DIL DOSTI DOBARA ( SwaRagini + SanLak + SharMan ) Epi-2 + 3

Hey Guys,Ishita is back.
I am really sorry but i deleted all the parts that i posted so i need to post the parts again so sorry for that.
I am Really sorry.
EPI-2 ……………
The episode starts with sanskaar going in middle.
San- royal karobar we will stay here only and then tomorrow start working??
Swa runs and grabs san’s neck.
Swa- yes good idea so lakaya?
Lak- please a humble request my name is laksh not lakaya??

Swa- yaa lakaya ?
Everyone else- ???
Swa-make a list of things we need candles??
Lak types candles?? and shr reads it loudly??
Shr- K-A-N-D-A-L kandal and glares him???
Everyone laughs??
Lak- ????
Rag- bring vegetables i will make food for all?☺☺??
Sum- no no need of it we will eat noodles instead?????????
Lak- ok next?
Swa- bring lip balm??

Lak- why
Swa- its winter naa that why??
Shr- ok bring 2 sofa sets?? led tv ??refrigerator ac bring the whole world here???
Lak- Why are you getting angry??????
Lak- ok i am going
Shr- go fast??
Lak- ok?
Shr- go carefully☺
Lak- how can i do both the thing at one time ??
San- ok ok go now?

San- let us go inside?
Swa- yess
Rag- be careful
Only san and shr are left out
Shr- we have asked for the candle ??so till then we have to be in dark
San – ohh no need of candles (he takes out lighter)

Shr- dirty person go out of my house tomorrow itself you smoke in my house???
San- I have lighter that doesn’t mean I smoke its like i know making bomb that doesn’t mean i am terrorist
Shr- who ar you now you are telling that you know making bomb that time i saw you talking with ur family you were talking in different languages tell me who are you???
San- i i am a ghost ?
San laughs loudly ??
Rag and swa scream inside the house
San and shr get scared and scream and go inside

Shr- what happened????
Sum- nothing we were roaming in the house and in a room I saw a window and there was a tree there so I told that old trees have ghost ??in them
San- so was there any ghost
Sum- no a bat was there

Everyone is sitting in dark but there is mobile torch on.
Sanskaar kept his mobile torch under this chin like those in movies.
San-I will tell you the story of room 616. Once I used to work in a hotel and a lady working there wanted to die so one day she ate the medicine of killing Rats?
Swa- she died??
San- no!!!?

Shr- then??
San- the real story starts now!!! She didn’t die by eating that medicine and she became frustrated and in frustration she took a cloth tied to fan and hanged her self and died from that day at mid-night there comes smell of medicines?????
Swa- ohh only medicine???
San- no not only smell that lady too comes there???
Rag gets scared and starts chanting god’s name??????
Shr- huh hat this is a horror story atleast we should be scared????

San- ok so you tell na?
Shr- ok listen. Once in my collage a watchman used to sit at the gate. The place where he used to sit was lonely and calm. He used to sleep everyday and everyday when we would see him in morning his stick used to fall 4-5 foot away from him?
Sum- where is the ghost ? this????
Shr- every part of the story cointains ? the stick defying every law used to be 4-5 feet away from him?
Sum- huh what a bakvas story let me tell in our village on every Amavasaya a ? used to come and walk here and there making loud noises and if someone’s house’s window is open the he would call the person sitting inside through the window
Suddenly they hear something the all shout and scream????????????? and go there
They find lak fallen
Shr- what are you doing here??

Lak- i brought this???? and was coming but due to these things i fell
Lak gets up
Lak- take this these are noodles?? for you 5. I have brought bhurji?? for myself i cant eat those noodles they are only good for hairstyle??
Rag- but how will we make it??
Swa- campfire??
The come in garden and lit ??

Rag reads the instructions
San- arre I used to work in hotel I know all these??
Lak gives them instructions and asks shr to hold the bowl of noodles? above the fire
Shr- i am not mad to do it I am not going to do it???
San- yess me too??
Lak- then bring something to hold
Sum was sitting on a chair and says
Sum- hey are these okay?????

Lak nods??. Shr goes to bring them and finds them too heavy???
Shr- after lifting this heavy rods I am going to take part in Olympics in weightlifting nxt year ??

Sum gets up and pats shr’s back and he loses balance ???and the noodles? fall in the fire???.

Shr- oouch what u did???
Sum- I was saying well done????
Shr- with this much force oouch it’s paining and all the noodles fell ?????
Lak comes with his bhurji? and throws it in the fire??

Shr- what you did??????????
Lak- How can I eat you are hungry so i also hungry?
San- first of all you were not hungry u ate half bhurji and you should have gave it to us we would have ate it???
Rag- but i am veg and now what will we do all packets got wasted????
Shr- now you only go lak
Lak- no I am not going?
Saying this he goes. Here every one discuss who will go.??

