Do diL Ek jaan….(Intro)

Hi guyzz… Myself zaina….. iam writing an
ff on our favorite couple ViTharv

Hope u guys will enjoy it…..
Here is the intro of “Do dil Ek jaaan”
vividha kashyap: our heroin. A simple cute beautiful
girl. But there is a problem. Till this day no one
Couldn’t see our vividha’s beauty. Because she is
ike saro in sanam teri kasam. The one who wears
long kurta and large round glasses and always have
a same look. She never tries new hair styles and not interested
in beauty products.

Vividha is now a 22 year old girl
who completed her Be tech and joined for the masters in
popular technical college in delhi with scholarship.
she is a bright student who always scores high and aims to be a
civil engineer. Vividha is very much bookish in nature.

Kailash kasyap: same as in JNDSD in attitude and in behavior

Uma kasyap: vividha’s mother. An obedient house wife who suffers
a lot under kailash but tries to be happy infront of others.

Guddi: A modern girl who loves her sister alot

Indumati: vividha’s cute dadi who wants vividha to be a modern one

For a change, here vividha is aware of her dad’s behavior
and uma’s sorrows. She hates her father a lot but never
expressed it always obeys him for her family’s sake.

Now here is our hero Atharv sujatha
The only son of sujatha and Ramkant
Atharv belongs to a reputed family in delhi
Ramkant is a gentleman who loves his family alot.
But atharv never considered him as his father.

Bcuz he left sujatha alone to earn money while
she was carrying atharv in her womb. He returned back after 12 years
with a lot of money and brought sujatha and atharv to his bungalow
Ramkant’s apology melted sujatha’s heart but our hero was not ready to accept him
Bcaz he suffered a lot in those 12 years for not having father near them.

Now he is 25 years old. Every one is insisting him to join family business.
But he is not interested as he don’t want to work with his father.
He is very lazy in nature and completed his be tech some how.Now he is
In the second year of masters with a lot of back papers in the same college where
Our heroin joined.

Atharv sujatha — Hero of the college not by his academic skills but by his charm
He flirts with girls to make them write his assignment and projects and can see
outside the class always..
Now 5more characters
Fathima(fatty)and Jennifer (jenny): vividha’s best frnds from the chilhood
Now in the same college

Ravish and Ali : Atharv’s best buddies
Riya: dream girl of college. A spoilt one.she luvs atharv alot. In return he hates her that much.

Hope u frndss like this intro…
See you soon……bye….

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  1. the story sounds good hope it will be good best of luck to you waiting eagerly for you ff to start and for the first episode best of luck dear

  2. Sandy17

    Atharv and vivi in really a different get up…go on zaina and all d best?

  3. Zaina

    Hi everyone…. i am renaming my ff “do dil ek jaan” to “O mY LOvE” as there are many ffs in the same name…

  4. Zaina

    Thank u aisha…. keep commenting…please note that i am renaming this ff to “O mY LOvE”…. i will try to post my 1st epi of “o my love” soon

  5. Wow superbbbb beginning keep writing next episode as fast as possible ????????

  6. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear….superb beginning continue….??

  7. lovely.??… good carry of luck?

  8. Zaina

    Thank you all for your support….
    Thanks Aisha, sandy,sreelakshmi,sunanda and diya for the encouragement…

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