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Note: The capital letters in the dialogue indicate that they are being said by shouting.
Here we go for the episode 5…….

Ishu yells at Abhi….. Being hurt by his accusations she left the house immediately. Abhi gave her ” I don’t care” look.

Raman: This is too much Abhi….. U can’t just accuse anyone without proof. And I don’t think she had stolen it..

Zoya: Exactly. That’s what I’m trying to say. All the time Mr. Abhishek prem mehra cares is all about himself. Just because his ego was hurt he is now accusing every one…..

Abhi: Stop it yaar….. I’m not doing it because of my ego or something like that…… It’s just that I can not loose that watch…..

Kunj: Huh…… What’s big deal about it……. ? Has ur father gave it to you?


Khushi: Just shut up kunj…. It’s not a thing to make jokes. That was really bad….. And Abhi don’t u think that I am taking ur side. U also have done very wrong with ishu.

Abhi: Go to hell …….. Do whatever you want but just don’t involve me. I’m going to file a missing complain.

And he stormed out angrily from there. He went to police station and filed the complaint. Just then an officer there asked him to stop.

Abhi: Yes officer?

Officer: I have caught a thief just before an hour. I got many things from him. Have a look at them and tell me if you recognize that person

Abhi: Ok sir…. Can you please show me?

Officer: Yah…. Come this way…..

And he showed him the things. Of course it contained his watch. But there were other things too – it had Raman’s wallet, Zoya’s gold chain and many other costly things.

By the time the officer had brought the thief. Abhi saw him and he was shocked from the core. He angrily grabbed his collar…..

Abhi: How dare u? I brought you in our house. We fed u. I gave ur rent and fought for u and u stole our thing? How dare u Mr. Natthu……

Abhi had broken down. He remembered all the ill things that he said to ishu. He collected all the things…. Completed all the formalities and headed back to home…..

Abhi came back after two or three hours. All the while Zoya had preferred not to talk to him. Raman was also busy doing his own work. So Abhi decided to talk to Kunj.

Abhi: Hey Kunj….. U know what today my time is really going nice…..

All the while when he was talking he made sure that Kunj should have a look at his hand….. He was wearing his watch again…. But Kunj failed to notice it.

Kunj: Ya… Ya… Ur getting your SPACE right?…… That must be the reason for ur so called GOOD LUCK

Abhi again waved his hand in front of Kunj.

Abhi: Not exactly…… But I think I can get my space…..

By the time Kunj noticed the watch. He was shocked seeing it. He opened his mouth to say something but then again shut it down.

Kunj: Ummmm Abhi is that……. Is it……. I mean is it the same…..

Khushi: Oh my god Abhi…… IS IT THE SAME WATCH?

Abhi: ( grinning) yes exactly. It’s the same watch……

Zoya: Oh…. Then you must have found that with ishu right?

Abhi: Umm no. It was all my fault. I found it with that Mr Natthu….. He was the thief. And yes I have got something for you guys too….

Zoya: My chain….

Raman: My wallet….

Khushi: U know what Abhi? U r just ridiculous….. I would have died out of shame until now….. And u r grinning? R u psycho or what?

Abhi: Hey hey listen….. If you are thinking that now I will go to ishu and ask her forgiveness and bring her back…………………………………. Then you r getting it correctly.. I just have done it. Ishu, please come inside yaar….. Or else this Zoya is going to kill me….

He went outside and returned by taking ishu’s luggage. Ishu came in with him. She was slightly smiling. Zoya and khushi let out a scream of joy…… Zoya came forward and hugged Abhi…

Zoya: Oh Abhi u r so sweet…… Thank u…… thank u……. thank u…. thank u sooooo much…..
Raman: Umm Zoya I think you should leave him. I don’t need to let you know about Abhi, right?

Zoya: Uff Raman…… Abhi knows that I consider him as brother. I don’t think he’ll mind.

Kunj: But how did you convince her? I mean we all tried to stop her. Then how come that she was convinced by only u?

Abhi’s lips curved into a mischievous grin . He looked at ishu. She was ready to look every where but not him. Then Abhi teasingly told them the incident. The “mission stop ishu”.

When Abhi learned the truth he was really upset. He needed to recover his mistakes. Remembering that ishu traveled with the train last time he went to the station.
At Station…..
Ishu was standing there alone. She was sobbing. At that time the tc came there. Ishu had not taken the ticket as she missed her purse in the house. So when he came near she was a little frightened.
Tc: Excuse me man….. Can you please show me your ticket?

Ishu: Umm…. Actually I….. I mean….. I don’t……

At that time she felt a pair of hands hugging her. She heard him whispering” just do as I say. I know you don’t have ticket because I have ur purse”

Abhi: Excuse me sir….. She is my wife and this r our tickets. What yaar darling….. I said u that you wait there and I am coming. don’t u ever listen to me?

Ishu: But…..

Abhi: No iffs and buts sweet heart…. Officer now if you please excuse us we are here to pick up some one….. So can we…..?

Officer: Oh yes….. Here ur tickets. And mam I must say u have got a very loving husband…… Lucky you….

Abhi: U can leave me now…. He has left. Now Ishita….. U have two options…. One – u can be here on ur own waiting for another tc to come and get you as this r platform tickets
Or two – u can come with me back in our house where all your friends are waiting….. Choice is yours

Khushi: Ha ha we can not expect more than this from u Abhi…….. But anyway I think I can forgive you

Zoya: So do I……

Ishu: But I am not done yet…… U need to do something for the forgiveness…..

Ishu, Zoya, Raman all were sitting in the sofa enjoying the movie.

Ishu: Abhi where r the snacks?

Abhi: Coming mam…….

He came with a tray of snacks. His hair were clumsy and he was all about sweating…..

All the friends laughed at him. Abhi just shook his head and offered them the snacks……..

Every thing was going on well when ishu suddenly had tears.

Zoya: Hey ishu…. What happened? Why are you crying?

Ishu: Zoya, we have not sorted out about subbu yet….. How am I going to face him?

Abhi: Don’t worry ishu….. U know what I have a plan. Tomorrow u call him and ask him to come here…… The rest u can leave upon us

Kunj: He is right di….. Now he is the one who is going to be worried…..

PRECAP: Special entries…. Arnav, twinkle and pragya….

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Credit to: aru

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