Do Dil Ek Jaan – Episode 1 – By Halima and Angel

Episode 1:

Maheshwari Mansion is shown, an old man is lying down on the bed peacefully when all of a sudden, he starts coughing. His cough gets out of hand, which makes blood ooze down his mouth.

“Nanore!” A boy is heard shouting as he rushes to the old man lying down.

While coughing, the man turns his head to the boy.

“L…Lucky…” The man coughs as he takes his hand and places it on the boys head, revealing him to be a 12 years old Lucky aka Lakshya.

“Nanore, don’t worry… nothing is going to happen to you! I won’t let anything happen to you!” Lakshya worries as he sees blood dripping down his mouth.

The man tries speaking but the cough doesn’t allow him to get his words out.

“Shaurya!! Sanskaar!! Armaan!!” Lakshya shouts with a tinge of worry visible on his face.

Soon two boys enter.

“What happened?” The two boys ask in a union as they walk up to Lakshya.

As hearing the man cough, they turn their heads towards him and look on.

“Shaurya… call the doctor and Armaan, call the family…” Lakshya worriedly tells as he looks at the two boys that had entered and revealed them to be Shaurya and Armaan.

“What happened to Nanore? Why is the blood coming out of his mouth?” A 10 year old Armaan asks worriedly.

“What’s happening?!” A new voice is heard.

Shaurya and Armaan turn and see another boy standing there.

“Sanskaar, call the Doctor and family, Nanore’s condition is getting worser.” Lakshya says as he looks at the boy and revealed him to be Sanskaar.

Sanskaar instantly nods and runs back out.

“Sh…Shay… A…Armaan… L…Lucky…. M…my p…property a…and vasiat….” The man struggles to tell while coughing and eventually gives up as his hands fall by his side and his cough stops.

“Nanore!!” A 13 years old Shaurya shouts as he sees the man lying down with opened eyes that are no longer blinking.

Lakshya and Armaan’s eyes instantly moist, soon a 14 years old Sanskaar rushes in with a 15 years old Adarsh and the family.

Within no time, Armaan and Lakshya start sobbing, Shaurya walks up to the man and places his right hand on the mans eyes and then slowly drifted it down to close his eyes with his fingers, tears made their way up everyone’s eyes.

“The famous business tycoon, Nandkishore Prasad Maheshwari has taken his last breath today.” The news flashes on the newspapers and news channels.

The old man is revealed to be Nandkishore Prasad Maheshwari aka Nanore.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport:

A man is shown walking out from the exit whilst pushing the luggage trolley which had carried his two suitcases and one shoulder bag.

The man stops and glances around in his black shades which he later takes off, revealing his eyes.

Soon a white Mercedes stops by and a driver comes out.

“Sir, I’m sorry, I…” The driver instantly and worriedly says while looking at the man but stops as the man glares at him.

“Put my luggage in the car!” The man sternly utters as he walks forward and past the driver.

The driver goes to the trolley, the man sits inside the driver’s seat and closes the door.

“A lot has changed in these three months, it’s better for me to handle everything before everyone do their manmaniyaan!” The man says as he places his eyes on the windscreen mirror, looking at the driver who had successfully put the luggage in the car boot and closes it with a thud.

The man smirks and in no time drives off, leaving the driver stunned.

As the man is driving, he turns the radio on to fix his mood which the driver had upset.

“Sala driver, what does he think of himself? This is his punish for being late and now he has to go through what I felt in the airport while standing and waiting, under the sun!” The man in a irked voice says.

Soon a song starts playing, in no time that song draw’s the mans attention, as he enjoys the song beats, his speed also increases.
After a while, the man reaches his destination and steps out of his car after stopping it, as he closes the door, he glances around and sees a Gardner, watering the flowers and plants in the main lawn.

Two servants come out, the man signs them and they understand, he walks past them and inside the mansion, his destination is revealed to be Maheshwari Mansion.

As he walks up the stairs with a smile, his smile disappears after his eyes fell on something in front of him, he was not quite sure if he had seen what he is seeing, to make it less confusing for him, he starts speaking.

“You?! What are you doing here?!” The man asks seeming confused but sounding shocked.

He was hoping it to be his illusion but unfortunately it wasn’t.

“Hey Shaurya, how was your journey?” A new voice is heard which reveals the man that had entered inside as Shaurya.

Shaurya is stunned to see that person.

“And what type of question is that? Of course I would be here, where else would’ve I went? It’s my house as well you know.” The new voice says and is revealed to be another man.

