Dosti and dil episode 10


The episode starts with karan and rags hugging each other and hiddening from their frds.
Rags:-come i will introduce you too mishkey and avniii
Karan:-u mean to say mishket and avni…
Rags:-yaa i wont hide anything from him come naa.
Karan:-why should i meet him.
Rags:-because my frds are your frds thats why.
Karan:-but my lover is not anyones lover…
Rags:-karan come naa plss.
Karan:-ok lets go..
Rags and karan moves from their..
Avni and mishket are still searching for them..
Avni:-where is she yar if we didnot found her then colours will be wasted..
Mishket:-dont worry you were their naa colours will not be wasted and moves towards her
Avni:-no yar its enough..
Mishket:-who will say enough to colour on holi day and catches her hand and applies colour on her face with both hands.
They both were lost into each other eyes..
Mishket:-i want to say something to u.
Mishket:-i want to say that…

And he is disturbed by voice of rags who is coming with karan.
Mishket sees her with disguisting Look…
Rags understands and says sorry with eyes he too replies its ok with his eyes and see karan and asks her by lifting eyebrows.
Rags answers him with smile.
Avni who understands goes and hugs her and says happy holi raguu and in ears says congrates..
and dont say anything to avni about your relation ship i will say and infact i will proposed her too
Rags:-what ok ..
They breaks their hug..
Mishket and karan applies colour to each other and hugs and wishes happy holi..
Karan too wishes avni happy holi..
Avni too wishes him back.
They four sits and chit chat for some time..

At night..
Rags sits near window and gets a call of mishket.
Rags:-bolo mishkey..
Mishket:-guess wat am i planning
Rags:-to propose avni again right..
Mishket:-yes give some ideas yar.
Rags:-did i asked u to love her no naa then why i should give ideas you should think yar if u take idead from other they will feelbad..
Mishket:-ok ok i will try my best and cuts call..
Rags call to karan.
Karan:-yes ragini.
Rags:-wat r u doing sir..
Karan:-nothing madam thinking about u…
Rags:-wat r u thinking.
Karan:-how i leave u from my grip so early i should have hugged u for some more time.
Rags:-we have whole life karan.
Karan:-i want to spend every minute with u as it last.
Rags:-dont say like that.
Karan:-ok baba i love you.
Rags:-i love u too..

Precap:-mishket and avni scenes , rags and karan moments

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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