Dil… (Episode 3)

Episode starts with 5 of them are sitting in the class room.Raghav and Rahul sitting on back bench.Roopa and Sana on second bench.Sanju on middle of the class.But all students were sitted in their respective sits so,Sanju alone in that bench..
Professor(Pf)Mathew came to the class….he is very strict,good,and efficient.
Now he going take the class.When he turns towards the board,a girl rans to the class and sits near Sanju.All students were surprised…but our sir didnt came to know about it…Sanju surprisingly said”KANJU”…..Hey…u Have we meet today????Sanju asked.”Yeah Sanju”Kanju said.
Now our hero and heroine are in same class….lecture starts….
Sanju is thinking Kanju….there first meet,kanju’s lecture to Sanju….everything!!!……He went lost…..suddenly bell rang.He wake up from his day dream.
Scene 2
Now everyone in canteen.3 R gang having there breakfast..Sana is chatting…Sanju is searching someone..”Hey Sanju”Kanju called.He turns back and saw her..She went near to Sanju.”Guyz this is Kanju..””Kanju these r my frnds Sana,Roopa,Rahul,Raghav..”Sanju said.They all introduced themselves and Kanju becomes the part of that gang.
Scene 3
In canteen,An annoncement from seniors.Tomarrow is the freshers day.Girls should wear saree boys should wear coat and suit.All r surprised.”Hey i dont know how to wear saree”Sana said.Its a rule my dear junior…Said one senior…

PRECAP:FRESHERS DAY….GIRLS in saree…BOYS in Coat and suit….all are superb…Kanju came in blue saree…without wearing her glasses….Sanju stares her….Kanju collide with Sanju…..

Credit to: Dare


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