“What the hell?!” Shaurya shockingly yet annoyedly as well as confusingly utters as he gives the man in front of him a dirty look.

“Don’t give me that look, what did you think? You will get away with it only?” The man asks with a small smirk curves up on his lips.

Shaurya narrows his eyes as he looks at that man.

“You should’ve stayed till the reception party, it would’ve been better ?” Shaurya says as he rolls his eyes to the side and descends down the remaining steps.

The man slightly chuckles as he looks at Shaurya.

“I have many reasons but you have none and if you’re not present there then there will be one and do you know what that would be?” The man asks with a small smirk.

Shaurya gives the uninterested look as he is looking to his side, resting his two hands in his pockets of his black jeans.

“Cahlo, I’ll tell you anyways, the latest gossip would be that Shaurya is jealous of his brother Sanskaar and that’s why he is absent.” The man tells as he smirks while looking at Shaurya and waiting for him to react.

Shaurya looks at him with a glare.

“For me it would be different because unfortunately Lucky is my brother from the same mother but as far as I know, Sanskaar isn’t as kamina like Lucky but I’ll prefer our simple and sweet Adarsh Bhai instead, I feel sorry for Chachu and Chachi, how do they manage to tolerate you?” The man says while acting to show pity on Shaurya.

Shaurya gets angry as he hears the mans words.

“Listen Armaan, it’s better for you to stay in your limits and I know you’re here for the same reason why I’m here for!” Shaurya tells as he reveals the other man to be Armaan.

Armaan rolls his eyes as Shaurya looks at him.

“Don’t worry Shaurya, don’t take any tension because I’m not going to kick you out after I achieve it.” Armaan says with a slight smirk as he looks at Shaurya.

Shaurya chuckles, after composing him self, he says “Dream on!” With seriousness in his expressions and words.

“Won’t you hear how I found out?” Armaan asks.

As the hotel phone was continuously ringing, an annoyed Shaurya answers it as he was getting ready in the room.

“Hello?” Shaurya irritatedly asks.

“Where is Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari?” A manly voice is heard speaking from the phone.

“Mar gaya kyun? You want to come to his funeral?!” Shaurya uninterestedly says.

“Um… are you telling the truth?” The man asks.

“Haven’t you seen the cards? It’s already printed and sent to everyone.” Shaurya says while sounding sarcastic.

“What? You sent an invitation card for his funeral?” The man shockingly asks.

Shaurya sighs and shakes his head in a disbelief.

“Where is Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari?” The man asks.

“Vo bhi tapak gaya along with his Bhaisa, you see one dies then the other one dies along, bechare ko apne Bhaisa ka end nahi dekha gaya na, so he commited suicide!” Shaurya irritatedly lies while rolling his eyes.

“Oh no… this is bad news, who am I meant to talk about the property that their father had left?” The man worriedly utters.

“The property.” These words echo in Shaurya’s ears as he looks on stunned.

“What?!” Shaurya shockingly asks.

“Yes, Mr Nandkishore Prasad Maheshwari had left a property behind which just recently came forth…” The man over the phone reveals which widens Shaurya’s eyes.

“I’m coming Kolkata to talk about this whole matter, note down my name, it’s Shaurya Maheshwari and I’ll be there tomorrow!” Shaurya says and hangs the phone.

He shockingly looks on.

“And Armaan Maheshwari!” Armaan reveals as he hangs the phone up.

Armaan was revealed to be listening too as he was in the same apartment and in the washroom, fixing himself in front of the mirror.

Due to the disturbance Armaan had in the washroom because of the phone repeatedly ringing, he decides to pick the phone up as no other was picking it up, he turns to the side but surprisingly sees a phone in the washroom hung on the wall.

Armaan picks it up and heard everything that was happening.

End of Flashback.

Shaurya looks on with a glare and Armaan smirks.

“You see, there were more than one phones in the house but see my luck, thank god I answered the phone or else where would this wonderful opportunity come from?” Armaan says as he acts to be grateful.

“Stop your naatak and where is that Buddha?!” Shaurya irritatedly says as he sits on the Sofa near him.

Armaan gasps as he acts to be shocked.

“Not Buddha, its Vakeel Saab.” Armaan says as he acts innocent.

Shaurya gets confused seeing his changed behaviour.

“Are you gone mad or what?” Shaurya asks as shakes his head in disbelief.

“Arey… Vakeel Saab? Come in.” Armaan says with a fake smile as he sees a man standing on top of the stairs.

Shaurya turns and finds a man in black coat with white shirt, black pants and black classy shoes standing on top of the stairs with a red folder in his hand.

