Dil Dosti Dance 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Swayam comes to Avantika and asks why is Sharon so upset. He says no worry, he will talk to Sharon. She says thanks, and feels relieved. Swayam comes behind Sharon and asks why is she upset. She says because of mom but there is no need to tell you as you always support mom. She tells him about Karma, she says that what will happen if she changes the rules for one student. He says that may be she is in some pressure as well, Sharon says that there is pressure but what shall she say to Karma now. Swayam says that she should first stop blaming her mom, and if Karma is really talented he will get his goals. Sharon says that why not they keep him in their academy, as he is a real talent. He says why not, thankyou. She hugs him, he sends her to mom as she was upset as well. She comes and hugs Avantika.

looks at Raghav and Ishika practicing and recalls Kriya along with her. He then sees Huma and Karma fighting, still he misses Kriya.
He goes to sit on the stairs, Swayam comes beside. He asks what happened, he says they must start the dance. He tells Rey to come, he says you go. Swayam announces that they are about the start the final round of todays event, Mr. and Ms. Of the event. He announces Raghv and Ishika are coming on the stage. Raghav bucks Ishika, while Simmi comes to give them caps and say good luck. Ishika goes in front, and says Oh, it is painful, Raghv tells her to sit on the chairs, she put her foot up on the table, he holds it. They both look into each other. He goes away, and says Aey Mr. In friendship there is no sorry, no thanku. He asks shall she apply the ointment; he promises he will keep his eyes closed. She gives him the tube. He bends down and puts it on her feet. Rey recalls his time along Kriya, while Sharon looks at Swayam. Raghav had his eyes closed, he says his mother says that this guy becomes friend in any country he goes to. Ishika says you can open his eyes. He comes close and says truly, girls are crazy. Everyone claps, they come down.
Swayam comes to stage again and says that college life is full of crushes, friendship, love and all. Its about magic and to present the magic Karma and Huma are coming on stage.
Karma says that usually girls change their colors, Swayam laughs, and he says I am going to show this to you practically. He tells Huma to lie down, but Huma says there are a lot of people, I can’t do this. Karma says you should have think about it before coming here. Now here are a lot of people, so we should finish up quicky. She abides, he asks for a sword. He announces he is going to cut this girl into two, he will join her again. Sharon smiles saying she just want to see Huma cut into two. Rey listens to that and goes to take Krama’s sword telling him to listen something.
Karma says that now I will make her fly, Huma asks does she know to do that too. He says he has picked a lot of girls, but they were skinny. He prays that for the strength to hold her in air for two minutes only. Huma gets up and say she won’t do the act. Sharon stops her in her way, she say I just want to leave but Sharon holds her by arm. She says complete your act, then you are free to leave.

PRECAP: Huma asks you think I can’t dance, how about a face off. They both dance together; Sharon falls down halfway in the performance.

Update Credit to: Sona

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