Dil and dosti episode 19


Next day engagement preparations starts…
Rags is wearing pink colour lehenga and avni wears red..
Mishket wears cream mix red colour sherwani…
Karan wears pink and blank mix sherwani
They both were waiting for their girls.
And soon they comes down they both gets mesmerised to see them.
Avni and mishket smiles at each other..

Karan smiles at rags she turns her head and sees her dad watching her and smiles at him and turns and smiles at karan.
Karan observes her smile is not geniue and thinks something.
After some time they four gets engaged..
Rags feels tired and goes towards guest room to freshen up ..
She comes out after freshen up But some one pulls her aside and pins her to wall.
Rags gets shocked seeing karan.
Rags:-wat the hell karan leave me.
Karan:-why u want marry me.
Rags:-because u were my dad choice and he believes u that u changed and u will keep me happy and i trust my dad more than u.
Karan:-i swear i will make u again fall in love with me …
Rags:-lets see and dont keep any expetations from me.
Karan:-i am jusr expecting u to love me and trust me agai.
Rags:-as i said i trust u that u changed because u confessed everything infront of my dad and he believes u that u changed and i too believe it and coming to love i dont trust in love anymore..
Karan:-i knew it i was readon for it but i promise i will be reason for u again starting beliving in love…

Rags pushes him and says lets see and about move from their..
but karan holds her hand and rags
turns and sees he takes her hand and kisses it…
Rags:-wat the hell karan.
Karan drags her and holds her by waist and says dont worry i will not touch u untill u forgive me completely as i knew u still love me.
Rags:-oh plzz and pushes him and leaves….
Karan:-u love me rags i knew it because in this whole world only love has that power to forgive any mistake may be a crime also…
Scene shifts to rags room.
Rags standing near window and thinking some thing deeply..
Avni and mishket comes to her to her room and sees her lost in her own thoughts…
Avni and mishkey sees at each other..
Avni goes near to her and shouts karan.
Rags jerks and looks at her in Angry but immediately smiles.
Avni:-come lets go for shopping and drags her with out lisening her answer..
Mishket smiles.
They three reaches and rags sees karan in driving seat.
Rags:-did u gave him driving job.
Karan:-yes i only took this job specialy for u only.
Avni smiles and stops rags seeing her….
Rags:-if u people want me to come i have a condition..
Karan:-u should sit with me and ragini and avni will sit at back is it rags.
Mishket and avni watches her eagerly ..
Avni:-wow bro u knew about her very much and they both hi fives to each other.
Mishket about to but rags drags him and say u were on my side or their side.
Mishket:-ofcourse your side…
They all leaves for shopping.

Prcap:-avni and mishket romance and rags spending time with karan

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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