“Hello.” The Vakeel Saab says with a bright smile on his face.

“Will you just say Hello or even come in?!” Shaurya irritatedly says as he looks at the Vakeel Saab.

“Shaurya, say it with a little respect.” Armaan says as he acts in front of the lawyer aka Vakeel Saab.

Shaurya sighs at Armaan and looks at Vakeel Saab forcing a fake smile.

“Buddhe, will you come in or not?!” Shaurya says as he had shown fake smile.

Vakeel Saab looks on and walks down, he gives a faint smile. Armaan looks at Shaurya and sighs in disbelief.

“Vakeel Saab, mind him… he’s a little rude and mannerless but would you like anything to eat or drink?” Armaan asks nicely as he fakes a smile.

“A little? He was too rude!” Vakeel Saab says in his mind as he looks at Shaurya.

Shaurya, who had stood up and faced him, keeps his hand on his waist, moving his black bomber jacket and looks at Vakeel Saab.

“Walk a little faster! We don’t have time for your slow motion walk and you’re doing it rubbish, no one can beat Cockroaxz! So there’s no point in you trying!” Shaurya rudely yet irritatedly says as he looks at the Vakeel.

Vakeel gives him the serious looks and increases his speed and finally reaches the main hall.

Soon Shaurya starts clapping, both Armaan and Vakeel look at him.

“Finally! You made it down! Congrats!” Shaurya insults as he stops clapping.

Armaan bites his inner cheeks to keep himself away from the laughter which was caused due to Shaurya.

Vakeel feels a little hurt, he looks down.

“What are you thinking?!” Shaurya asks as he looks at the Vakeel.

The Vakeel inhales a deep breath and looks up with a faint smile.

“Kuch nahi, anyways you tell me, how have you been? How was your vacation?” The Vakeel asks.

Shaurya sighs in disbelief.

“It was boring, wasn’t that good… three months in London and away from Kolkata was not so fun.” Armaan lies as he fakes a pout.

“Open the Folder!” Shaurya sternly says as he looks at the Vakeel.

The Vakeel nods and starts untying the white thread, Armaan and Shaurya look at the file with an hopeful look.

“Uh… Vakeel Saab, at least take a seat while doing this Shubh Kariya.” Armaan says.

The Vakeel stops as he looks up at Armaan, he smiles.

“No thank you Armaan Beta.” The Vakeel Saab utters.

“Will you be talking all day? How long does it take to open the folder?!” Shaurya irritatedly says as he rubs the sweat of from his forehead.

Armaan and the Vakeel look at him, Armaan shakes his head in a disbelief yet again.

“You know what! Talk and when the file opens then tell me, I’m sure this Buddha will take 10 years to open this file!” Shaurya sighs irritatedly and sits back down on the sofa, facing the other way.

“I can’t believe this, Kaha Ram Prasad Ji and Kaha Yeh? Poor Durga Prasad and Ram Prasad Ji, I’m sure they left the world because of him!” The Vakeel says on his mind.

Shaurya is feeling hot and takes his jacket off.

“Is he still standing there? Buddhe, which language do you understand?! Listen… don’t test my patience!” Shaurya irritatedly warns as he starts fanning himself with his hands.

“Vakeel Sab, please mind him… you continue opening the file.” Armaan says as his eyes are glued on the red file.

The Vakeel looks at him and nods, he starts untying the remaining bit of the white thread.

“This file was recently found by my peon, even I didn’t know this existed and now it’s my first time opening it too.” The Vakeel says and successfully unties the white thread.

“Did anyone ask you to speak? No right? Then why did you open your mouth?! Tell me one thing, are you deaf?!” Shaurya annoyedly says as he turns his head to the Vakeel with a disbelief look.

“I said earlier to open the folder, not to open your mouth! And does it take that long to open one folder?! Buddha ho gaya behra, sounds perfect, Behra Buddha!” Shaurya says in disbelief and rudely as he turns back around, avoiding seeing the face of the Vakeel.

The Vakeel manages to open the folder despite being hurt by Shaurya’s words.

His eyes start examining the papers.

“File khul gayi.” Armaan sighs a relief as he sees the white papers.

Shaurya hears and then a small smirk appears on his face.

“Now no one can stop this property of being mine.” Shaurya says in his mind.

“Vakeel Saab, what does it say in there?” Armaan asks as she’s keen in knowing what’s written in those papers.

“Will you read it on your own or tell us too?!” Shaurya asks as he leans back on the sofa, like a king as he puts his feet up on the table, in front of him.

