Dil… (Episode 2)

Scene 1
Today first of college.Sanju get off the car.He is looking around and said for the next 4yrs im here,something will change my life…He enters to the college corridor.Suddenly Few seniors have been called him.”Hey come here”.He went and stands near other 3 juniors.”Hey whats ur name?”One senior said.
“Im Sanju”He said.
Other 3 juniors are do works assigned by senior…and now its Sanju’s turn….One senior came near to him said”This is a letter.Go and give this letter to the first girl who is gonna enter that GATE.Sanju becomes tensed and confused…..He tried to escape but vein…Then he accepted that challenge….
Suddenly a girl entering the gate….She is hot,beautiful,and fashionable…..She is none other than Sana…
Sanju gave the letter to Sana….With a shock she looked him….Sanju thought it was a love letter but not….Its Raksha Bandhan Invitation…With horrified laugh she said “HEY…what happen to u?Raksha Bandhan is on next month and I dont konw anything about you””Anyways you r the first person who wrote Raksha Bhandhan LETTER FOR ME….Sanju looked on…
“Ok im Sana Rai””Im a fresher nice to meet u”She said
Im sanju Mehra “Sanju said
Raging over…..other 3juniors were released…”hey Im Rahul,…Raghav and me Roopa””Nice to meet u all”They said”Hey today is the day that we see and introduced eachother….so we will be frnds and always will be”Raghav said.They all laughed.Bell rang ….they all went to their class…..unfortunatey they all are in same class.

PRECAP:class is about to going on…a girl comes and looks ….Sir is about to teach and he turns towards the board…she rans to the class and sit near to Sanju.Sanju Surprisingly see the girl and says KANJU…!!!!!!!

Credit to: Dare

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  1. Heyyy… Dare… Nice one… Precap looks interesting… Anyways I asked you if your real Name Dare???

  2. Ha ha ha so funny…. super yaar

    1. On which channel does this serial come

  3. Nice story yaar
    How can u post stories on dis site pls pls can u tell me

    1. just go to contact us

  4. No Brity….im sweet the author of Dil….I just used my name as Dare

    1. Thanks… .Sweet…..

  5. Sweetyyy u r grt sistyy

    dhara it is not based on any serial

    you just have to send some message in contact us section then they will mail you. Then you can mail then your story

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