Shr to sum- you are not afraid you only go now?
Sum- ok?
Rag- no no alone girl at night going out no no ???
Lak comes with bags.
Lak- no need to go san you said ri8 we all have some connection I knew you all would do something like this so i brought these bhurjis?? and for Rag veg tomato?? bhurji
Swa comes and hugs him. (she always comes near him to annoy him and he does not like any female to come near him)?

Lak- ok fine now go away huh ??
They all eat together. Swa goes on the Terence and call everyone
Screen Shifts
Shr- can you think we are remains of a star we all are stars can you imagine
San- todays youngster and tomorrow’s leader?
Shr- yes todays youngster and tomorrow’s leader(shr’s fav dialogue )
Rag- he i will sing my fav song? I love it i always sing when i cook potato
San- ok sing??
Rag- zooka zooka zooka
Everyone was ???????
She still sings the same word.
Rag- zooka zooka zooka ?(she sings the same word it means swing)
Everyone clap?? to stop her ????
San- so lak show ur make me listen ur song now!!!!!!!?
Lak- no no I don’t know how to sing??
Swa- yes lakkkkk??
Swa goes near him.
Lak starts singing?? and says go away go away to swa who came near him
San starts singing govind’s songs?
Shr- stop it stop now
Sum starts singing an emotional song ?seeing towards moon???
Everyone looks surprised?
They see her
Shr- whaah?
San gets up and goes near her
San- do you know the meaning of song
Sum- no
San keeps hand on her shoulder
San- one day you will?

Epi- 3

Episode starts with everyone on Terrence.

Ragini- I cant believe this all is happening in my life??

San- yes me too (he says a shiri)???

Shr- vahha vaah who wrote this??

San- sanskaar????

Swa- whaah great !!!!!!!!!

Suddenly electricity comes and the bulb glows but it flickers.?? They get happy and everyone go inside the house.The light continuously flickers?.

>>>>Scene shifts—

Its morning in RagSwaSum house??

Swa- do fast suman I also need to bath??

Swa- hey so much happened in my life First i used to feel that I am a heroine???or something but now now my life is so much filmy i need to tell this to dad?

Rag- arre you had to tell ur decision to ur father yesterday ri8 ???????????

Swa- yes I forgot oh I need to tell him?????

Suddenly someone knocks the door?. Its Nikhil rag’s bf

Nik- Ragini open the door ragini open the door??

Rag-ohh shit i forgot to tell him he must be angry???

Swa-oh he is nik ??raj to simran??

Swa holds Rag’s hand and she tries to free herself.

Rag- let me go ??

Rag opens the door. Nik is standing

Swa- hii Nik??

Nik- hi,ragini come outside i need to talk to u???

Rag- no you come inside we will talk???

Nik- no come outside???

He holds her hand and brings her outside

>>>>In ShrLakSan’s house????

Shr- and for doing legal formalities he remained there

San- but lak from lal baug anything ahead it??

Shr- you know lak is a god no seriously we all don’t know this but he is a god????

San laughs????

Shr- from 33 crore gods he is one god whenever I asked him this question every time i got diff answers sometimes he work for society one he told me that in a hospital ??he used to work as a ward boy

San- one he was a minister too na???

Shr- yes first home minister and then another minister too you only see when we decided to make a hotel?? he got the keys of place so soon

San- and that too he didn’t go to keys keys??? came to him

Shr’s phone rings??

San- lak’s call

Shr- no wrong number????

Shr goes to kitchen and his phone rings again??

Shr does not take the call

San takes his phone??

Shr- what are you doing???

San- it universal theory that the thing that we don’t need should be in dust bin?? and i can do it i was working in a hotel?? so i have the courage

Shr-what are you doing?? Give that phone to me???

San- so take that call and answer it so that me you and the caller will stay quite??

Shr takes the phone from his hand??????

San- do it?

Shr attends the call.Its shr’s father??. They have a heated argument and shr asks his father not to call again

Shr and san see each other.

Shr- ask ask what u want to ask I 3 times said dad ?but still u will ask so ask???

San nods.???

Shr- now you must be thinking what happened is he bad or he didn’t support me no he supported me and encouraged me so no what is the problem???????

San nods.??

Shr- the problem is we are rich because all the money he has is black all the money is black. He takes the money under the table and collects it and keeps in the corner. This money is of the poor people.And the day I got to know this I kicked the house and came out i don’t want all this black money I will be rich and without any wrong thing.???????

Shr sits down

>>>>Screen shifts

Rag tells everything to Nik

Nik- have they done any magic?? on you?? First an unknown girl then a runaway bride and than there 3 boys and now you be there with those boys and party there do you know if mom gets to know this what will happen Here I going to tell mom about us and you are doing like this??????

Rag- no they are good????

NiK- and I am bad let me go????

Rag- why are you talking like this??????

Nik- now decide do you want me or them??

Rag- what are you telling i want you i wanted you and i will want you you loved an orphan???

Nik- so don’t meet those boys and kick these girls out???

Rag- ok i will not meet them but i cant do like this with those girls

Nik- why?

