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Now without wasting time lets go for the episode 6……..
Recap: Abhi brings ishu back. Friends tell ishu to call subbu and ask him to come there.

The day was turning hectic for khushi. She was impatiently waiting for someone’s call. Every now and then she looked at her mobile. Ishu noticed her.

Ishu: Khushi r u all right?

Khushi: No……. I mean yes….. Yes. Definitely I am fine……. I think that so…… Ishu am I fine?

Ishu: Calm down khushi. Now tell me what is the problem….

Khushi: Actually I have given an interview…….. U know na I am a designer….. So they asked me for some of my designs. Today they were going to call me……….. And till now I have no call……. No message…….. Nothing….. Nothing….. Nothing at all……

Ishu: Don’t worry khushi. I’m sure that you will definitely get the job.

At that time khushi’s phone rang. She hurriedly picked it up. All the while khushi was talking on the phone ishu was by her side. She asked her by signing….. Khushi gestured her to stop. Then she kept the phone.

Ishu: What happened…..? Khushi I’m asking u something….. Who called u?

Without knowing what to do khushi just sat on the sofa. She was slightly shaking. Then she looked at ishu and hugged her tight.


Ishu smiled at her. Hearing khushi’s voice every one came out…….. The good news was shared with all. Abhi and Raman knew about Arnav. So they congratulated her. They all celebrated it by eating ice cream ?

( don’t look at it like this guys….. Let them eat peacefully ?).

Khushi: Uff why am I talking to you…. I have to rush. For the appointment letter first I have to go there….. C u guys….. And ya ishu I don’t think I will be able to come when subbu is coming…….. But you don’t worry when Abhi and kunj are here….. U will be all right.

Ishu: Yes…. And u take care of yourself…….

By the time Raman went to his work. He told that he will try to come back in time. After some time Zoya had a call which said that her shoot was today. So she left saying ishu to take care.

( shagun and subbu love each other and they are in live in relationship. So shagun lives with subbu)
Shagun: Are u sure subbu u want to go there?

Subbu: Don’t worry sweet heart….. I’ll go and come back.

Shagun: Ok but you take care…..

Subbu: Yes baby…. Ok but I am leaving.

Abhi: Yaar shit….. Kunj u did it again.

Kunj: What? Now I didn’t do anything…… What are you talking about?

Ishu: What happened Abhi? Why are you shouting?

Abhi: Ishu, I brought some snacks for us and subbu is coming today but this Kunj …… He has eaten them all……… Ishu can you please do me a favor…… Can you go to the ice cream parlor and bring the ice cream?

Ishu: Ok. Tell me the address….. I’ll get it.

Abhi: Yaar ishu thanks……. And yes don’t worry today I am not going anywhere so if subbu comes I will entertain him……

Ishu went and Abhi and kunj gave hi-5 to each other…..
Kunj: Phew…… I didn’t think that our plan will be so successful. And by the way which address did you give her?

Abhi: Oh…. That one. That parlor is three hours away from here. She will be coming late so lets start the mission.

They did some arrangements. So unfortunate was subbu that he came only after ishu was gone. Luckily……. Or in proper manner unluckily he rang the bell when only Abhi and kunj were in the house. Kunj went and opened the door.

Subbu: Ummmm hi …. I’m subbu. I think ishu must have told you about me.

Kunj: Oh subbu haan….. Yah she told us every thing. Abhi look who’s there……. He is the SUBBU.

Abhi: Oh my god…… Welcome sir… Please come in…… Kunj don’t u have manners? Do we keep our guests like this…… In the door? Let him come inside.

Subbu: No no……. It’s ok. I just came here cause ishu called me. Where is she?

Kunj said him that she went to buy ice cream for all of them. He grabbed his hand and pulled him inside making him to sit in the sofa. Then Abhi and kunj surrounded him as he was a criminal.

Abhi: So Mr subbu…… I have some questions and until I get the correct answer u r not going anywhere.

Subbu: Who the hell r u?…… R u goons?…….. Has ishu hired u?

Kunj: No baby……. We are more than that. We are her friends. Now tell me why did u marry her?

Subbu: I had no choice….. My father forced me and I couldn’t deny him.

