Dil Dosti Dance 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th May 2013 Written Update

Rishi calls Rey and asks her to come for the seminar that he is going.He says that he wants new generation point of view.Rey thinks if its outside college means its far of from Taani.He says to Rishi that he will Speak with Swayam.Rishi immediately asks did Swayam say anything.Rey assures him with a no and says that he will speak with Swayam about it and Swayam will agree.Swayam is in the rehearsal hall Dancing to Ishkzade when Rey joins in.After the dance is done Rey says that he needs to speak with his dad.He is not how he thinks.The problem is the miscommunication or better say no communication between them.Swayam says he is not in a mood.Rey says him ignoring his father its unfair.Swayam gets up hurt and says unfair-you know what is unfair is when I do not exist for my father.When the love

that I deserved is given for my best friend.When my best friend acts as if he is with me but he is actually busy making himself perfect for my dad.Thats unfair Rey.Rey you need not sympathize with me what your actions speak is totally different.Thats unfair Rey.Rey gets a blow hearing this.The gang comes in but Sharon stops them seeing the verbal issue between Swayam and Rey.Rey asks Swayam to forgive him.He says he never had such intentions at all.Swayam turns back.The team still is in shock hearing to this.Swayam understands what he said and turns to Rey to ask Sorry and say he does not know what he said.He adds thats why I told that he does not want to discuss.He leaves from there.Sharon waits for few seconds and moves out too.Rey is there all teary.Simmi pushes Vicky to speak.Vicky comes forward and gang behind him He calls Rey.As Rey sees him he says we came hear to inform that we are selected in the NDC.Rey congrats and moves.

As Rey walks by the corridor Taani comes and clutches his hand and asks where was he.He was missing since morning.Rey says he was busy.Taani says once NDC is over she will be free of her responsibilities.Rey is shocked.He asks her she is the GS she must organize activities.Taani says that Swayam and Rey will handle it she need not worry much.She asks Rey if they can go out for dinner but Rey denies saying that he has rehearsals tomorrow.She also says that the VP asked her for Dance fest and she says No.Rey asked her she could have done that.She would have arranged her dance team.Taani says without him that is not possible.She gets an message saying that there is a Student Body meeting.She moves and also says Rey that she will inform the students that AGS is busy with rehearsals

Sharon goes near the fire exit and notices Swayam.He was sitting all broken down.She gets a call from Rey and he asks her how is Swayam.She says she has not spoken yet.Rey tells her to be with him as he needs her.Sharon says that she also knows that he needs him.He asks her how.She futher says that she knows he wants to say something and she asks him to tell i.He says its time.He says its time he has to move away from Taani or he will lose her forever.He says the plan has to be activated now.Sharon asks him to give her sometime and she will meet him soon.

Precap:Taani sits beside Rey,Rey moves apart.He speaks with Sharon with Taani hears and runs away crying.A song theme on which ReYam share their worries.

P.S:Both me and Khushi have been very busy for the past two days as I had my exam and she had other issues.We are sorry that we could not provide you with the written updates.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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