Rag- what my real parents did with me I cant do this with these girls I know i don’t know them but they accompany me

Nik- ok if you don’t have guts I will do it??

Rag- no no Give me some time i will do it?

Nik goes and Rag remembers good time spent with all. She comes home and finds sum eating and swa talking to her father.

Swa and her father have a sweet discussion and she tells him that she will live there with SumRag??????????

Suman tell everything to her father that they all 6 are going to open hotel ?????and ends the call.

Listening this rag is a bit disappointed and tensed.?????
Sum was sitting on dining table

Sum- when I left my house I was sad and upset and see her????????

Rag- we should go out of house????

Sum turns and looks her?????????

Rag- no we are able to see the world understand new things??

Swa- thats why I am happy??????

Rag- if you go out of this house you will be more happy???

Sum- what you want to say???????

Rag- I wanted to say something??

Sum- then say??

Rag- that i will cook????

Sum senses that something is wrong with Rag.??

>>>>Screen shifts

Shr- and i don’t want anyone to be pity on me a I don’t want my father i don’t want the people to be pity on me i don’t want any thing .?????

He sits down saying this

San takes a glass of water to him.??

San- take this drink it its not pity its water take it????

Shr drinks it

Shr- you know what is

San shows him his hand asking him to shop and hugs him.???????

the screen freezes


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  1. N.M

    amazinggggggggg!! loved it , feeling bad for ragini , i loved the way u showed shravan’s character ……. post next as soon as possible…lots of love??????????

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    Wow yar it’s superb ??I laughed a lot again as I have read it ???????all characters are amazing but my fav is laksh he is soo cute??loved it yar?waiting for next episode?love you don??

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  4. Ishu did u post this before?? Because I remeber reding the third epi before n I commented that the bonding is good.i remeber the 3rd epi but not the second one.its k.it was funny I love these kind of stories.keep writing n their bonding is too good.

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  5. Amazing….it made me laugh alot
    Loved it!

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  6. Neha_Pheonix

    Mast…ishu…you gave a laughter dose to me…The episode cant be as perflectly described than this.All the couples are fabulous and many wow moments ….hahaha…
    Rufi its 2,3..So, I guess she has included both ones. Love ya..Post soon. This unique !

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  7. Phoniex

    nice dear

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  8. perfect for frndship and i dont know anything abt what u posted or not but it is fanstacitic and i really appreciate it my fav is swara and keep it up
    ab zyada udo mat

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  9. Kanfi

    It was amaxinggggggg dear,….
    Soooo much bond b/w them,…waiting to know how will there frndship blossom…
    Post next part soonm,,,,do send me th link or on activity area

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    nice dr

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    Amazing yaar !! Loved it !!

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    1. IME

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  12. Spoilers: ragini will leave the gang because of nikhil ..then they will go to his mother’s place n she will oppose ragini n nikhils relation …so ragini will again cime back to the hotel n they all will live in the hotel khayali pulav ..right ishita ?????

    1. IME

      Yes ri8 but please do this
      If u can’t support at least don’t de motivate me
      I love this serial and here very less people are Marathi so I decided to share it
      I hope you understand
      Thank you

      1. If you love this serial then use original characters .swara and pari are not same .please don’t spoil both the serials plot .even I love both swaragini and dil dosti .both serials had an amazing storyline wid amazing characters
        Please don’t mix them both

    2. IME

      I really appreciate your point of view
      But I already claimed that this is a Marathi serial
      Everyone is ok with it and asked me to continue
      I have told everyone a million times
      Anyway I will be ending this in a few episodes as m in 11th and have a lot of stuff to do
      I will be clearing all the things in next part
      Thank you

  13. Correct Sasha ?… God now after movies and serials naya trend chalu hua hai kya?..to write fan fictions on another serial storyline …in that case keep original characters names …what’s this ragini swara laksh etc ..instead of anandi pari and papya

    1. IME

      I started this trend
      And every one here knows that this is Marathi serial even Neha ta(Neha-17) knows this
      If u can’t support at least don’t de motivate me
      I love this serial and here very less people are Marathi so I decided to share it
      I hope you understand
      Thank you

      1. Demotivate nahi kar rahi ….original hone ko bol rahi hu …this is not a fan fiction but violating copywrites of a particular serial ..so please stop doing it

      2. Neha_Pheonix

        True, but Ria. Her aim is only to spread laughter and let other people enjoy this story as they dont watch the serial Every writer has an inspiration. Many, writers on TU say that they will make a Fan Fiction of xyz novel. Isn’t that lack of originality too?
        If you are not liking this concept it’s fine!
        But, I am of the opinion that she should continue as story is interesting and this is my verdict based on neutrality not as because I know Ishu.

    2. IME

      I have already told everybody about it!!

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  14. shravans character was awesome i loved it

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  15. Lifez_beautiful

    Very interesting dear!! I’m loving the characters! ? Both my loves #swasan n #Shraman r there in this, what more can I ask??!! ??

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      I also love them?????
      Happy you liked it!!

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