistakes. Must comment and express your views friends so that i can shape my ff as per ur likings.

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