Dil and dosti episode 21


Rags mom wakes her up by kissing her forehead ..
Rags gets up and gets sutprised to see her bhai and bhabhi and their son.
She gets up and hugs them…
Here avni is sitting holding her dad shoulder and placing her head on his shoulder…
Avni:-i will miss u dad..
Dad:-oh come u will live in this city only naa..
Avni:-but not with you naa…
Dad:-avni but i will stay with u infirm of mishket ok…
Avni and dad both sees at each other and smiles…
Mishket dad wakes him by hitting on his bump …
Mishket gets up all of sudden and says wat dad..
Dad:-you were going to ger married and still sleeping like lazy bone my poor avni…
Mishket:-but u people used to say child may grow but alwats stays small for parents..
Dad:-get up if u want to marry..
Mishket gets up and goes to washroom.
Sanju comes to karan room and sees him brushing his hair infront of mirror
Comes and hugs him from back.
Sanju:-i dnt knew that my bhai is so excited to get married.
Karan:-your brother is excited to marry your babhi ragini..and becomes silent.
Sanju makes him look at him and says bhai dont worry bhabhi is so happy to marry u it can seen in her eyes and she forgived u and her love can be seen in glow if her face today ..
Sanju:-see her today by heart bhai then u can see her hidden happiness in her eyes…
Karan hugs her and she too….
Slowly all ritual completes…
And its their wedding.

Mishket and karan fills their partners mang with sindoor and makes them wear mangalsutra..
Avni is siiting nervous on bed by covering her face…
Mishket entres and sits with her and asks her to change as it heavy dress and jewellary..
Avni nodes and goes to restroom changes and comes out and sees mishket already changed…
He goes towards her and holds her hand walks with her towards Bed and makes her sit on bed and he leans and makes her rest her head on his chest and he places his hands on her shoulders..
Mishket:-are u happy avni…
Avni :-wat type of question is this cant u see it in my eyes…
Mishet:-where show me and he cups her face and kisses her eyes…
Avni cluches his shirt.
He slowly moves to ears cheeck and then he kisses her on lips After some time they both broke their kiss ..
Mishket makes her lay on bed and he follows on her and start kissing her on neck ,shoulder…
Avni kisses in his eyes and cheecks and says i love u …
Mishket:-i love u too…
And starts kissing her again..
They too covers them selfs in blanket after some time they both hugs each other and sleeps..

Precap:-karan and rags…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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