Dil and dosti episode 16 (repeat)


Sry for posting repeat episode..

Karan is waiting outside and families reaches their and asks him about mishket..
Karan:-he is fine aunty doctors are treating him.
Karan is now looking for ragini as he did not find her ..
Doctor comes out and nothing to worry they did first aid and gave pain killer u can take him home after one hour and leaves from
their …
All elders goes inside karan about to step in sees a image of two girls coming and turns his head and sees rags and avni..
Rags sees him with question mark face….karan signs inside room.
They both goes inside room and karan followed them.
Rags:-wat the hell yar mishkey if u want to fight u can fight with me na or u can do something else wat need to u to become hero…
Mishket:-atleast act like u were pitty on me…
All laughs..

Nurse comes and says all cant say in this room.
Elders goes from their.
Avni sits next to him and hugs him and starts crying.
Mishket:-nothing happened baba see i am fine..
Avni:-how this all happen.
Rags:-haa say completely.
Rags:-we didnot asked u ok.
And u mishkey say wat happen Exactly..
Mishket:-i will say but avni u should promise that u wont cry and become emotional and u rags u wont try to kill me.
Rags:-its depend on your reason that i should try to kill u or i will kill u.
Mishket say watever happen how karan saved in time and sees avni and rags watching him angrily.
Mishket:-smile please.
Rags and avni:-are u mad idiot..
Avni:-for a watch u stupid.
Rags:-mental case wat if karan didnot come on time u will die after dieing who carez if u wore watch or not.
Mishket and karan sees each other..
Mishket:-i thought u both will become emotional and cries but.
Rags:-but wat who will cry for your stupidy idiot.
Avni:-and we dont waste tears on stupid and stupid things..
Mishket:-i am sorry.
Rags and avni:- u better be….
And sees karan.
Avni:-thank u for saving him ..
Karan smiles and sees ragini.
Rags:-thank u for saving my illegal affair…
Karan becomes sad .
Avni and mishket sees each other faces.

Karan:-i am sorry ragini.
Rags:-goes from their….
Karan follows her and says just lisen to me …
I was jeouse and a fear came that i will loose u..
Rags:-its not about jeously or loosing me u raised a queztion on my character and my love towards u. You said that i am using u as a time pass ok fine yes i used u as a time pass and my entertaintment over so i am leaving u and about to go but karan stops her by holding hand.
Karan:-give me one chance ragini.
Rags:-fine i am going to australia for completing my degree their ..
U have to wait for me..
Karan:-i will for my whole life…

Precap:-after 5 years…

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. Obviously he will wait for her

  2. superb……update family bonding soon……

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