Dil and dosti episode 18


Rags reaches home she goes and hugs her parents and mishket parents also…
She turns and gets shocked to see karan parents..
Rags parents signs her to go and greet them.
Rags goes towards them and tajes blessing from them…
Rags sees sanju and hugs her and say u changed a lot in these 5 years..
Sanju:-u became more beautifull ..
Rags smiles..
Ok i will freshen up and comes…
Rags coming down…
Karan parents says are u sure rags ok with this match …
Rags parents dad:-i believe my upbriging if she want love someone she will definetly would confess it but she didnot that mean she will accept my choice
Dont worry i will talk to her about rags and karan marriage and engagement with mishket and avni.
Avni parents:-if i would have son i will definetly love to make her as my bahu she is wonderfull girl…and u were lucky to have her as bahu.
Karan mom:-thats why we want to confirm from ragini itself..
Rags mom:-ok we will talk to her and make her to talk with u.
Rags stands shock in and sees karan and he is already watching her and smiles romantically and winks at her and by that she came to her senses and closes her moutg…
Rags dad sees rags coming and take her to guest room and closes door…
Rags :-wats all this dad u didnot even ask me onces.
Dad:-so i should take permission from u..
Rags:-i didnt mean it dad.
Dad:-dont u trust your dad…
Rags:-i trust more than anything in world..
Dad makes her sit and says .
They were good family dear u knew after u went to australia we had a loss because one of our employee leaked code and u knew wat that time these people got contract but canceled by knewing wat happen with us and asked bored to open tenders again.
Karan helped me in finding culprit infact he saved me from goons and got hurt by himselff..
I am not saying by seeing this i was impressed and took this decision but i was impressed by his nature and true feeling for u .
Rags :-u mean.
Dad:-yes he said everything to me wat ever happened between u both how he said wrong words about u and mishkey..
Infact his courage confession made mishkey to forgive him…
And i decided he is perfect for uuu.
Rags:-wat if in future he again repated it.
Dad:- that proof that my estimation and decision about him is wrong.
Rags:-u were my best dad and u were never wrong .
If you think he is prefect for ne then i am ready to marry him.
Dad:-are u sure.
Rags:-dont u trust your daughter..
Dad:-my daughter is my life..
They both comes out .
All looks at her tensendly..
Dad sees rags and signals her to speak.
Rags:-i am ready for marrying karan.
All gets happy.
Mishket and avni too smiles.
Karan gets shocked but later feels happy with confused smile..

Precap:-karan pins rags to wall and confesses her feeling…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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