Dil Dosti Dance 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th October 2013 Written Update

Swayam asks everyone whose gift it is.Nil seeing the gift packing tells it must be from a girl. The boys think who must be the person behind this. Swayam sees RE and boys try to guess the names of girls who must have done it up.Rey says the same girl must have done all the out of order stuff.Swayam says this must be for Rey.The boys are excited while they open the fift.Rey opens it and reads a note that means that each way one sees it shows the person. Barath says if the taste of the person is so nice how will the one who gave it be.They all ask Rey who is the secrete admirer to which Rey says he has no clue.

Sharon is in canteen what would have been Swayam’s reaction and waiting for him to come.The guys come into the canteen and sit around.They were discussing about Secrete

admirer.Vicky says why do we not get any.Sharon says one must be special for it.The Guys says first it was Sharon and now it is Rey.Sharon is shocked hearing this. The guys were he always gets one or the other.By far Rey is back as Mr.Popular.Sharon takes the now and says slowly seeing Swayam that he could not even recognize my handwriting idiot. Swayam tells Rey that Love must be like one must not be scared but brave enough to show it to world.Sharon mumbles that this statement must not be from him.You are one who believes in hiding love.Rey says whatever but doing this secretly sounds romantic. Sharon walks out from there and in corridor thinks wth what i thought did not happen and what I never imagined happen.The team plans to go to rehearsal hall and dance.While going Rinni asks Simmi to come to rehearsal hall for dance Practices. Swayam bangs on Sharon to which Sharon scolds blo*dy hell.When she recognizes it as Swayam she smiles and they share a eye lock but Swayam keeps his aggressive face up.He mves and Sharon says blo*dy Mr.Attitude.

The team goes to the rehearsal hall and start dancing on some music.Nil says dancing in new rehearsal hall gives new energy.Rey says the energy is not of new rehearsal hall but after dancing after long.Swayam says they left dance for their ego.They decide to have dance rehearsals regularly.The boys says tomorrow they need to do a important work and thats to find secrete admirer. Sharon keep her hand on forehead.Rey asks what to which Sharon says its nothing.The boys move out while Swayam takes the bag.He sees a towel and asks Sharon if its her when she denies he wipes away and throws it down.

Swayam reaches his house and when he takes up his clothers he gets the sticker that has his name written.Swayam thinks a name tag with my name.He tries to recognize the handwriting and finds it as Sharon’s He then remembers the moments Sharon was so confused..He says Secrete also comes from ‘re’.Which means that gift was for me it read secrete admirer and it is not for Rey.Which means the gift is for me.I just cant’t belive that Sharon loves me.She does love me and I love her too.He then thinks its not so easy now Sharomn.He goes to the Sharon’s corner and says this time everything must be cleared.She must say it straightforward to him that she loves him.When you have loved then why be scared.He things something must be done here so she tells him.Swayam says the sweet love game is on my love.

Sharon is in her room thinking this time she wil pack it in such a way that gift reaches Swayam only.Special gift for a special person..She sees a locket clock thing and places it in box and packs it up.She says OH God what all must be done in love and continues I’ll make it reach Swayam.She also places a note that reads they will make up with hugs and kisses.The dreams that Swayam must be seeing is being seen by Rey.She then feels something is missing and then notices the name tag missing.She says she will paste it such that it never comes away.

Precap: Sharon reaches college early and keeps the gift.She is about to come out when boys come and she hides in the rest room.The boys say one more gift for Rey and Sharon is shocked and sneezes up.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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