Dil and dosti episode 17


Rags completes degree and does mba also…
Here in india mishket and avni also completes and confess their love to both parents and they also accepts them.
And they both accepts karan whole heartedly and does a good frdship with him….
Karan sees avni as if she is his own sister…
Parents fixes engagement of mishket and avni.
They three sits and talking ..
Mishket gets a call from rags ..
He keeps on speaker…
Rags:-congrates mishey and avni..
Mishket:-keep that with u only and when r u coming idiot.
Avni:-haa rags and keeps hand on karan shoulder and says we r missing u …
Rags:-arey good news is that i am coming back i received all my ceritificates and here all work is done…
All gets excited ..

Mishkey:-when say exact day naa and u were coming before my engagement only write…
Rags:-ofcourse boss how can miss it i am starting tomorrow from here and reach their day after tomorrow ok…
Avni:-wow i am so happy love to rags.
Mishket:-me to love u dear.
Rags:-love u both.
Mishket and avni signals karan to Speak.
Karan:-hestitates but open up finally and say me to love u ..
Rags:-karan wat were u doing eith them.
Karan:-u guessed me by my voice thanks for that.
Rags:-any way catch u later i have to pack my things and cuts the call….
Mishkey:-u original battle starts now u have to convience her..
Avni:-tougest task.
Karan:-u both were their for me right i will handle her with love.
Mishket and avni:-oh ohhh.

After two days…….
Mishkey avni are waiting outside airport and rags comes and hugs them.
Mishket makes rags sit in front seat and he and avni sits at back seats.
Rags adjusting herself ..
Man:-how r u madam.
Rags without seeing him says fine and suddenly widens her eyes and see at him and gets shocked and asks wat r u doing here karan..
Karan:-i came to meet my betterhalf…
Rags:-so funny and about to getdown.
Karan locks all doors and starts car immediatedly..
Rags:-wat the hell stop it …
And sees avni and mishket smiling….
Rags:-u both were behind this right i just hate u three..
And karan if u dont stop i will jump from car..
Karan:-try your luck baby…
Rags:-first stop calling me baby and starts hitting door and tries to open window …
Mishkey:-rags stop it yar from one hour u were trying ot wont open its locked naaa.
Rags:-shut up dont talk to me idiot and u also avni…
Avni:-sister should support his brother right…
Rags widen her mouth and says from when he became your brother and in whole world only he left for u make brother…
Avni:-wat to do yar…
Rags again tries to open but this time she hmgets tired and stops and relaxes in seat by holding ..
Karan smiles at her..
Rags with out seeing him says
Its better if you concentrate on Driving…

Precap:-rags gets a big shock and sees karan angrily and karan smiles at her and winks …

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. Ha ha ha so nice yaar

  2. wow!!…..super

  3. Superb didi and waiting for rags and karan scenes

  4. hehehe…..very nice episode……now it will be fun to see how Karan will convince rags?

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