“Um… Mr Nandkishore Prasad Maheshwari has left some conditions for this property.” The Vakeel says as he sounds a little surprised.

“What conditions? Shaurya asks while tilting his head back and closing his eyes to relax.

“Here, the first condition is that you have to… well you have to marry to be one step ahead for this property.” The Vakeel says as he looks up after reading it.

Shaurya, who was relaxing jerks up and stands after hearing the word marry, he instantly turns towards the Vakeel, shockingly. Armaan gulps and looks on.

“Ey Buddhe, have you gone mad?! Get glasses and if you have then change the number! Saley! You want us to marry?!” Shaurya angrily shouts as he walks up to the Vakeel and holds his collar.

Vakeel looks on.

“Listen Mr Maheshwari, your DaadaJi had written this on his will, not me! And leave my collar” The Vakeel says as he holds Shaurya’s hands.

Shaurya lets go and jerks his hands away from the touch of the Vakeel and glares at the him. The Vakeel fixes his collar and looks at the documents.

Shaurya sees the two servant walk up with his luggage, he looks on.

“You two bring my luggage in now?! What were you doing for the past 20 minutes?! Did you go for swimming?!” Shaurya irritatedly asks.

The servants, without uttering any words walk up with his bags.

“First this Buddha Vakeel is troubling me and now my so called Daada Ji!” Shaurya sighs as he tries controlling his anger.

“If you don’t accept this condition then you wouldn’t receive a single penny” The Vakeel reads as he looks up.

Shaurya glares at him whereas Armaan looks at him.

“Aisa mein Nahi, your Daadaji said it” the Vakeel hurriedly says while looking at Shaurya as he knows Shaurya could explode any second.

Armaan sits on the sofa, near him shockingly while thinking.

“I’m only 20 and I can’t marry! Fish, no… this can’t happen, if Shaurya gets married then he’s going to get the property and I can’t let that happen!” Armaan shockingly says in his mind.

“Sala Nanore, he died but didn’t let us live in peace and he calls himself our so called Daadaji!” Shaurya says in his mind and sighs.

Nanore is a nickname for Nandkishore and only his grandchildren have the right to call him that as he gave that right only to them.

“Buddhe, agar isme what you said isn’t stated toh phir tu gaya!” Shaurya says as he snatches the folder and reads the document.

The Vakeel looks on, Shaurya reads it and is stunned. Armaan looks at Shaurya, hoping that whatever he heard earlier from the Vakeel’s mouth to be false!

Shaurya angrily eyes the Vakeel who gives a worried smile.

“Saale Buddhe! You’re planning to fool Shaurya Maheshwari?! How dare you?!” Shaurya angrily asks.

Armaan stands up upon hearing that and looks at the Vakeel confusingly.

“What happened?” Armaan instantly asks as he wants to know what happened.

“This Buddha was drunk while reading it! Who made him the Vakeel?! You watch how I get you sacked!” Shaurya irritatedly tells as he glares at the Vakeel.

The Vakeel looks on and slightly gulps.

“But what did you read?!” Armaan asks as he wanted to know that so eagerly.

Shaurya turns his head to him.

“Why should I tell you?! You’re not getting my property so keep your eyes to yourself!” Shaurya says and looks away.

Armaan sighs.

“Are you telling me or shall I read it my self?!” Armaan asks.

Shaurya looks at Armaan and then rolls his eyes on to the paper.

“This Buddha Vakeel said we have to get married to be one step ahead to gain the property but here it said… The marriage is optional, you don’t need to get married but if you do then you’ll be one step ahead! So we don’t have to, it’s optional! Buddha Kahika!” Shaurya says as he gives the Vakeel the dirty look.

“But…” The Vakeel utters but stops as he hears a new voice from behind him.

“Talk with respect! He’s our lawyer and you have no rights to talk to him with that attitude, in that tone and like that manner!” A new voice is heard.

Armaan and Shaurya look up and look on stunned, the Vakeel turns and a faint smile curves up him lips.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Umm… Angel se Pucho ?
Nanore aka Nandkishore – Paresh Rawal

Armaan Maheshwari – Armaan Malik

Shaurya Maheshwari – Vatsal Sheth

Lakshya Maheshwari – Namish Taneja

Sanskaar Maheshwari – Varun Kapoor

Adarsh Maheshwari – Tarun Singh

Vakeel Saab – Chandra Mohan

Hiii everyone, it’s Halima and Angel back with a new story, hope you all enjoy it.

Do comment your views about this episode ✨

Our continuation will depend on your comments, take care and stay blessed ?

~ Halima and Angel ✨

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