Dil and dosti episode 14

Bare me with few days as i cant upliad daily..

Next day morning ragini is walking in college campus and started lisening to all commenting on her badly…
Girl:-look at she had no shame and nothing ….
Boy:-after all wat ever happened yesterday how can she come just like nothing happened…
Girl:-at last our all doudt was clarified yesterday that they are having affair ..
Boy:-i pitty on avni poor girl..
Boy:-she is innocent thats why these both are able to maintain their illegal affairs …
Girl:-if i ever here then i might have commited sucide ..
Rags slowly walks with tears rolling from her cheeck but stops by lisening a slap sound..
Rags turns back and sees avni who gave her another slap.
Avni:-before pointing out other first see your self she is not low ur thinking and behaviour was so low and wat u said if u were in her position might have died na
I slapped u two times and insulted u now go and die…
Girl:-why should i die when i didnt do any mistake.
Mishket:-exactly when she did not do any mistake why should she face punishment or this type of thought..and tell one thing by keeping your hand on your heart..
Do u really think we have illegal affair…did we ever behaved like that .did we said anything to uuu..
Wat u knew about us ..

U were talking as if u people caught us doing something wrong..
They bends their head down and says sorry.
Avni:-sorry from whom u should say first say to her and they both turn and sees rags already left from their and they both also goes from their in search of her..
Karan who is sitting in campus sees everything and feels bad..
Frds:-she is self respect girl karan i dont think she will forgive u easily……
Karan:-even i am i wont allow her to leave mee thats my promise..
Mishkey and avni started searching whole college and sees her sitting in library and goes inside and brings her out..
Now they all were sitting in canteen.
Rags is so silent suddenly canteen uncle comes and gives them cooldrinks and keeps a hand on rags head and says…
If you were right then u should not get affected by people taunts because society is like this only they will never belive in frdship between boy and girl they will be jeouse of it.. i sawed many people infront of my eyes but i never saw a three people who have pure hearts and pure relations…
Dont get effected to dog braking
Rags smiles at lastly.
Mishket:-thank god u smiled..
Avni:-haa yar i missed your smile…
Rags:-i took a decision mishket and avni. I hope u both will support me..
Mishket and avni nodes their heads.
Raga:-i want complete my whole studies in states…i dont knew particular country but i want to go away from myself for few days i Hope uu…
Mishket and avni:-we r always their with your decision rags and we will be also wat ever situation might be…

Three hugs each other…

Precap:-rags thinking to moving to aboard ..
Karan saving mishket from goons..

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  1. Very nice didi

  2. Awesome yar I have missed some what 2-3 episodes and not gating that episodes so will u give me the links of that episodes please and I love your ff a lot

    1. Which episode u missed give me number i will post episode links for u

  3. very nice..aviniragmis bonding is great

  4. Awesome as usual

  5. Awesome dr

  6. awesome

  7. wow yaar…..Avni is really sweet and pure heart…..and episode is soo good superb

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