Dil and dosti episode 15

Rags says her decision to leaving australia..
They too accept as already mishket convinced them..
Rags parents says that may be time will take as they shoukd comete formalities like admission and room and all.
Rags nodes and goes to her room.
Rags parents :-wat happen to her i never saw her so dull i think i should call adarsh. They both had good bonding she may share with him..
Rags goes to room and starts rememberring about her and karan from first meeting to untill their fight..
Rags:-why karan why u did like this..dont you trust me…dont you trust my love u thought i am using u…and starts crying and thinks why r u effecting me so much…
Mishket is driving back after leaving avni home while coming some goons stops him…
Goons surrounds him and asks him to give money and everything.
As its a lonely place mishket handovers everything …
Goons sees watch at his hand and asks him to give that too.
But he refuses and says the money and bike are more expensive so leave this watch ..
Goons:-if that watch doesnt cost much then why r u hestiating to give it.
Mishket:-i am sorry but its my personel i cant give..
Goon:-ohh girlfrd gifted and laughs and how she looks hot aaa..
Mishket:-its none of your bussiness..
Goon:-ok keep that watch with u but send that girl who gifted u that watch and laughs.
Mishket looses his control and slaps him.
They get angry beats him also..
After a long time they about to stab but a hand stops and starts beating and they all runs from their..
He helps mishket to get up and mishket sees his face and says..
Mishket:-karan u …
Karan:-how r u lets go to hospital..
Mishket:-i am and thank u now u can leave me….
Karan:-lisen mishket u were badly injuried and that to because of watch .wats their in it man when u ready to give lakhs bike then ..
Mishket stops him and says u wont understand its gifted by avni my lover u understand the meaning of love …no then let me say this watch is more than crores from me…infact more than anything u wont understand and about to go..
Karan:-i afraid of loosing her i over possesive about her thats why i spoke like that i didnot do intensionally i swear i love her more than me …that girl provoked
Mishket:-u were not a kid that she provoked u and u belived her dont u trust your love towards her…
Karan:-i love her a lot mishket and coming to gain her trust and love i will gain it again…
Mishket :-if she forgives u i dont have any complain about u i will also forgive u ..and to move but couldnt because of injuries..
Karan:-lets go to hospital plzz..
Mishket thinks and agrees to him.
They both reach to hospital..
Karan calls his parents and inform them.
Automatically they calls rags family..
By lisening it rags inform avni and all rushes to hospital..
Rags goes to avni house and picks her from their and reaches hospital…

Precap:-karan tries to talk to rags.
Avni concern for mishket

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