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Hi guys it’s ur favourite halima and angel back with our ff Do Dil ek Jaan I hope u will welcome us back with a big smile on ur face and with ur lovely comments which we hope to see in the comment box below anyways here’s the promo we hope u like and look out for our ff


“What is this condition? How can I fulfil them? There’s no way the property would be mine.” Said an heartbroken Armaan as he fell on the floor with a thud.

A song starts playing.

“Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho
Kal shayad yeh aalam na rahe
Kuch aisa ho tum tum na raho
Kuch aisa ho hum, hum na rahein…
Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye
Chalte chalte hum kho jaayein…
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga… (x4)” Plays in the background as a heartbroken Armaan closes his eyes in pain.
“Buddha vakeel, I don’t understand what his problem is, marriage and me? Has he lost it!” A frustrated Shaurya chucks a glass and it breaks on the floor.

“Either me or that Buddha Vakeel!” Shaurya, in a dreaded tone says as he stares at the broken glass.

Song starts playing.

“Kar ja re ya mar ja re tu…
Raat tujhe kya yaad rahegi
Haath mein tere raakh rahegi
Ho aaj savera so jaayega
Khwab tera bhi kho jaayega” Shaurya smirks as the song plays.

“Let’s forget that Buddha and focus on my property.” Shaurya smiles as he starts dreaming.

His dream is that he’s around millions of cash and he’s playing with it.

Another song starts playing…

“Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Mujhe Aadat Bana Lo Ik Buri
Kehna Ye Tumse Hai
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai
Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai” Plays as Shaurya opens his eyes and takes his phone out.

“I will always stay 2 steps ahead of those losers, what did they think, that they’ll take my property? No ways would they do that, it’s my property, only Lakshya Maheshwaris!!” Lakshya says with a smirk and closes his eyes, dreaming about the property papers being hand to him.

A song plays…

“Kaise kahun ishq mein tere 
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main (x2)” Plays as Lakshya opens his eyes with a bright smile.

“Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho.. (x2)” Lakshya happily dances

Parineeta and Adarsh are standing face to face.

“Adarsh Ji, do you love me?” Parineeta questions.

“What type of question is this? Of course I love you.” Adarsh says.

Parineeta hugs him and he hugs her back with a smirk.

“You’re the only ticket that will get me the property.” Adarsh smirks.

Adarsh closes his eyes and all he can think of is of the property.

“This property was hidden from me but I will obtain it!” Adarsh says in his mind and a smile appears on his face.

A song plays…

“Jo tujhse chhoote
Raste bhi roothe
Manzil hui laapata
Hanste hain jhoothe
Andar se toote
Shiqve sabhi de mita” Song plays for Adarsh’s situation while Pari hugs Adarsh lovingly.
“Property Bhaisa, Property.” RP utters in shock, unable to breath.

“What are you saying?” DP asks the lawyer.

“It’s true, your father has left this property.” The lawyer tells.

DP and RP are surprised as they had no clue about it.

RP smiles and drowns into thought, DP gets glad but shows it less and starts imagining.

A song plays…

“Kismat Se Chalti Hai Yeh Duniya Kismat Ka Hai Khel
Aayi Hoon Main Taqdeer Banke Kar Le Mujhse Mel
Apana Bana Le Dil Mein Chhupa Le Daanv Laga Le
Aazama Le Gale Laga Le Mujhko Chura Le Mera Nasha Le Naina Lada Le” Starts playing as RP and DP dream of this hidden property.

RP dressed as a millionaire and DP surrounded around cash with an announcement of being the worlds top multi millionaire.

“Kismat Se Chalti Hai Yeh Duniya Kismat Ka Hai Khel
Aayi Hoon Main Taqdeer Banke Kar Le Mujhse Mel
Apana Bana Le Dil Mein Chhupa Le Daanv Laga Le
Aazama Le Gale Laga Le Mujhko Chura Le Mera Nasha Le Naina Lada Le” Continues playing.
“Property! Property! Property! Everywhere they dream about is property but will this property matter separate the latter? Or will it bind them? What will they do to gain that property? To know more do read ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’ Only on Telly Updates!”
A RagSan and SwaLak story . . .

By Angel and Halima . . .

Partially Ideas by Halima
Written by Angel

Do comment if you want this story, we won’t continue if you don’t like it, it’s baseless continuing if no one appreciates it.
Looking forward for your responses!!

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