Sorry….. Sorry…… Sorry and a lots of sorries?….. One for each day . I had my exam and that’s why I needed to do the job which I hate the most – study.

But again here I am to trouble u with my flowing thoughts….. As some of u guys might know that I am chirpy one ? ? ?
But this time I am trying something different….. This episode will be some sort of emotional….. Hope u don’t mind it and finally Arnav’s entry is there…… Definitely for today ?

Ok. Now enough of my bakbak …… Lets go for the episode….


Ok guys… The episode will start with subbu went. Subbu has accepted ishu’s demand of waiting until her sister’s wedding for the divorce. She was sad but didn’t show anything on her face. With subbu left Kunj went to meet twinkle. Abhi remembered that he had some work. So he left and ishu was alone at the house.

Ishu ( self talk): Why everything happens only with me? Why murgan? Am I not supposed to get any happiness? Every one will probably prefer to die instead of this life…… Yes. I know I don’t have right to life…… When appa will come to know about this he’ll be heart broken and amma….. O my god she will die….. And what about mihika? She is just going to get married……. No I can’t do this to my sister…… I’ll die…. Yes…. I’ll die.

She brought a rope and tied it to the fan. Bringing a stool she was just going to hang herself when the door flung open.

” WOW…… I didn’t know that I will be able to see some one dying in front of my eyes….. That also live. Ishita please can you just wait for some time….. I’ll get some popcorns…. Please”

Ishu: Raman, it’s not a joke….. And for ur kindest information I am really trying to kill myself…..

Raman: Is that so? Really? Ok I’ll tell u some better ways.

He went inside the kitchen and brought the knife and handed it to her.

Raman: See…. All you have to do is just make sure it touches ur wrist and then slightly move it back and forth and u r done….. But it will take some time….. Let me think….. O yes…… Ishita…. just simple idea. It’s really fast and trustworthy…. Come on…. Come with me…

He dragged her into the terrace. ( ok guys…. I all ready told you that they live in a flat. So u guys think how much floor should the building have to kill one).

Ishu: Raman, leave me…. Just leave…

Raman: Ok ok we’re just there. See all u have to do is jump off…… And as I told you it will be quick. So what are you thinking of? Go on and jump…..

He tried to push her. Not able to take more she stepped back, hugged him and went on crying loudly…. She was feeling so much devastated and all that was coming out with her tears. Raman felt uncomfortable but still he patted on her back. After some time ishu calmed down. Then Raman broke the hug and spoke

Raman: See Ishita, u r not a single person who is suffering…. All of us face it…. But the thing is that you don’t want to try….. U just don’t want to be on your own…

Ishu: It’s not like that Raman…. Every one does not have a husband who calls her to ask for the divorce

Raman: Really….. So you think that u have so much pain, right? Do you know about Zoya?…. She loves acting but her father doesn’t. Due to this small reason her father accused her for sleeping with other guy….. It’s ok right? Because it’s not bigger than your problem….

Ishu: But Raman….

Raman: Ok leave about Zoya. Do you know about Abhi? U know who is he in real? Have u ever heard about the famous THE PREM MEHRA?
Ishu: Yes…. Every one knows about him. He is the top businessman in India…. But what about him?

Raman: Abhi is his son. The great prem mehra didn’t care about his family……. U know music is Abhi’s passion. His breath…. His life. One day his father told him that he was not worthy of any kind of stuff he gets….. U know why …… Just because he saw him singing and enjoying with friends….. He said that all the STUFF – his music, his compositions, his achievements, his awards…… All were useless. And now the person who was treated like a prince is living with us in this flat which is equal to his bathroom ……. But no it’s not bigger than your problem….. I am telling right….. Hai na Ishita?

By this time ishu was in tears. She had a strong realization of her silly deeds…. How wrong she was thinking….. How mad she was to take her life…. But Raman still continued….

@ ASR’s office
Khushi was hurrying herself. She was late due to traffic and now it was her first day….. Ok it’s not first day as she went only to collect the appointment letter but still she was late.

Khushi: Hey devi maiyya….. Please save me today…. First day in office and I am late….. Uff…. What am I supposed to do now……… OUCH

She cried out as she was knocked on the floor by some one. He didn’t look at her and continued with his phone

Khushi: Hey mister….. What do you think of urself? Can’t u………….. I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know that it was u.

Here Arnav had turned back when khushi was yelling at him. He looked at her fallen down.

Arnav: I’ll call you later…. Excuse me miss?

Khushi: Khushi kumari Gupta….

Arnav: What ever….. Can’t u just walk properly?

Khushi: But it was u who knocked me out.

Arnav: Really?

Khushi: Yes. And I will not change my statement even if you show more bigger eyes……

Arnav gave her angry look and went to his cabin. She stood up cursing him under breath. Arnav saw her from his cabin and couldn’t stop himself staring at her.

she was indeed looking devine….. Her red sari…… Her hair which were floating due to fan and looking like a black sea and her cute face….. Red actually bright shade of crimson due to her anger……. He just couldn’t do anything but stare her

@ House

Raman: U know Ishita….. Even khushi is facing her problems. Khushi’s parents are not in talking terms……. They always fought with each other since her birth…… Too much fights for little khushi to handle when she was young. She had to take psychiatric treatment…. To overcome her fears about the loud voices…. Still now she can’t take it when her parents have fight. And u r saying that ur problem is big…..

Ishu: It’s not like that Raman…. I was frightened…… Frightened that my amma and appa won’t be able to take this….. Frightened that my sister’s wedding would be cancelled……

Raman: Don’t lie Ishita….. Not at least to urself . U very well know that you were upset cause of ur divorce.

Ishu: Ok. I accept it. I was mad to think like that. And thanks….. For every thing.

Raman: Thank god u understood. Can we go back now mam? I’m really famished and all I need now is food……

Ishu: Don’t worry….. I have prepared dinner for all of us…….

Raman: Wait a minute…… Were you planning of dying right now? Or u planned to eat first so you don’t go empty stomach in the heaven?

Ishu: RAMAN, I thought at least you r understanding….. But you are like ur friends…..

Raman: Our friends madam…. And yes. Every one in this house is crazy. Crazy about something….. But we make each other perfect….. Yep I am considering u too cause from last two days I feel like I am eating something like eatables’…… So even u r included in our crazy stupid family…..

Ishu: Yes. But I am not crazy yet….

Raman: Yah… That’s why you were tying urself to fan

Ishu: Raman…. Please leave it na. Lets go…..

PRECAP: Pragya and twinkle’s entry

Ok guys this is it . I’ll update tomorrow’s episode earlier but don’t forget to comment about this one…..

Credit to: Aru

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