Kunj: Oh and that’s why you ruined my sister’s life……

Abhi and kunj were on the top of anger. They decided to put their plan in action. So without giving any clue to subbu Kunj grabbed him by his collar. Abhi caught his legs and they both tied him to the fan with the ropes.
Abhi: Now tell me subbu how r u feeling?

Subbu: Please…….. Please leave me…… I’ll do anything u want but leave me PLEASE

By the time Kunj had started the fan so it began rotating and so subbu too.
( friends I know it’s not possible in reality but came on guys……. It’s aru’s ff and also they have their special powers – friendship power….. Right?? ? ? ?)

Kunj stopped the fan but not before two minutes and a lots of begging from subbu. They untied him and made him to sit in the sofa as he was unable to walk…….

Abhi: Now listen Mr subbu….. We know that you will not live with ishu and nor we want it. But you should follow some rules…….

Kunj: First….. U should come running when ever di calls you

Abhi: Second….. U will pay her rent for this house

Kunj: Third….. U should always respect her family and talked to them when ever they call you

Abhi: Forth……. Ishu should never feel embarrassed because of ur live in

Kunj: Fifth….. Di should never get to know about this

Abhi and kunj together: Understand?…… U better understand

Subbu couldn’t do anything but just nodded. After some time ishu came back. Subbu apologized her and asked her about forgiveness. Ishu was surprised seeing all this.

Ishu: Look subbu I don’t know what happened and why r u being sweet but I know that we can not live together. But I request u please wait till my sister’s wedding. After that I will myself give you divorce… Do u agree?

Before answering subbu looked at Abhi….. He stared him angrily. Subbu gulped and nodded in yes.

Guys I know I told you that today is day for special entries but I couldn’t do it.
Also I have one question. I need one more entry. I’m will be a girl. She is side character and so much irritating. But I can’t get who will be right……
1)Tanu or aaliya from kkb
2)payal or lavanya from ipkknd
3)simmi or rinki from yhm
4)tanvir from qubool hai
5) chinki or mahi from tei
Please help me out this guys….. This girl will be daughter of their owner and she will be always flirting with Abhi and Raman……
Help me select one…..
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Credit to: aru

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  1. i love the episode………it just WoW……………..i suggest the girl name mahi …. but pls mahi ka role tei ki trah boring mat rakhana . it should be like jainandani from dekha ek khwab or viney fro BFF..

  2. Chinki for tei

  3. epi was much of fun…..n think aaliya suit the character of pragalbha frm 3D

  4. I will choose pihu from bade aachey lagthe haim… tubhai mera hero…

    Its ur wish who to choose…but if its pihu… in flirting type.. it will be awesome

  5. Nice episode. … and aru he’s arnav singh raizada not raijada ok… Other wise episode was good

  6. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    I think tanu ! she has the irritating sense higher than anyone else

  7. aliya will ssuit it

  8. Lavanya will suit as i have not seen rest serials on tv i have watched very selected serials
    And the episode was so nice

  9. hi aru…..
    i missed u so much….
    hope u misssed me to….. lol..
    bt anyways the episode was superb…..
    subbu deserved tht torture…
    nd tht icecream prt was amazing cos i was also staring at the ice cream icon…… hihihi…
    thanks fr d updates dear…
    keep writing…

  10. nice episode aru….. I suggest tanu because payal and lavanya are so sweet that I can’t see them being irritating, anyways its your decision. keep rocking….

  11. Nice episode aru… i think tanu will suit more…coz alwayss sheez reaally irritating?

  12. I like tanu also… Not in kb.. I’m her previous show.. She was essaying a small role of teacher for whom 10th Std fall in love with.. He is our hero.. Show name tere liye.. Her cute role was really attractive… But in kb.. I feel.sorry foe her being given such a awkward role.. Means she was shown I’m love with abhi.. Now she got pregnant with nikil.
    At beginning she was shown as a crazy lover of abhi
    That was cute.

    But now its not tolerable

    Coming to the role.. If it’s positive role… Give chance to tanu.. And show her as a very smart girl…But still I love when uadd pihu :p

  13. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Tanu of KB she is totally irritating so my vote for her BTW am a silent reader and commenting for the first time and dear there are many silent readers who like your FF so dont end it!

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